Sei italiano? lo spero per tradurre fra poco in italiano!

It has been a week of much creative activity and deep discussion, with three very interesting visitors from Scotland – and one of them is my dearest artist friend, now 5 months pregnant!

DSC_1410 Kate Mackay and myself have had an ongoing dialogue for at least 10 yrs, about our artistic practises- often collaborating and confiding- it is wonderful to have her here at this potent time, that we can look at where we are in our lives, and where we’re heading.

DSC_1394It has been a wild and beautiful few days of feisty weather and travelling to and from cities, picking up guests and preparing fabulous meals, chatting at length around the kitchen table, fetching wood for the fire, and working together in the studio.

DSC_1406We have all found a lovely synchrony together with the other guests, with all of our shared interests and passions; from doll-making to creative writing, tarot and graphic novels, spirituality and the good life… It’s such an honour to have extremely intelligent and interesting people to stay at the arthouse!


doll by Carole Gascione

We’re all getting an early night, to get up at 5am for a big trip to the Niki De Saint Phalle tarot garden! Kate and I are extremely excited, as this has been a dream of ours for many years!

Here is a short video with Kate and I working in the studio: hope to film something in the tarot garden tomorrow, too!

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