Vlog number 5 from the heart of the centro storico – Friday night of Vinalia, following another scorchio day…

…rounded off with an impressive sky and thunder and lightning on the horizon.


Loads more people passing through, and a lovely gentle atmosphere again… even up in the Piazza Mercato, where so many food tables and the loudest music stage are, and where it’s usually pretty darn overwhelming!

I spent much of the evening with friends down at the Out Of The Box rooms, where a new inter-cultural association is showing local artists’ work: last night they had my paintings up – yey!

DSC_0725We discussed how much more civilised this year’s event seems to be: less over-drinking, and much more gentle discourse and cultural interaction. The food venues in the streets was a great idea, as previous years it was mostly the wine stalls in the centro storico, meaning that folks came on an empty stomach, drank wine, then got tipsy and went up to the noisy piazza, then it all became loud, hot, tense, chaotic.


This year is wonderfully calm and comfortable! You can follow the route through all the art and artisan stalls from piazza to piazza, pop by whichever stage you prefer – traditional music, rock, or DJ – then sit down comfortably and chat, whilst feasting on delicious local wares.


Many people have commented on how the energy of the event seems to have expanded, and become more harmonious – yey for us! Here’s to a continuing evolution of Guardia’s presentation of her tremendous wine and food riches: a brindisi to great international cultural exchange!

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