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The idea of moving forward into ever-uncharted territory – how does that make you feel?

We live in a time and reality where much of what we digest is prescribed – it’s created far away from us, often from materials very disconnected from nature, and we purchase our e.g. food, information, power, inspiration, through a process of exchange that removes responsibility, energy, depth and meaning….

We end up stuck in repeating circles of simply purchasing what is offered to us, rather than making life choices that truly reflect our deep values and our immense appetite for learning and growing.

So how do we make life more authentic, more dynamic, more meaningful?

We simply step out into the void: into the less-mass-produced, into the simple and natural, and into our own unique path and vision.

Even spontaneously taking a new route, and interacting with whatever/ whoever we meet on this road; even going to sleep at an unusual hour, or waking up to feel what the world is like before the sun rises; even trying an unfamiliar dish, or a spice that has never touched our tongue…

We have opportunities, grand and wee, in every minute of every single day of our lives, to experience something richer and more expanded than we were in the previous moment – when we remove our attention from the flotsam, and allowing the new to flow towards us, through us.


Painting coming to completion this year: connected with finding our deep intuitive voice, our inner wisdom, our channeling the divine creative, by listening to our sentient body.

Living in the void, or at least delving into it frequently, is an incredibly potent portal.

It’s the creative friction between the comfortable and the non-comfortable – and so it’s the space where all new things are created: it’s like the spaces that nature fills – those borders and cracks, the place where one surface meets another one.

The creative friction, the cultural exchange, the alchemical melting pot – all have this massive potential, if we can step into them empty, and let them fill us up anew…

So this month’s Art Of Life podcast is on how we step into this space: how this is a vital part of our creative expansion, and how, when we make a habit of entering the mysterious… we enhance everything – from our sense of self to our ability to channel our dreams, our vitality and our enthusiasm about life!



I hope that my Art Of Life podcast inspires you! Please comment below – I’d love to hear your response.

Other clare artista news this month:

The Arthouse tent will soon be being mounted again in the gardens below Guardia’s famous facade!


Download a PDF of THE WHOLE WOMAN brochure in English and Italiano

A dear friend Maya and I are initiating the very first WHOLE WOMAN workshops: we’ll hold an intimate group of just 10 women in this magical setting in this circular tent,next to the Ratello waterfall.

We’ll be using yoga, drawing, sharing and sewing to bring aspects of our selves into wholeness and harmony – letting go of the negative and the old, and embracing a new idea of self in this body. And we’ll be creating a taliswoman, who we can channel our creative power into, and be guided by.


There’ll be workshops throughout July, and then in September too: we’re hoping to develop this concept of women empowering their selves, and to develop this big network of women through THE WHOLE WOMAN group on Facebook. Perhaps we’ll even be travelling to your town in the future!


Another glorious Vacation With An Artist took place at the Arthouse this month:


I just said goodbye to the wonderful Sajili, after her highly successful week exploring her creative potential in Guardia Sanframondi.

She’d come all the way from Mumbai in India, and had never drawn or painted before!

We had a truly glorious week of quiet adventuring, whilst I guided her to bring her subtle spiritual message of partnership and harmony, into being.

Because she was such a willing and passionate studio guest, it was easy to support her finding her visual expression – all work should be like this!


As ever, thank you so much for your support and your interest in my work, and it’s always wonderful to know your thoughts – do respond below, or ask any Qs…

Tantissime belle cose, 




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  1. Paul L says:

    Wow Clare!
    I read your email introduction to the podcast and immediately thought — this is exactly what I have been thinking and trying to tell people! About the food they eat, the media they watch, their life choices. You are so right — the population is prescribed it’s experience of life, very much so and this puts huge limits what we can become.
    I think people kind of known this — at least on some level — but they just accept it. Like Morpheus says to Neo in the Matrix
    — You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up–
    Most people stay comfortably asleep — it takes courage to stand up and say *this is cannot be true!*. You are brave to choose different and speak out.
    A soft voice talking powerful words — you have a very different tone to the over-excited hyperbole of marketing or insistent drone of political scare-mongering. The message itself is everything 🙂 and delivered with the authenticity of one who has walked the path.
    I believe the process of waking up is as you describe — a simple choice among other ordinary choices to just open the door — to take an unseen-before path. It is this decision that matters most — as once we take the first steps everything kind of unravels on its own.
    I love this podcast — and your humulity and courage to express it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • claregallowayartist says:

      Hallo Paul! What a huge delight to read your eloquent response – THANK you! It is always so good to hear others connecting with stuff that seems to come out of the ether to me 😉 It feels too, like an incredible time for collective understanding and revelation – our collective purpose and healing, and expansion… Yey – thank you so so much for writing like this 😀 Clare


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