So for many creatives in the world, we live in a space and time that is not conducive to creative flow – not to the pure, unhindered flow of creative genius which is our birth potential, anyways…

Additionally, many of us live in an atmosphere of deep cynicism; a distorted collective view which tells us a) that life is mundane and to be endured (rather than a fucking glorious adventure, and to be celebrated daily!), and b) that we as individuals – and as the collective – are relatively powerless…

We’re reminded about this daily, and encouraged very strongly to partake in a great raft of activities which keep us bound into habits of consumption and fear – essentially.

As a human passionate about making, being, serving higher consciousness and suchlike, this bondage is likely to feel either subtly or severely limiting… and it may even lead us eventually to take a path of resistance. Which in turn might deplete our resources and sense of self…


There is a middle ground: NOT a passive acceptance, but a deeper immersion, which serves both our soul and the world, which lack that meaningfulness and flow. The middle ground is not about staying stagnant, sitting on the fence, but about finding a path of peace within the storm of neuroses, power struggle, destruction, pseudo-war which is raging all around us, most of the time.

The healthy middle ground is about balance – dynamic balance – of well-being, life purpose, pleasure, nourishment… Harvesting energy, building and circulating it, that we might be more resistant to the negative storm, but in a non-combative way, a non-rigid stance – soft, moving with the weather, flexible and deeply-instinctive – that we can always gravitate towards our loves, our dreams, our hopes, our goals.

Art can help us enormously with finding the middle ground, our equilibrium: it operates on so many levels, even just ingesting visual art with the eyes… and the deeper that we delve into the creative path, into our internal creative dialogue and our positive relationship with the world… the more profound that middle ground becomes.


It becomes a rich void – a secret garden – a vibrant no-man’s-land that conflict cannot touch. As we step daily into our creative space, we become uncompromisingly woven into the magic of the universe, as our flow enters the divine creative flow: it’s something which will happen even as you sit down to sketch a flower from your kitchen table; even as you touch clay for the first time, letting your fingers and subconscious explore contours which come into being so effortlessly.

Art as hobby is one thing – it can peel off layers of grey stress, which you’ve accumulated through the week. But art as a life choice, as a committed path, is quite another: there’s a momentum and potency which grow as soon as we set ourself fully on a path of creation; the universe lights up, and cheers us on.


As abstract as that might sound ‘the universe lighting up and cheering us on’… try it – see how you feel when you step into your most precious creative place: do it now, or today, or this week. Listen to all the reasons your ego might come up with, to not embrace a glorious few hours of engagement with your art, and set them aside.

Stepping into a place of creation in the art sense opens up all manner of creation on other levels; our minds start to open, to be more expansive, to look towards solutions and even visions, rather than being occupied primarily with the problem. Our hearts also widen, to include, to feel, others’ perceptions – their unique energetic expression – and we start to become the flow; to feel at one with it.

For more inspiration on creative empowerment – go and see my REAL SCHOOL OF ART on TEACHABLE – the graphics and taglines are being neatened up this week, but it’s all there in glorious artistic abundance. You can also access the draft version of the school if you’re signed up to my PATREON pages.

All paintings above are available (now, or sooner-or-later) via my ETSY SHOP.

frontpagecircleClare xx

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