This is the quiet before the storm: the silence of the morning before Vinalia, Guardia Sanframondi’s big wine festival, begins.

The most glorious aspect of the festival, is its use of the centro storico: the old streets become filled with pop-up shops, stages, wine stalls, galleries, etc. Thousands flock to taste the wares of the Sannio, and a jolly good time is had by all.

Here is a wee taste of what the street usually looks like of a typical morning. I’m going to add several other updates this week, as the festa develops.


Questa è la quiete prima della tempesta: il silenzio della mattina Vinalia, prima la grande festa del vino di Guardia Sanframondi, comincia.

L’aspetto più glorioso del festival, è il suo uso del centro storico: le antiche strade diventano piene di negozi pop-up, palchi, bancarelle di vino, gallerie, ecc Migliaia affollano assaporare la merce del Sannio, e un buon allegro il tempo è stata da tutti.

Ecco un assaggio di quello che la strada di solito sembra – come di una mattina tipico. Ho intenzione di aggiungere parecchi altri aggiornamenti questa settimana, mentre la festa si sviluppa.

7 thoughts on “VINALIA SPECIAL 2015

  1. Mary Tagliarino says:

    Oh, how I loved today’s video post! Seeing the ancient streets and the way the houses are stacked, overlapping each other, and otherwise intermingled was fascinating as was the architecture and artistic use of space. Can the cars and rubbish trucks fit through all those narrow streets of just some of them? The view at the end was spectacular!! Thank you for the effort you made to make this film and at such an early but peaceful hour!


  2. claregallowayartist says:

    You are so welcome, dear Mary! 🙂 It is wonderful at that hour- especially today, knowing that the space is going to be transformed so in just a few hours! Actually, you’d be amazed at who can squeeze their car right down that wee street- the mini garbage truck is the least of it 😉 -there’s a neighbour who reverses her car at great speed up the hill which I walked at the beginning of the film- hehe! I look forward to sharing how the town looks later this evening/ this week…


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