Vlog number 4 – Thursday night of Vinalia – temperature rising, crowds swelling, art and food and wine being appreciated passionately, and tons of great spirit!


Here’s a peek into the art exhìhibitions on show this year – developed significantly from previous years… There are sculptures in the alchoves and under arches, and out in the open air.

DSC_0684 DSC_0685

As well as films being projected inside and out, and loads of artists all around: big energy and cultural exchange!


And here’s a tour of the expo I’m doing at the new inter-cultural association’s headquarters, Out Of The Box. It’s at the bottom of the street, by the church and fountain, where they’ve also set up a lovely eatery (and winery!) – another beautiful evening!

2 thoughts on “VINALIA SPECIAL 2015

  1. Mary Tagliarino says:

    What a thrill this was – to see all the beautiful exhibits and installations in night time settings!! Your exibit was outstanding in the space…. what an honor! Thank you so much, Clare!

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