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This might be one of the very last blogs that I ever publish like this – listen to my three podcasts in this blog, to understand why…
Below there’s news on new art, a new hardback art book, a new art school course, the Living In The Gift project, and tons more.

this moon’s podcast on embodiment (you may have to visit the actual blog post to hear this)

First, this is a special edition of my podcast – on embodiment – in collaboration with the Embodied Shakti Summit coming up online, 5th to 19th of April.


Embodied shakti is speaking to the sacred feminine, or the deep feminine; the intuitive, the holistic, the very-long-term and far-seeing, the interconnected and sentient worlds.
It’s not just about women, but this particular gathering happens to be a series of profound talks mostly by women, speaking about each of their unique perspectives on how we fully embody – how we really inhabit, occupy our full being, our biodiverse spectrum of interconnectedness.

This summit is happening alongside a worldwide awakening of the feminine; of horizontal (rather than hierarchical) working-together-for-the-good-of-all: are you feeling it? The walls are falling down between us, and subjects are being discussed in mainstream in ways that wouldn’t have seemed impossible just 5 and 10 years ago: we’re becoming so much more open collectively, to solutions, to sharing, to caring, to positive change rather than competitive consumption.

We still have a long, long way to go, but most of us see huge improvements in our lives, compared to our mothers’ and our grandmothers’ – and most of us can see practical differences in masculine behaviour – in their balancing power and responsibility, rather than arrogantly crashing through the world not caring about the effects they have on everything around them. These are signs that the feminine is coming into all of us, into the world. We are being liberated from times of terrible, unnecessary poverty-of-good-vibes, and are entering a much more peace-full era.

Come and hear much more about it! Sign up for this spectacular event via The Embodied Shakti Summit website – it will air from the 5th to the 19th April.


This is the first of a series of four new paintings on the go: I’ll be sharing the others (details of them pictured below) on Patreon this week. This is the larger of the four pieces. All are on reclaimed wood. This one in particular has some interesting details on the lefthand side, where a small edge-piece has been nailed onto the main body.

I absolutely adore connecting with old pieces of wood when they have marks, wearing-away from the ages. This is a particularly character-full series of wood pieces – some of it from a medieval door.

I am so happy to have mostly-finished a painting in just a couple of days! And I love it! It’s the first time in literally a year or more, that I’ve felt so at-one-with-myself, and able to sit and paint effortlessly. This is a hugely happy time for me, after the past years of consistent anguish-inducing disturbance, and I’m making the very most of it.

(detail from work in progress)
(detail from work in progress)

The ebook that I made your museletter sign-up gift, is now available as a hardback real-life book! It has been adapted (from the ebook) and had new artwork added, and though I am yet to check a physical copy, it’s there in all the colour depth and meaning, concentrated into 28 glorious pages.

If you would like to support this book project, you can donate via my Paypal account, to enable me in ordering a hard copy.


I’m methodically moving all my social media sharings, gifts and boons, podcasts and the art school, plus everything-that-I-create – all under one convenient-for-everyone roof: Patreon.

IF YOU STILL WANT TO HEAR ABOUT WHAT I’M DOING – join me there. It’s an artist-centric platform that supports creatives to keep doing what they do best: very straightforward sign-up process: choose whatever payment per month from $1: they’re introducing worldwide currencies very soon.

I’ve been thinking about this shift for A VERY LONG TIME! There are pros and cons about bringing all my sharings under one umbrella, and making everyone donate at least one coin per month, to be part of my world… It’s a way of creating healthier dynamics between the abundance of what I share with the world, and how I’m rewarded in return: making it a sustainable!

There are way too many ways in which art is devalued by the world, and in which real artists are under-appreciated, taken for granted and even exploited: for the sake of my sanity and wellbeing as a creative, it feels important to acknowledge the inappropriateness of this one-way dynamic: of artists giving to world, without being supported (and ultimately being faced with either commercialising their art, or with not creating it at all.

Clare Galloway
This extra podcast goes into why I feel a paywall is now necessary in my work

This is a way of symbolically calling for my worth. It means that I can keep painting, keep being real, and keep sharing it in the world! Thank you from my heart and soul, for supporting me on this practical level.


In the next week or so, The School Of Real Art will be launching a brand new, super-yummy free sign-up course, and we’ll be taking down the two current free courses.

I’ll be writing to folks over on the Teachable platform in the next days, telling them about this, in case anyone wants to download the material from the current free courses.

It’s exciting! I have such new vigour and enthusiasm for bringing The SORA flagship course into being also – really inspiring the world to free-and-fulfil-and-inspire themselves creatively!


Having been studying the most enlightening course of my whole life, Living In The Gift with Charles Eisenstein, I’ve been actively engaged with a social media group of the same name, discussing our experiences and visions for a better world…

Since the course finished, we’ve been in dialogue around how we can continue developing our connectedness, and the dynamic expansive learning of Charles’s teachings.

I’m extremely passionate about a vision I have of this online library, in the format of a summit, but without time deadlines or sign-up requirements… I’ve got the beginnings of the site started here – and with Charles’s blessing, am calling on other Living-In-The-Gifters to contribute towards this project.

I love the idea of this ‘ever-summit’ – with a non-hierarchical collective of diverse conversations and questions, speaking to this idea of gift culture, of living abundantly and fearlessly, in times where the contrary paradigm (of selfishness and greed) is so rapidly dissipating… We live in incredible times, and we’re all in this together!

(detail from work in progress)


So, I’ve been on Facebook for thirteen years – and have beeen increasingly experiencing it as a deeply-cluttered, self-sabotaging exercise – when I’d love to have the option to regularly clear all data from the profile: to begin from scratch. Here’s a third podcast, on why our digital debris is something that we’d never accept in any other realm of life!


A profound positive change has come over my life, work and house this month, directly related to the passing of the elderly neighbour. Her granddaughter no longer screams violently for hours on end every day and night – and so the house is drenched in beautiful peace, as it should have been since I first came here 8 yrs ago!

My mind, body and spirit are now aligning and calming, unfolding, and my work is becoming prolific outflow again, as it used to be, before I entered this bondage with the neighbours… I have never been so grateful for normality in my life – it leaves me grinning, dancing, yippeeing and thanking the Universe, several times a day! So much love and happiness is flowing in all directions!

(detail from work in progress)


Oh heaven: I was just thinking that it’d be so good to have a completely tierless Patreon… and they announced that we can! Flipping beautiful synchrony and happiness: now you can join me there on whatever level of monthly donation – from $1 and up… unlimited choice! I’ll be deleting the tiers this week: it makes my whole Patreon campaign about a million times less complicated for me!

Thank you for listening in, thank you for witnessing, and for being there – your presence and support has always been immensely supportive for me,

Tante belle cose,


  • My art school website has moved, and is now part of this website: see here. You can also get access to all new course material as it unfolds, via Patreon.
  • A selection of my art is on Etsy – but see all paintings currently available in my catalogue
  • Art holidays at my Italian arthouse are on VAWAA.
  • Social media: I’m leaving and re-joining mainstream social media with my art – watch out for me there!
  • Join @clareartista now on the Steemit blockchain/ d.sound/ Partiko

2 thoughts on “ARE YOU EMBODIED?


    I am LOVING this new work Clare. I am so excited your health and peaceful surroundings are returning to you. I can really see you have found new inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. claregallowayartist says:

    Oooh – so wonderful to hear, dear Carmen! And this inspires me onwards, as ever! 😀 Yes – the peace is so very profound and nourishing – it’s so hard to imagine how much the horrible shouting was penetrating everything; I had an inkling, but couldn’t understand it fully until it was fully peaceful – feels like a paradise now ❤ 🙂 A sacred house and place again.


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