‘surrounded by gold’, small painting about abundance, 2001

As I mentioned in my blog last week on WHY A LEAN PERIOD COULD BE THE MAKING OF YOU part 1 there are at least 5 good big reasons why going through a difficult time financially should actually be seen as a positive.

But now I’m going to challenge you even further: there are always at least 21 reasons to be grateful, when you are struggling. And I’ll focus below on financial woes, as it’s my topic of the month!

A technique I use to bring myself out of any downward spiral (and particularly if I am literally freaking out), is making a list of 21 positive takes on what is transpiring. It’s developed from an idea in a manual on master-entrepreneurism I read, which asks you to brainstorm 20 improvements to every aspect of your business.

It is hard to begin thinking positively like this when the world seems against you, and to make oneself sit down and force a list to the end- phew! But it is powerful!

Like a muscle being exercised regularly, thinking positively will eventually become a strength natural to you, integrated.

The first few times though, it might hurt a bit!

domestic alchemy, walkingfrom domestic alchemy series: ‘moving forward’ 2007

To help you get your head around this, here’s the list I spontaneously wrote up today about being penniless, to give you an idea of how it works:

21 reasons why my current ‘dire’ financial state is in fact a blessing:

  1. I am having to hone my energy, refine my approach: FOCUS!
  2. It’s making me think about the long-term, which I’ve been dealing with in a fluffy manner, up to now.
  3. It is making me appreciate all that I have, which is a lot!
  4. It’s making me look at more efficient, direct ways of communicating with my audience – so that I can earn more appropriate recompense, for the efforts I am putting out in the world.
  5. It’s making me take responsibility for my situation, when previously I was kind of allowing life to happen to me, and occasionally playing the victim – euch!
  6. It made me ask for help – and moral support – from my family and friends.
  7. It is making me question my motives deeply – to look at my deeper purpose: is this really what I’m here to do, or do I need to shift my perspective slightly?
  8. It’s making me reach out to others, to collaborate and plan the future; this is so exciting!
  9. It’s making me be humble.
  10. I’m finding time to look at what is really important to me, underneath the busy-ness of earning money, and going through the motions each day- it’s making me pay more attention.
  11. I’m gaining more perspective, about what works, about what doesn’t, in my business and lifestyle, in the context of my dreams.
  12. It’s making me realise better, how to work towards my goals.
  13. It is good to acknowledge and accept what isn’t working.
  14. This is making me ask for inner guidance, which I’ve neglected in a while, with the busy-ness going on around me.
  15. I’m appreciating hugely, the silence and solitude around me. It gives me space to work on my passions.
  16. My house is getting in order – it’s a time of clearing, cleaning, organising, making neater and more beautiful.
  17. I’ve finally started exploring video as a means of communicating more directly with my audience!
  18. I realise how disorganised I’ve been in the past, and am changing it on all levels – it’s a massive job, but life-changing!
  19. This moment is making me look at what is sacred, versus doing stuff just because I could/ it was there.
  20. It’s making me recognise my perpetual state of slight anxiety, and how this is directly nrelated to not having steady income.
  21. I’ve been having to get inventive, and research, and have found out about amazing concepts like crowdfunding and Patreon, which I want to be part of!

It only took me around 5 mins to write this list – I often get pretty stuck around number 14, but it always gets more potent after that! This kind of a brainstorm is a stupendous way of bringing clarity to the mind, and deciding where to go next.

There has also been a ongoing, conflicting dialogue inside me – both in writing this list, and in the past weeks as my resources dwindle – but the important thing is, the positivity leads me.

The negativity is simply asked to step aside.

eyes wide open HEAD‘eyes wide open’ detail, cyprus 2003

Doing something like this list can make the difference between sinking and swimming; between becoming overwhelmed, and surfing along on the top of life. I’m not saying that I haven’t been crying in desperation this week, or that I’m not really worried about being unable to keep running my car… BUT keeping a grateful perspective gets me up in the morning. It makes me step into the day and take positive action, thus all manner of good things pop into my life.

Sometimes they seem like little miracles, or like some fabulous streak of luck, but great things happening to us is very much related to us being ready to receive them.

TRY writing a list like this, when you are struggling, in any sense – I guarantee you’ll feel more in control and at peace with whatever is going on around you!

_DSC0853 - CopiaTante belle cose, Clare xx

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