The Hostility Of The Mainstream…

work in progress, May 2019
mainstream media hostility to ideas, feeling, innocence…

My podcast this month speaks some thoughts on how we find the right container for our treasures, our gifts to the world, our uniqueness – when the mainstream is hostile to them.

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Blessed day to you, with much beauty, synchrony and good vibes,

2 thoughts on “The Hostility Of The Mainstream…

  1. lightforsnow says:

    Dear Clare

    OMG this made so very much sense to me, I think I have to listen to it again and take notes!!!. I am so so happy that our paths have collided. it is of great comfort to me to have a friend who is, to quote Frida ‘strange’ as me. I am on a really strong, powerful mental/emotional/spiritual learning curve at the moment and it is fascinating. I am currently being a guinea pig (haha, strange phrase that eh?) for someone who is training in eco psychotherapy and I think it is beginning to help….we are going to be looking at trying to deal with what’s getting stuck, working within limitations and looking at nature for insight, wonderful wonderful.

    You talk about the screen and all the shit that bounces around and flashes as you are trying to read something and it drives me absolute nuts, insane and yes absolutely a dissipation of energy, I frantically look for something on my desktop to cover it up. I am struggling a lot with what you mention in this podcast. On Saturday I messaged something to someone in the morning and freaked out that I had made a dreadful mistake. For about three hours I was burning in hell thinking I might have said something out of turn….. for gods sake woman this has to stop. As it happens my message was taken in the very sincere and loving way it was meant (phew) but it made me realise that I need to address this in no uncertain terms. I love the idea of having a dialogue about ones work with integrity and without all the crap that surrounds it on social media.

    It’s wonderful to see you thriving creatively at the moment after all the dreadful time with your neighbours last year too.

    thanks for the fab podcast and your lovely comment about my painting experiments, I just wish I could shoot the parrot (metaphorically), enjoy the play and be able make creative judgement in a way the helps the work progress…..anyways….. love Sue xxx

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  2. claregallowayartist says:

    Dearest Sue! It is so good to hear your response, and so good to hear it resonate with you – yes, I am realising more and more how profoundly the distraction and dissipation of our mind-energy-spirit is induced by the way things are set up online, just as they are induced by huge supermarkets and other big institutions that seek to provide ‘everything we need’, but in fact are offering us a choice of 3 billion kinds of ‘mostly-crap’ – plus infinite superfluousness, which kind of clings to us wherever we go, once we’re exposed to it.
    It’s so fascinating how people are leaving (and being thrown off!) mainstream social media, and finding alternative platforms and structures to express themselves on, and to connect on: I’m especially interested in how, over the first couple of decades of social media, we’re all realising that essentially, it is much better to congregate in safe groups where we can actually go deeper with any subject… This is very much working for me, in terms of deep art, the sacred feminine, healing, and free thinking….
    I love your ‘shoot the parrot’ cartoon thought – hehehe! – have you thought to take care of the parrot, or even set it free in its right environment? ❤ It could be a good exercise with the inner critic series of lessons in the School Of Real Art …I have had so many variations of the inner saboteur, and have been through many discourses with them – slowly unfolding, expanding, whatever power dynamic was inside of me. I particularly had an angry small child, who couldn't yet express herself in words, and was immensely frustrated/ lashing out at the world, because the world wasn't taking care of her… It took me a very long time to paint that out, and give that part of me the right attention she needed.
    Your eco-psychotherapy sounds stupendous – that must be a brilliant and much-needed new realm of work…
    Much love Sue, and beautiful work to you – I love seeing what you create always, and am so glad too, of knowing other unusual and sensitive beings – it is such an honour and a joy,
    Clare xx


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