End Of Blogs transmission

This is my final blog-newsletter for the forseeable future – join me on Patreon if you want to keep in touch with all that I do…          

The video is about following one’s ‘whole-body yes’ and evolving one’s dreams, fulfilment, happiness… This is the last communication that I’ll be sending out via this mailing list for now, and in the immediate future, I’ll be sharing all that I’m doing ONLY ON PATREON.

Please consider popping some coins in my hat via Ko-fi, if you’d prefer: this supports my ongoing creative development.

If you’ve loved my podcasts, you can access them via the School Of Real Art Art Of Life podcasts series. You can also  sign up via the link below, to the free taster course for the school.

Again, I’ll be sharing ALL the new flagship course material for my visionary school via Patreon, so sign up there for that!

It has been a huge pleasure making blogs and podcasts for you, these past years: now I’m taking some time away from mainstream communications, to work intensively on a new direction in my art, and on my visionary art school – I so hope that you’ll keep in touch via my Patreon.

So much love and creative fulfilment to you,

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