I’ve been away!

Not so far away; just in my studio and working like a passionate person on the house and websites… aaaaand the REAL SCHOOL OF ART!


The RSOA modules are filling with videos, and I’m just beginning the worksheets and photo shoots. It is the most fulfilling project I’ve ever, ever worked on, and though it’s only in sketch format, it feels very much aligned with my purpose and creative energies.

Here’s a taster: from Term 4 – Keeping Up Momentum, Module 1 – The Resistance: Lesson 3. Internal Negativity:

There will be three levels to the launch:

  1. You can sign up for PATREON now, for as little as $5 per month, and get excerpts from the school every week.

  2. If you like the excerpts, you can grab one of the 50 PLACES ONLY when the school launches in January 2016 – see the PATREON REWARDS – it’s the $30 per month option. The raw version will be upwards of 100 videos and worksheets, a term released each month, throughout 2016. If you want to see the school in its entirety, but not pay the full course fees, grab this before the end of December!

  3. The RSOA will launch on a new platform, all polished up and coloured-in, January 2018 – the cost for the finished course is likely to be $1500 + All news will be announced first via PATREON Get in on the ground floor, whilst you can!

See you there,

Tante belle cose, Clare


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