baboon near a bridge in uganda

Hi dear fellow human – thank you so much for coming to my podcast-blog/ museletter ❤ I love you for it!

This full moon’s podcast is inspired by the mind-blowing, life-deepening, soul-affirming course Living In The Gift by Charles Eisenstein, and the social media group discourse.

This week’s interviews on the course are about seeing with generous eyes, which is such a profound concept, if we are to live creatively – to be in the flow, and in our full human potential.

a baboon – seeing with pretty greedy-for-bananas eyes, if truth be told

Our full potential is intimately entwined with our connectedness with others, and how the energy passes between us – is it enhanced and does it create even more energy than the sum of the parts – or do we project fear onto the other, and assume that we’re in power-competition with them?

In the podcast I tell the story of the soldier on the bridge, who approached me, rather agitated, holding a very large gun, and wanted to take my camera off of me…. I speak to the difference between how I acted in that moment, and the resulting events – and how my ex acted, which could have created a whole other situation.

the glorious river from the bridge, on the way back from gulu to kampala in uganda

I spent a lot of time after this event, thinking on my ‘naivety’ as my ex had (very angrily) labelled it – had I really put myself in a situation where I was ‘this close’ to being killed (?!) – or was I simply comuning with another human being, and supporting that other human being to go about their business in a happy, successful way?

i was mesmerised by this incredible torrent and the vegetation, so didn’t notice the soldier until he was right nearby

The baboons by the bridge were an interesting other branch of the story, which led to my meeting up with one of my oldest friends (from my childhood in a wee village of 10 cottages on a Scottish island) just a few days later… yes, in the middle of Africa – talk about coincidence!

a statue somewhere in kampala, uganda

Life is f***ing magical and so very precious, when we look for the alchemy in things. But we are also the alchemists: life is absolutely NOT a passive exercise – the more we seek and interact with harmonious interbeing and expect things to magically come together – particularly in relationships and collaborations with other humans… the more we grow the magic of the world.


So much love and blessings to you for the happiest day or night,


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