Solstice art gifts – and podcast on midwinter creative alignment

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Ciao, dear friend…

Welcome to my podcast ♥

This is a special mid-month solstice podcast on why, when the world doesn’t seem interested in what we’re creating – it’s the time when we most need to keep doing it!

Winter is a time to align with the depths of what we most feel, what we most want, where we most want to be, how we most want to create our reality.


The alchemy of winter is this subtle realignment that goes on underneath the surface, the hours contemplating or conversing at length in front of the fire, the connectedness of coming together with family and community, and the sharing of our abundance with each other…

It’s also a time to observe beauty in the non-sunny, in the non-up-up-up; in the darkness and cold, and in the struggle and quiet success of a life well lived, a body kept warm and nourished.

Click play below, to hear the podcast:

This is a short video about a new painting I’m almost finished:

And this is a short video about the Sacred Pregnancy painting, soon to be released for sale.

Longer videos about both of these paintings are available this week on my Patreon


halo of thoughts Clare Galloway

Download your special midwinterfest gift –

Halo Of Thoughts painting, for you to print out at home.


catalogue 2019 thumbnail.jpg

Here’s my catalogue (download by clicking above)

– with the 2-for-1 painting offer throughout December.


chapel bedroom bed alcove.JPG

And finally, the Arthouse For Sale listing is complete – this week I’ll be announcing it far and wide, through a UK based property agency – soooo excited about the next phase of domestic alchemy!

A truly beautiful midwinterfest full of peace, joy, warmth and love to you,

12373339_10153098003641986_1152072563993233006_n.jpg  IMG_20180120_143317_2


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