BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! #livelikeahappyartist


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been more interested in artists’ lives, than in their work. Over the years, I’ve especially been fascinated and inspired by how female artists have intertwined their lives and work – how magic and potent metaphor, domestic alchemy, healing and transformation have melded seamlessly into their art practise.


responsibility, mixed media on paper, 2001

It strikes me that over the centuries, and particularly in the recent ego-driven decades since the world wars, we have focussed on mostly the; white, male, mysoginist, problem-ridden, ill and/ or drug addicted, power-hungry and/ or power-deficient, kind of artists.

boy,friends - Copia (4)

male friends, oil paint, pencil and oil pastel on paper, 2002

It’s as if they perfectly epitomised the capitalist and material culture; they kept people held in this myth of all creativity being born through struggle, rather than through joy or health.

The putting of artists onto pedestals/ into galleries, and the addition of gold frames, art critics, gallerists, hierarchy and trumpets.. this has all led to the average person thinking that art – and thus, creativity – is not for them.

meeting monkeyman

meeting monkey man, oil, pencil, pen on board, 2009


When we’re told that we aren’t creative, our innate ability to interact in the world in a spiritual way is severely compromised.

Fortunately the world has changed monumentally in the past decade, and collective energies are gathering speed towards a more feminine, creative and positive age- so finally, artists like myself are beginning to find a place in this transforming culture for their lifework!


standing in power, 1999

I feel a genuine, rising ecstacy in my life, as all becomes aligned with the collective direction towards creativity, and away from conflict and destruction. Frankly, my younger years were incredibly anguished and, though I knew it would all come good one day, I genuinely dispaired of finding my true ‘home’ and life purpose.

My true home turned out to be more than a physical location, a house and community. And the life-purpose turned out to be far simpler than the complex web of branches I’d been waving around in the wind, as it were… Both aspects of finding my peace in the world, were about coming back to the core, and being happy. That’s it.


That’s what I’m here to share with you:

how to live happily in your creative power.

This is my biggest, most exciting announcement for some years: after many years of scribbling away at the drawing board, experimenting with social media, logos and websites, my branding is clear and true, and I am presenting my core project:

LLHA logo!_2lowres


Go read all about it on the LIVE LIKE A HAPPY ARTIST page!

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                                      Tante belle cose, Clare xx

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