creative inspiration podcast: FREEDOM!


So the world’s becoming respectful of our individual privacy – BIG new European laws about how we’re allowed to communicate with our audience are coming into play, May 25th.

This will mean more SPACE – uninterrupted natural peace and alignment – us going about our lives without ping-ping-ping-ping – marketing tugging our collective consciousness away from what it’s really meant to be doing.

What if it even heralds the tide-going-out on consumerism? It’s a step towards being less in bondage to buying, that is for sure, and it means that we’ll have much more control than before over our personal data, and how these are used for target marketing.

As an artist, it makes me happy, that we’ll be less inundated with BUY-BUY-BUY – that we’ll have more freedom to stand back and feel our way into what we actually want in our lives: what’s really needed, what’s good for us (like more real art!)

The new privacy laws mean YOU MUST BE SUPER-CONSENTING TO JOIN ANY/ ALL MAILING LISTS – I’ll be sending out a form for you to click enthusiastically on, in the next week, if you’d love to stay on mine.


In the meantime, back to creative freedom and living like a happy artist:


Freedom is a subject much discussed in the world: human rights, democracy, freedom of movement, economic freedoms, freedom to practise one’s religion and to express one’s gender or sexual or human uniqueness. It’s a favourite subject of mine, as there are subtle-but-immense differences between concepts of freedom and actual, individual, full-bodied, spiritual-energetic freedom.

My work is occupied with the latter, with how we unblock everything that’s preventing the fullness of what should be flowing through us – how we remove armouring, a re-feel numbness, wake up stagnancy and bring pleasure back into what might have been aches and pains. For generations, the body has been relegated to a kind of mechanical convenience, ordered around by the head, patched up and sent on its way when it got damaged.

But slowly we’re coming to understand the profound interconnections between inner and outer freedom: how a calm mind and body, freed emotions and energy – a being released of trauma and negativity – can live in the world profoundly more freely than one who is tense with fear.

I understand this to be a profound – real – freedom in this reality.

I’d love to hear your response to this subject in the comments below: what is your feeling around creative freedom, or freedom in your life and work? What to you feel that you need to do, to step more fully into freedom?

This is a video about the painting ‘Being Held’: it’s probably the most important piece of art that I made last year.

It talks about the feminine being held energetically by the masculine – she knows herself and commands her own energy but she needs this anchoring and containment, that she can harvest the fullness of energy, build it up, and then channel it to the masculine – and they radiate it out into the world…

As ever, thank you so much for your support and interest in my work and ideas – it is always wonderful to hear feedback and to know your thoughts and feelings on art and creative freedom, fulfilment and good living,

Tantissime belle cose, 



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