As life at the Arthouse gets happier and happier, I’ve been seeking ways to really get across to my audience, the dynamism behind my work – not particularly as a means of exhibiting/ showing off what I’m doing, but to share the energy of my experience.

As some of you know, my story is all about healing, transformation, creating a dream with a very small budget: it’s about how I learned to spiral upwards, out of a poverty-illness-depression-fear-doubt cycle and into a super-fulfilled-creative-abundant-peaceful-loveful-colourful-happy-happy-happy life and work.

Over the years, I’ve lost a lot of very close friends and two dear family members, to suicide, and many more to self-destructive or at least non-self-nurturing behaviours. I firmly believe that their choices could have been so very different. In fact, I believe that the vitality and the positive potential future of both my nation (Scotland) and of humanity itself, depend on our being able to see beyond small-minded polemical thinking – to open ourselves to the rich, pure joy which is sitting right there (like a great wide seam of holy jewels) underlying all of the crazy surface shit we’re fed every day.

One of the happy things about this reality, is the fact that so much of what blinds us to the MAGIC of life, is completely superficial – so, when we start to delve deeper, to be creative, to live happily, it’s relatively easy to find a path – to see that there are lots of ways in which we can grow, and it’s just about keeping up the momentum: creative transformation is an accumulating, accelerating dynamic.

This is where I get really excited: about sharing how I creatively transformed my life – not just the great boon I had of finding a house for 10,000 euros, and gleaning enough luck and enthusiasm to renovate it and set up a business in Italy, but about the approach I’ve used over the years, to systematically work away at all the frictions and symptoms in my life, to be better – healthier, wealthier, wiser, happier, and so on.

Sometimes it feels like, if folks just stopped for one minute, contemplated their true values, their creative power, their power to heal… and them came together, started working cooperatively, to bring light and joy and love into their worlds – the planet could be transformed literally overnight.

As a close friend said to me yesterday – “If all the oppressed people in a dictatorship all decided one day, in the same moment, to just sit down – nothing more, just to sit down and not work! – the power structure would crumble to the ground.”

Not just that; if we all just stopped and decided to be happy and free, the same thing would happen – the oppressive forces within ourselves would start to crumble…

Tante belle cose, Clare xx

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