Hi dear friends – this is a podcast on integrity – in art and in life – and other clareartista news…

Life and work has been incredibly challenging, inspiring, satisfying and awful this year – sometimes it seems like the darker things get, the brighter the colours shine in contrast – that the more wholly challenging life is, the more our potential to be fully integrated in the mystical more-than-the-sum-of-the-parts comes to the fore…

My work is taking a deep turn – I’ve had time whilst recuperating and rebuilding my health, to really reflect on all that I’ve created over the past 30+ years of my art practise – and to quietly claim my confidence in the more profound elements, or perhaps ‘the profound wholeness’, of what my work means in the world.


Queendom front cover

There’s a new newsletter sign-up bonus on this website – phase one of a complete transformation – just let me know if you’re already subscribed, and you’d like a copy. It’s an ebook copy of Queedom – art and words on the awakening of the sacred feminine in our time: on how important it is for everyone that women are supported to flourish in all the breadth and depths of their potential.

queendom back cover.jpg

It’s based on the Regna book, from my exhibition in the castle last winter (and in italiano). Transforming it into English was spurred on by having to create a special sign-up bonus for my part in an incredible summit on womb-centred healing.


I’ll be offline for the whole of October (on Patreon only), taking care of myself, writing up some new plans for big change in my living and working arrangements… I’m looking for the perfect home (simple, affordable, with a beautiful situation and outlook, and a garden), and am beginning to make a plan around finishing and selling the arthouse.

So much good creative vibe to you,



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