10 Basic reasons why not-having-money is an incredible gift

Hi dear friend – a blessed midwinterfest and beautiful new year to you, and welcome to The Art Of Life blog-newsletter-podcast-blog-whatever-you-want-to-call it…

This is a video about why not having money can – counter-intuitively – be an incredibly enriching experience: in it, I go into ideas like why are we pulled along by money-gurus who insist that if we just push harder or present more cleverly we’ll be rich (this only works for a specific percentage of people), why doesn’t the world value art much more than it does, how can we find better platforms when the mainstream is censoring or diminishing us, or not valuing us…

Meanwhile, here are 10 basic reasons why not having money is an incredible gift:

  1. It helps us to appreciate the value of what little we do have.
  2. It helps hone our focus significantly, and to prioritise where we might have been vague about what we wanted/ where we were headed.
  3. It’s a chance to step off of the conveyor belt of simply-consuming, and into a deeper perspective of ‘what’s going on here, anyways?’
  4. It lets us see that the conventional world might not be valuing what we’re doing – and so we might want to focus even more on our uniqueness and our dreams.
  5. It engages our resourcefulness and ability to adapt, in ways that rarely happen when we have a good steady income.
  6. It can help us see that, actually, the world does not grind to a halt, or implode or turn into chaos and terror, just because we can’t pay a bill.
  7. It gets your engines revving, where you might have been being a tad unenthusiastic or blase about life.
  8. It might even feel lighter and less pressure-full, ironically: if you don’t have money and can’t pay for things, you can avoid all kinds of pressures to join in or conform that, if you have the resources, you might feel obligated to participate in/ contribute to.
  9. It makes you more appreciative of others in difficulty, especially the poor, and it forces you to reach out yourself, in ways that we tend not to when we have all our needs met through transactions.
  10. And finally – having no money brings a kind of quiet and peace into the everyday – an elegant simplicity, that one cannot access to easily when there’s money to be spent…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this big subject… What with the cost of modern life, the throw-away quality of so many things we depend on, the tightening of online sharing laws, the use of austerity measures to further disempower whole populations – we live in a time where struggling to get by seems to be more of a norm than ever, and our collective values seem to be being eliminated altogether. I’m going to be speaking on multifarious aspects of money and deep creativity, in the coming year.

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