rare podcast!

Hi – here is an occasional podcast – if you are interested in what I am doing, join me via one of the links below – I look very much forward to having you in my inner circle.

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  1. I now only make rare public posts. If you’d like to be in touch more often; join my newsletter HERE or join me on PATREON
  2. Please let me know you’ve seen this post by clicking on the heart symbol and/ or commenting below – and share it if you know someone who’d be interested ❤
  3. My website is here, my art is on Etsy, The Real School of Art is here, my books on Lulu, art holidays on VAWAA.
  4. Social media links: Instagram, Facebook – the art school, my artist page, the Insider’s Guide To Guardia book page.

5 thoughts on “rare podcast!

  1. Marjorie says:

    Thank you Clare. I always appreciate what you have to say, & absolutely agree about the necessity for solitude & deep reflection, vital for understanding who we are, our connection to one another & the universe. I have been reading a beautiful book since last year called “I am that”. It’s a compilation of of talks with the late Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. So enlightening. I’m looking forward to seeing your new books, & as always, wish you much success in all your ventures. I so admire your energy!


  2. Katie Sabry says:

    Dear Clare ,
    I’ve just listened to to your wonderful podcast .
    How interesting that I and several of my other creative friends ( male , female , and my son Alex ) are doing similar ! The quietness , solitude , amazing isn’t it ?
    I would like to write in more detail and share some of my thoughts on several points you made in the podcast , need to listen to it again though .
    You sound as if you’ve really reached a special place in every way .
    I’m just about to begin the final illustration for a children’s book ( but actually it’s universal ) that I’ve been working on , in collaboration with a very dear writer friend here , since 2015 .
    More on that when it’s published , as I’m very protective about this .
    Sending much love meanwhile ,and will write again .
    Katie xxx

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    • claregallowayartist says:

      How gorgeous to hear about your beautiful creative process too, Katie, and to know that you share this creative urge to be alone and thrive in it!

      Your posts and art and presence are always such an inspiration to me – I cannot wait to see your children’s book – wow – it’ll be magnificent ❤

      I hope we get to meet up again one day – I often think fondly of places I was in Cyprus, and imagine travelling back their with fresh eyes and more open heart: it was such a pivotal time for me living there, being immersed in the sacred feminine and the shrines and springs and mosaics and plants and sunshine…. mmmm – it would be amazing to share some quiet art adventure with you xxxx

      Tons of love and big hugs xxxx


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