Resistance, the Small Mind, and Soaring In Life

I’ve barely slept, each night since I’ve been back in Italy from Scotland…

There’s something that wants to come through me, but I’m nervous and in my head, rattling off lists of things to be done – it’s like scaling a steep peak in the night, trying to keep myself in my core, my womb.

This is the period of the year when the veils between worlds are less solid, and we can access all kinds of connection with magical otherworldliness – a potent time that needs to be harnessed well: extra good self-care, tidying and putting everything in order, taking one’s dreams seriously and making steps towards them… This month my podcast is on what stops of breaking through resistance and really getting to where we’re meant to be:

The resistance is something that I also talk about at length in my School Of Real Art – and will be announcing new courses on this winter; it’s a form of internal panic, shut-down, which comes when we have to evolve into something bigger than we are now… The small mind, by its very nature, wants to keep everything small and manageable, and to avoid all dangers.

small, smiling

The small/ monkey mind is that mischievous mental force that keeps us looping and jerking around over a broken record, and which often succeeds in stopping us from doing the very things that we’re here to do on this planet… the soulful, soaring things.

But once we understand that this small monkey inside our brain actually wants to help, but that it’s a bit outdated, inappropriate in its thinking… then we can start to really work with it, and shift everything. The problem in much of ‘western’ culture, is that there is a tsunamic of external chatter all around us in every moment of the day – neuroses, fearfulness, manipulation, suggestions that you should doubt nature/ your nature and trust the system. So even when we get a handle on our monkey, then there’s the modern world to contend with.

laughing at anger (2)

There are myriad ways to train one’s small mind, and to prevent it from driving your engine: coming into the body is the most immediate and accessible. It can be through walking, stretching, creating, working… anything and everything that pulls us down in that wonderful gravity weightiness, into our torso, our heart, our pelvis.

I’ve been letting my studio practise and my art school gestate for many months now. Letting things mature by themselves, without interference.. it’s a kind of aligning with nature – it’s about trusting that something big is coming through you, and that it wants to exist, but that neither of you know precisely what it looks like just yet.

I guess this might be similar to birds knowing when and where to migrate; we humans have this potent knowing in us that isn’t necessarily related to moving to a warmer climate to avoid the perils of winter (though I’ve followed that urge more than once!), but perhaps it’s about our life purpose and work in this world. Maybe it’s about, the more we can trust in that mysterious pull of the heart, the body and the deeper mind – the call to a new place, the shifting of attitude to a new work pattern, the need to downsize and to declutter, to get back to nature and to get real… the more we can start to really step into our potential.

This week I’m preparing a listing for my beautiful Arthouse in Guardia Sanframondi, Italy. It is a potent time to change, to harvest the fruits of my labours, to let what isn’t bringing life to me fall like autumn leaves. I’m going through a glorious process of clearing and cleaning the house, in preparation for the next phase.

If you’d like to know more about this, please look at my Arthouse For Sale page on my website – it will be updated this week and onwards, with news/ photos, etc. You can also contact me there, with any Qs.

Another big happening this month, starting TODAY is the tremendous Sama Morningstar’s powerful gathering of women, in her temple and summit of womb-centred healing. I’m a guest speaker! Talking with Sama about art, womb-centred creativity and healing.

Working from the womb, and with pelvic magic, is something that has slowly but surely come into my life over the past 5 years. But in finding pelvic health, de-armouring, entering an ecstatic life flow – I realised that I’d always been navigating from my energetic core. With training and deepening wisdom, listening and deep self-caring, this power becomes liberated in us, and lets us ride on waves of pleasure in life, like being at one with the sea – rather than being crushed under those waves.

If you have (or had) a uterus, I urge you to listen in on these incredible conversations and sharings of profound understanding. Our core is more than a functioning/ non-functioning organ – when we access and connect with our core (our womb), we can find our unique language around it – perhaps by hearing others, and knowing that ours is similar but different, or completely different altogether, but somehow relating… We don’t all have to get earth-mothery about it, but taking care of our core wellbeing, not just on a practical level, but on the emotional and subtle levels too, can bring other dimensions, energy, power, creativity, bliss into our lives – who doesn’t want more of that?!

Go visit Sama’s website now, to sign up – the summit runs online for the next 10 days. And please share this with other women who you know would love it…


So much good creative vibe and inspiration to you,



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4 thoughts on “Resistance, the Small Mind, and Soaring In Life

  1. sue-bell says:

    “… the call to a new place, the shifting of attitude to a new work pattern, the need to downsize and to declutter, to get back to nature and to get real… the more we can start to really step into our potential.”
    This is definitely something I am experiencing in my own life – with gratitude, as always, for expressing it’s message with so much clarity and giving me the courage to keep going xxx

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