creative inspiration podcast number one

This is the first of these podcasts around how we unblock our immense creative potentials as human beings. It’s on FEELING, which seems like a potent place to begin:

Quite unwittingly, our collective consciousness has been pulled into a strangely atrophied and polarised version of ‘feeling’. We’re consistently expected either to numb ourselves to atrocities and/ or to be moved to emotional extremes by theatrical re-enactments of human ‘experience’.

Being consciously sentient, and moving deeper always into that sentience, is such a key role for the creative: without this profound engagement in sensory experience, we really can only be talking about surface matters.

Young Man Creating Him Self painting

Without ‘full-immersion’, we have a shallow interaction with reality: which is to say that if we become more feeling, we start to understand the huge capacity that we have for cultivating harmony and love, for growing energy and making opportunity where there was nothing. We plant seeds everywhere, because we feel their potential, and we know  with every fibre of our being that it’s simply good.

Woman Of The Moons - Fruit Of The Everymoment painting

There is immense potential in what we become – that more-than-the-sum-of-the-parts – when we feel and know and sense as we were born to.

Let me know your response in the comments below – I’d love to hear how feeling is part of your artistic practise and lifestyle.



As ever, it’s a joy to be in touch with you – loads of really happy creative wishes, and speak to you next month, if I don’t see you on one of the links below…






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2 thoughts on “creative inspiration podcast number one

  1. lightforsnow says:

    hmm mmm I really enjoyed listening to your podcast….you raise some very interesting points here. I am constantly being harangued for my way of thinking by my male partner for not thinking logically, he drives me nuts. I completely agree with you regarding the numbness of us all….I am a culprit of both the screen and wine. And yes I get angry, very angry and as I become more and more aware of what is happening in the world and how we are manipulated as a society to be sheep…..Brexit is a fine example….I get more angry. I am appalled at how I once regarded the BBC news to be impartial I am now completely aware that it is not and that we are all treated as the lowest common denominator and fed a load of drivel. I am annoyed that I have to be part of all this….the dreadful food in supermarkets, trying to buy veg that’s not ‘dead’……grrr I am going to stop now. And I really want to un-numb myself.

    I love your train of thought, thank you for feeding me such valuable ideas to help me cope.

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    • claregallowayartist says:

      It is so beautiful to have your comment, Lightforsnow ❤ And you are so so welcome – I am glad to share, and to have these conversations – there is a lot that stops us showing our true feelings as women – not least of all, the false superiority of male 'logic', which is often separated from sentience in a way that we cannot relate to.
      We live in such a powerful time where we can channel and transform our anger: using it, and not stuffing it down, and speaking it, making it into art, being part of collectives of people whose voices are powering up… It is a really expansive time we live in… I see younger women – especially those speaking politically in Scotland, and in America against gun violence, and I know that we're in such a different reality…

      I too still hold anger and wounds around my own past, and around the immense weight that we're expected to carry, in NOT showing our truth – in everyone wanting us to be placid and quiet, loving and motherly, instead of speaking up from our deepest belly, about what we KNOW to be going on around us, that we're all so numb to…

      At least we have others at our sides, keeping our backs safe, as we speak out now – what a multitude of moments I have in my past, of being told to pipe down, being diminished, or shamed or ridiculed or anything to keep me quiet, when I was just speaking an alternative perception… It is so much easier to speak when we know we're not alone ❤

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