photo by Anna Wiraszka


no financial binds

all my time totally my own

owning my own home with no debt

able to travel wherever and whenever I want

able to enjoy the magic of the everyday without stresses

living in the effortless creative field, in tune with the divine creative intelligence!


I live the life that many people dream about, but it was all created out of pure intuition, and an often-non-existent budget!

Most importantly, I completely turned around the illness, poverty, chaos, severe anxiety and depression, grief and upheaval of my early decades.

I found my way by listening within, and by using art as a means of transforming all energetic blocks inside me.

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Now I’m creating A BOOK SERIES and an ART SCHOOL to share all the secrets, insight and practical tools about a happy and fully creative life!

Sign up on PATREON now, to hear all about it.

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To know more about my story:

Read my BLOG

Check out my pretty-damn-interesting CV

C’é anche mio CV in italiano

Listen to this interview on MUSE RADIO

photo by Kat Tan for Muse Radio


I grew up in a village of 10 cottages, on a Scottish island

me + larry, isle of arran, 1977

Isle of Arran 1977

I’ve been developing life philosophy of SPIRALLING UPWARDS from an early age

my brothers + I returning from school, margo sandeman painting from 1983me and brothers coming home from school © Margo Sandeman 1983

I don’t like art much, unless it is by children or wise, intuitive, deeply-sentient folk! I love art from people not working from the ego!

I know that creativity is essential to our individual wellbeing, our collective evolution, and our very survival as a species


I lived in solitude until my mid 30s, when I gambled my inheritance on a €10,000 house in an abandoned Italian medieval quarter – a few short years later, I was awarded the keys to the city for having inspired a big new international community and the rejuvenation of the old town!

I am deeply sentient, and able to read collective energy and momentum – so have been involved in multifarious successful community transformation projects!


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ALL IMAGERY ON THIS WEBSITE is © copyright of Clare Galloway artist (unless otherwise mentioned). Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express written permission from myself is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Clare Galloway and www.claregalloway.com with specific direction (link) to the original content.

Thank you beautiful, respectful people! ♥

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