We went up the hills behind Gaurdia Sanframondi, with my big bell tent.


It was beautiful: trees, grassy clearings, the freshest air, sweet people, horses and dogs, wine and feasting.


But mostly, for me, it was just trees… Lying on my back on the earth, and watching the light and the wind weaving through the leaves and branches. Sweeping my mind and energy clean.


Short walks through tall avenues.


..and then back to camp, to join in with our wee Guardia community home-from-home.


When the cool night drew in, the trees seemed even more magnificent.


Especially crowned with stars, and lit up by the campfire.


We ate and ate and ate, and drank.



Fresh-made ricotta cheese, from the maestro, who makes it just the other side of the field.


The sheepdogs, ever present. They galloped around the whole campsite, soon after we all went to bed, barking like heck.



The next morning walked up to the Big View.



And had a wonderful long conversation about creativity, thinking differently, and being true to oneself…


When we tried to leave in the afternoon, we were accosted by a group of accordian-players!

Hahaha- only in Italy, and only with the gorgeous Guardia Sanframondiese!


Packed the tent up and returned to the centro storico thoroughly realigned!

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