my studio is a sacred place and

my process involves

deep concentration in

a super-tranquil atmosphere

You can view the studio by appointment –

just ask me via the CONTACT page


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You can also see what I’m working on right now via


And  can browse paintings for sale via my shop on



BE AWARE that many paintings sell before they arrive on ETSY

usually large landscape paintings are booked months in advance


Many of my clients are also subscribers to my PATREON* campaign

which lets them see paintings in progress AND gives them discounts and rewards!


*Patreon is a kind of crowd-funding/ patronage platform: my campaign there is an inner circle of treasured clients who follow my work and adventures. They empower me to dedicate my full creative energies to artistic expansion, by collectively providing me with a steady wage!

Please also note that UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE I won’t be taking commissions


I’ve been painting since I was a child and attended 2 of the most prestigious art schools in the country (didn’t like it much). I’ve also lived barefoot in the Mediterranean, moved around like a nomad in various countries, stayed in spiritual communities and on a deprived council estate, and finally settled (for now!) in Italy.

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Throughout my colourful career, I never compromised my artistic expression, nor my vision; I never got into the ego of the art world.

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This kept my art pure, and allowed me to build a deep, meaningful, totally unique visual language – and to live a life free of many of the limitations which are considered ‘normal’ in the ‘art world’.


I now live in a magical arthouse which houses all my paintings, before they go to new homes… I created my own *real* art world, which I share with clients and buyers. I don’t usually allow my paintings to be shown outwith contexts which are sacred and special to me.