progress yesterday

My first stint at the easel for some months! Having moved all my art materials and canvases and so on down into the basement rooms, whilst I rented out the whole top floor for summer art residencies, I never got round to painting (!)


progress yesterday

So it’s a joy to be back at what makes all my molecules realign: I made a commitment this month to get on with the three things which really nourish my inner world, and my creative muse; painting, writing and sewing.


progress yesterday: detail of left figure

The painting on the easel right now is one I began working on spontaneously, from an empty canvas, on Monday. So far, it has the identity of ‘I’m preparing to RUN AWAY from the circus!’ -from some words which seemed appropriate and which I wrote between the hands of the central figure.

_DSC0812            _DSC0815

progress monday: detail of left figure and right figure

This theme makes me think of how, having been brought up around drama and/ or addictions, it is hard for us simply to walk away from the underlying energetic dynamic of it. It takes time to prepare, to remove our ‘costume and make-up’ and to retrain for civilian life.


progress monday: detail of central figure

I like this, as a metaphor for reclaiming a life path- and I like how it contrasts with the commonly accepted dream of running away to the circus- of escaping to a more exciting life.


day one progress, whole painting

Having had a rather colourful career and adventurous early life, I now crave routine and simplicity, calm and stability, with the same passion that others might daydream about the very opposite. In some ways, it is as hard an adventure to embrace: learning a new lifestyle takes time…


  1. Lucy Gallwey says:

    I love reading your blog Clare. It reminds me how important it is to stay well, creative and inspired. I read it regularly, especially when I need a pick me up and I’m finding things hard. “Its hard for us to walk away from the underlying energetic dynamic” of drama.. I really relate to that. You remind us to find our inner power and see its magical effects.. Thank you x


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