5 tips for landing in foreign climes!


Be outside as much as possible, just breathing in the new air, observing what is immediately in front of you – the difference and the similarities. Don’t judge, don’t think too much, just be.

Even if you are closed in a truly urban box, appreciate that, too, and try to keep some air in your room.

If there’s no comfortable option for opening windows, then air-conditioning can be a fine alternative!


TWO: WALKING: Make walking a daily priority; it’s grounding, refreshing and it lets you familiarise yourself with your immediate neighbourhood. You’ll see new things, and get a better understanding of where you are.

Just a once-round-the-block will reveal a ton of insight into a place.


THREE: PACE YOURSELF – be realistic about how well you can know a place, how quickly.

Some cultures will seem more alien than others, depending on where you’ve come from: set small steps to begin with, and take quiet time to muse, reflect, talk with friends on Skype or social media.

And make sure you are nourished, appropriate to the climate and food tolerance – I came a cropper with that, last week, as I started off too adventurously, not taking into account the necessary time period for the intestinal flora to adapt! This week I’m able to digest practically everything, thankfully, but last week it felt like I was losing my ability to take in any nutriment at all.


FOUR: TURN ANY ANXIETY AROUND: acknowledge your fears, but do not feed them.

Also, ask yourself the following; is this experience enriching me as a human being – like, am I growing from this? Am I becoming who I want to be? Or is it bringing me down? Be honest with yourself.

Often, when we look at the positive and the learning – at our self-development – it becomes more apparent that what we’re struggling with can actually be useful.

It’s also vital that you accept if you’re not even having a good time, though! All things pass, and sometimes, it’s the coming home which is the joyous thing, not the being away!


FIVE: BE SAFE: stride out fully aware of any risks you might be taking, but consciously giving thanks that you are protected.

Find a balance between having your eyes wide open, and pushing your own boundaries/ or the limits as to what you are told is possible.

Always ask for advice from locals – and especially from other women, if you’re on your own as a woman.

There are well known psychological studies about how victim mentality can project an aura of vulnerability – not just walking in the street, but in socialising and relationship. Our fears, if we allow ourselves to navigate from just them, will provide an open door to folks who (consciously or unconsciously) feel drawn to the energy which we are losing – which is flowing out of us, through our fear projection.

Conversely, if we radiate out loving respect, harmony and joy, it is amazing how we can find the right word or gesture, in any given moment, to dissipate tensions, to make friends, and to find a peaceful solution to many, many issues.


I hope you find this useful in your travels!

Do you have any tips for folks going out into the world?

Do share them in the comments below!

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