Though it seems on the surface that we live in a free, democratic, abundant reality, modern culture is in fact mostly based on a complex series of deeply negative norms…
In this month’s creative inspiration podcast I go into into how we’re fed perpetual untruths about our huge creative potential – and how art can get between the layers of limitation, and blast them open…!
This year has been challenging and glorious so far. I’ve had some health concerns that’ve brought me to a deeper, happier place; they’ve been reminding me to give it everything, as this life is precious!

Seeking healing, I’ve also been astounded at how it’s the simplest things, readily available, that are the best cures for the whole… Which in turn reminds me how a successful life is about being rather than doing: it’s about letting go and letting things be as they are – which leads me to being satisfied with all that I have, and focussing on the parts that are working, rather than navigating from what is imperfect.


my ‘millionaire’s panorama’ from the balcony of my €10K house – sometimes I forget the profound value of this astounding view – then I remind myself, and am like… wow

My podcast is about how we get lured into obsessing about ‘lack’ and ‘not-quite-right’, or ‘not-quite-there-yet’. We’re trained from early on to focus intently on that which isn’t, instead of being grateful for and making use of that which is – this helps folks sell us everything; from washing liquid to courses in spiritual entrepreneurship.


Nuovo Documento di Microsoft Publisher

I hope that my creative inspiration podcast inspires you! Please join in the conversation below, if you feel stimulated to:


Other creative news from the Arthouse this month – this new art on brick…


Click on the image to see my Etsy shop – the new pieces are being released there, one by one, throughout June. (The one in the lower-right is already winging its way to a new home in the USA.)
Alongside the release of these new artworks, I wanted to tell their story, as it’s about breaking out of conventional thinking and non-creative mind-blocks, too!
This short video (9 mins) is on how this big body of artwork might never have come into being, if I’d taken heed of the sage advice ‘why don’t you just get a man in to do the job?!’
Making Space To Make


My book Making Space To Make is also coming along nicely this month – I’m on chapter 11, and it’s starting to feel like a beautiful, meaningful book! Above is an illustration from the Taking Back Time/ Taking Responsibility chapter. I’ll be sharing excerpts from it over on Patreon in June, and hope to have it published on Lulu Books around midsummer.


As ever, thank you so much for your support and interest in my work, and it’s always wonderful to know your thoughts on the subjects discussed – do respond below, or write to me directly via the contact page,

Tantissime belle cose, 




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    • claregallowayartist says:

      Ciao Per! Thanks so much for your nice comments – and yey, I am doing really well – apart from some health concerns, but things are going beautifully in Guardia – camping in the mountains, preparing happy plans for summer workshops, and looking forward to dear friends visiting ❤ I hope all is really lovely with you in beautiful Sweden? 🙂 Happy creativity!


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