Preparing for a pop-up boutique, this summer in Guardia

In the delightful process of moving back into my own space, I got re-reading some books which I love and which hadn’t been opened in several years (what with all the DIYing and guests and whatnot).

Several Paolo Coelho books have accompanied me on long soaks in the candlelit bath in the cellar this winter –  and two, The Witch Of Portobello and The Zahir, surprised me anew.

Reading them both consecutively, they seemed to talk about very similar themes, and to overlap in the thought process of the protagonists.

I love how the author uses the same metaphors and even the same words, to express his ideas. Because these ideas are keys to unlocking the pain of the world, they need said and said and said.

mer-lady and mountain

the mermaid on the hill: wild woman out of her habitat, but in her power

The repeated motif which stood out most for me, was about doing new things, seeing the world in a new way, freeing up your energy, every single precious day.

Both books talk about both dancing it out, and telling your story – releasing your habits by expressing them again and again – as if, both dancing and speaking, you eventually wear out the power of the story which is binding you.

This is so important, in a world where we are literally bombarded continually by influences and demands – to be something other than our true state of (spiritual) wellbeing.


tear baby, painting about needing to let go of one’s story of grief

This is my totem for the year – the concept of allowing oneself to be a channel for energy and light, and the idea that we have to work daily to refresh what is being lived through us (otherwise our inner ‘garden’ becomes overgrown with ivy or even piled up with junk, and can’t bring us nourishment any more).

The Marriage

the marriage – couple in a sacred garden, sharing their story

And so that’s how I’m starting my first day back at ‘work’: rather than looking at my agenda, which I made all full and organised for a new, super-efficient new year, I dove into the projects nearest my heart, which free up the most energy and inspiration! Thank you, Paolo Coelho, for reminding me that our intuition is the engine of our life, not a pretty accessory.


(I’m organising my sewing/ inspiration room, and planning a living room in the first cantina of my beautiful arthouse – yey!)

How is your new year? Are you feeling invigorated and ready for a new cycle? Are you committed to a happy, fulfilled life and work? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Lots of the very best wishes for your brand new year, Clare xx

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