I haven’t been hibernating – honest – and I haven’t been out of town: I’ve been working happily hard on the Real School of Art, which is demanding a particularly intense kind of focus and dedication.

The school is about 89 videos and worksheets in!!! And it is extremely fulfilling and fun and exciting to be working on – it feels all the more dynamic since I passed the half-way mark… like it’s taking on a life of its own!

Here’s a wee vlog about what I’m up to:


You can also see new paintings on ETSY right now, or join up on PATREON for all that’s hot-off-the-easel before it’s released.

The ART SCHOOL is about to unveil term 5, and you can get access to all the lessons whilst it’s unfolding, by signing up to PATREON for $30 or more per month. DO IT if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to creative expansion and artistic fulfilment!

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