all imagery from newly-refound paintings

I’ve been enjoying a mild form of ecstasy these past days, as I reach yet another milestone: all my paintings up online; all with shiny fresh listings, and the correct details…

Hehehe – it’s no mean feat, and hasn’t been without a few cock-ups, for someone whose mind and heart are immersed deeply in the intuitive. Reining in the energy, to get everything measured and photographed, then listed and accounted for … it’s like trying to train an excitable wild elephant to sit on a small chair – for a long period!


So anyways, in all the joy and chaos of putting things in order, I’ve also found another load of paintings – in a portfolio which I thought was empty. Talk about reaping an even bigger harvest than expected – it feels like that moment when you come across a ton of extra crop, maybe in an unexpected place, like potatoes in the compost heap!

That part of a harvest is my favourite – the unexpected boon at the end of the year: the plant has chosen a place to settle, so perfectly right for its unique needs for flourishing. It has sat there, unnoticed and undisturbed, throughout the season, only to seem to appear, so unexpectedly.


That metaphor resonates with finding these paintings – it has been a very philosophical end-of-summer for my practise: there’s a real sense of leaving an old world behind, and stepping confidently (if a little tentatively) into the new.

And reaping more, every time the cycle comes around to the same point again – that’s a concept I studied in permaculture, which appealed immediately to my strong intuitive – that we accumulate wisdom, skill, and the power to grow energetically – and the ability to share all of the good stuff, more and more, as our lives and work ripen.


 In the passing of the summer, I think of all that has passed, and then of how to organise what has come out of the growing and producing part of the year: what to gather and how to store it, what to tidy up and put in more efficient order, what to let go of completely – what to dig out and burn… and all the things to be grateful for: all the experience and the great spectrum of things I saw, felt, heard, enjoyed with the full spectrum of my senses.

It’s so easy to rush ever onwards, and to forget to be happy about all the flow in our lives; all the creativity, harmony, connections, opportunity. And every one of us is guilty of focussing on our lack, rather than the hugeness of what we do have – though of course it’s hard not to follow media brainwashing, with its incessant trumpeting about our projected wants and needs.


This autumn I’m reveling, truly luxuriating, in an absence of rush, an emptying of trying to juggle too much, an embracing of/ satisfaction with the simplest of pleasures, the smallest of achievements, all of which have grown into this great reaping of riches. As I reap the rewards of all the small actions of the year, and ‘let the soil rest’ as it were, it really feels like a kind of earthly paradise.

Tante belle cose, Clare

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