Your pocket guide to Guardia Sanframondi is about to go to press!

It is not a conventional guidebook: it will not mention anything to do with historical blahblah or wine festivals or bus timetables: it’ll be about all the potent stuff which you can’t find, on-line or otherwhere.

It’s packed with essential insider info which a person who’s looking to buy a house here will crave: the missing lights to land you steady and firmly on the ground here.

view of the town, from the castle

The new community in the centro storico (medieval quarter) of Guardia is expanding and evolving: cultural projects of all kinds are being set up, folks are being inspired – here and abroad – to follow their dreams and transform their lives.

There’s a definite buzz and atmosphere, which is radiating ouwards, and this is bound to accelerate even further, as yet another episode of house hunters TV has just been filmed.

It’s not all La Dolce Vita though!

There are plenty of questions and frictions, folks being ripped off and needs not being met which, as the only foreigner living here year-round, long-term and intimately connected with the local and foreign communities, I’m the best qualified to advise on.

The book will also have info for how to deal the weather and wildlife summer and winter, maps to orientate you, and loads of tips and hints to make life run as smooth as it possibly can, once you arrive.

And this week, I’m calling out to all of you who have visited/ would love to visit, the town:

What would you like to see in a guidebook?

What are the key questions about Guardia Sanframondi, which you haven’t yet found answers to?

I’d hugely appreciate your feedback: contact me in the comments below, or via a private message here


photo credit, Kat Tan 2015

Tante belle cose, Clare xx

2 thoughts on “GOING TO PRESS SOON!

  1. Mary Rounds Tagliarino says:

    I may never get there, but if I did, I would want to know where I might find Vegan food or at least Vegetarian in a pinch. Also, I would want to find lodging where I could cook some of my own meals, so definitely a room with a kitchenette or an inn with use of the kitchen. I understand that these ideas might be strange enough not to include… 🙂

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    • claregallowayartist says:

      Yes- that is such a great comment, Mary! I was just helping out some friends here this week, whose guests needed vegan food, and took it for granted that I know where all the best veggie buffets are, but absolutely, that is key- like where the nearest soya/ alond/ rice milk can be found!
      And si- there are a variety of new B&Bs threatening to open immenently- but few self-catering places at this moment, but yes, I will make some notes on that too, and add them… Because things are changing so quickly here, it’s likely the guide will need an update after one year or so 🙂 Thanks so so much for this great feedback! 😀


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