So for many creatives in the world, we live in a space and time that is not conducive to creative flow – not to the pure, unhindered flow of creative genius which is our birth potential, anyways…

Additionally, many of us live in an atmosphere of deep cynicism; a distorted collective view which tells us a) that life is mundane and to be endured (rather than a fucking glorious adventure, and to be celebrated daily!), and b) that we as individuals – and as the collective – are relatively powerless…

We’re reminded about this daily, and encouraged very strongly to partake in a great raft of activities which keep us bound into habits of consumption and fear – essentially.

As a human passionate about making, being, serving higher consciousness and suchlike, this bondage is likely to feel either subtly or severely limiting… and it may even lead us eventually to take a path of resistance. Which in turn might deplete our resources and sense of self…


There is a middle ground: NOT a passive acceptance, but a deeper immersion, which serves both our soul and the world, which lack that meaningfulness and flow. The middle ground is not about staying stagnant, sitting on the fence, but about finding a path of peace within the storm of neuroses, power struggle, destruction, pseudo-war which is raging all around us, most of the time.

The healthy middle ground is about balance – dynamic balance – of well-being, life purpose, pleasure, nourishment… Harvesting energy, building and circulating it, that we might be more resistant to the negative storm, but in a non-combative way, a non-rigid stance – soft, moving with the weather, flexible and deeply-instinctive – that we can always gravitate towards our loves, our dreams, our hopes, our goals.

Art can help us enormously with finding the middle ground, our equilibrium: it operates on so many levels, even just ingesting visual art with the eyes… and the deeper that we delve into the creative path, into our internal creative dialogue and our positive relationship with the world… the more profound that middle ground becomes.


It becomes a rich void – a secret garden – a vibrant no-man’s-land that conflict cannot touch. As we step daily into our creative space, we become uncompromisingly woven into the magic of the universe, as our flow enters the divine creative flow: it’s something which will happen even as you sit down to sketch a flower from your kitchen table; even as you touch clay for the first time, letting your fingers and subconscious explore contours which come into being so effortlessly.

Art as hobby is one thing – it can peel off layers of grey stress, which you’ve accumulated through the week. But art as a life choice, as a committed path, is quite another: there’s a momentum and potency which grow as soon as we set ourself fully on a path of creation; the universe lights up, and cheers us on.


As abstract as that might sound ‘the universe lighting up and cheering us on’… try it – see how you feel when you step into your most precious creative place: do it now, or today, or this week. Listen to all the reasons your ego might come up with, to not embrace a glorious few hours of engagement with your art, and set them aside.

Stepping into a place of creation in the art sense opens up all manner of creation on other levels; our minds start to open, to be more expansive, to look towards solutions and even visions, rather than being occupied primarily with the problem. Our hearts also widen, to include, to feel, others’ perceptions – their unique energetic expression – and we start to become the flow; to feel at one with it.

For more inspiration on creative empowerment – go and see my REAL SCHOOL OF ART on TEACHABLE – the graphics and taglines are being neatened up this week, but it’s all there in glorious artistic abundance. You can also access the draft version of the school if you’re signed up to my PATREON pages.

All paintings above are available (now, or sooner-or-later) via my ETSY SHOP.

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The arthouse now has a series of windows open for folks who love art, and who’d like a one-on-one, individually tailored, painting-with-the-artist holiday: go and see VAWAA’s beautiful site, to hear more about it.

Your holiday will include prior consultation on how we’ll craft your art activity; we’ll hone in on your specific goals and needs.
We design the 4 day session just for you: you can focus on skills development, wild expressive work, creative catharsis, a personal project – or even work completely spontaneously.
I’ll be there throughout, and will also show you around this magical town, in which I’m protagonist of a growing international creative community!

It’ll be a highly inspiring break, guaranteed! A completely unique experience, super-nourishing to your creative spirit!

Please share this blog if you know someone who would love such a holiday!

Keep in touch with all my news, and with the Real School of Art, via PATREON and on THIS WEBSITE

Happy August creative expansion to you!

xx Clare 


Still a-working on the structure and specifics of the Real School of Art! Here’s the newsletter I sent out this week with links to the newly-created RSOA 1 – course one – MAKING SPACE TO MAKE! Yeh! It’s hard as f….. to pull this idea down into pixels, but it’s happening!

Click below for newsletter

PS It’s entirely possible that I put the WRONG LINKS in the newsletter! Here’s THE RIGHT LINK to the Real School of Art on TEACHABLE  – oh YEH!


My online art school is up on Teachable – it’s a pretty damn huge achievement for me – though it’s only just phase one of the school (year one)!

The pace I set myself these past 6 months was a bit over-the-top: I had in my head to create a course which would have over 150 videos, and which would take both myself a year to create and the learning-artist a year to complete…
But at the beginning of this month, it was clear that, well, first of all, my schedule filled up with prizes, precious guests, my painting practise, and other important parallel activities… And there was a feeling of fullness already to the draft course, so I slowed to a halt with the making of videos and writing of worksheets…

THEN I realised that I had actually already made a year’s course! Holy guacamole / holy shit! My wonderful guests and patrons helped me see that, rather than my being 6 months behind, I am in fact  6 months ahead! Woohoo for over-enthusiastic ambitions and bloody hard work!

The getting of all these lessons and worksheets – I made 67 so far – into a digestible format for presentation to an audience…. Hmmmmf. That was challenging. It’s all there now, but I had to wrestle with multiple different platforms, contexts, structures, before my eureka moment.

So now the Real School of Art is finally being elegantly led into it’s right stable, as it were – no mean feat, for an artistic creative flow which is like a wild horse galloping along a high mountain top. (Wild horses don’t have much interest in stables, and in performing or behaving well…)

This has been an extraordinary year: the making of this school has been like a process of alchemy; the concentrating of the magic of creative flow, into a series of transformative compounds, medicinal bites to take the ‘artist’ into the real realm of art.


Working away like this, made me think a lot about how (real) artists have to occupy a slightly different realm from the average body: we have to step into a space where we disconnect from the humdrum of life, and yet somehow become even more deeply immersed in it.

This makes us – relatively speaking – more volatile than your average being. We slip easily into a transcendental state, or a dreamy thought process… This is the pre-creation state, and is utterly vital to a human being making anything which isn’t firmly anchored in logic and science; it’s the ‘gap between thoughts’ or the hazy fog before the picture clears.

We need to exist there, in order to transmute what we see around us into our art: if we’re awake, we’re working; we are interacting with the world in a completely impassive way, but we are also bypassing a lot of the pointless distraction – the chitterchatter – of the unfolding of the everyday.

This state of being-in-creative-flow becomes more enhanced, more developed, as we mature our practise, which is something to do with why artists, writers, creators, can appear strange, rude, distant, out-of-place… It’s nothing personal* – it’s simply to do with the letting go of line and convention, and of allowing ourselves to be swept into a concentrate ‘letting in’ of energy and inspiration, raw information and inner vision. The fact that we ever manage a ‘normal’ conversation, and a semblance of regular customs, is rather astonishing!

As ever, sign up on Patreon to get immediate access to the Real School of Art in all its glory of draft format (it’s hidden here inside a members-only section of this website) –  and/ or buy the course now on Teachable.

PS Big news coming up soon about VAWAA – Vacation WIth An Artist!!

* Genuine artist space-out should not be confused with actual rudeness from ego-based creative folks, which is usually about the theatre of them pretending to be more important than the average person 


In response to the horrific tragedy, and all that has happened, all that’s unfolding, around #grenfelltower, I’m resharing an essay about my years in the Calder High-rise council estate in west Edinburgh, Scotland. It was written around 2008, soon after I moved out of the Calders.

view from the 12th floor, Cobbinshaw House

Part of the cause of such a violent destruction of life such as is the fire in the Grenfell tower, is the fact that your average citizen has no idea what it really means and feels like to live in a high-rise or council estate – and so they feel no need to speak out about/ take action around any of the multifarious, interwoven issues which affect such places and people. And so, issues compound and fester; problems become ensconsed and invisible to the outside world.

If we all felt more compassion for the comfort and safety of ALL OF OUR FELLOW CITIZENS; if – in particularly – the people who make decisions about such situations, who make spending decisions and check how life really is for folk there, if they felt real compassion and made significant efforts to improve the life quality, safety and security, the spiritual wellbeing of everyone in our society… then a hell-like situation as the Grenvell fire might have been guarded against, even avoided altogether.

But greed and profit above human dignity, above human safety; that is what we choose when we live capitalism, and when we support governments who are empty or heart or soul.

mural created with local kids, 2005

Before I lived in a high-rise, I had a whole section of people cordoned off in my mind:  A WHOLE SECTOR OF PEOPLE locked away in the dark, with a sort of disclaimer to the effect of ‘they choose to live there’, ‘it’s their fault it’s so messed up’, ‘it’s a bad place/ they’re bad people’, ‘I am not that kind of person’.  They were thoughts unformed, quiet prejudices which sat unchallenged… which were blasted into the open forever as soon as I stepped onto the pavements of the Calders’ estate.

Suffice to say that when I left 4 yrs later, though I was very glad to move to a more peaceful location, my consciousness was utterly transformed… My life and work were profoundly enriched for having been a part of this dynamic, intense community. The most important quality I gained, was a humility – an ability to relate to all people, rather than just the ones which I thought were ‘like me’.

I hope this essay might illustrate something of how it is to actually live in a council high-rise; the atmosphere, the psychological and emotional issues which arise, the individual and collective challenges, and the things one has to do to get by. (Be aware that it’s fairly raw, and was written in a period where I was dealing with multiple griefs and unstable health.)




Video of the award presentation! // Video del premiazione!


The ‘motivazione’ – the ‘motivation’ for my receiving this prestigious award // La motivazione per la mia ricezione di questo prestigioso premio

Link to Napoli Cultural Classic site, with photos of the awards event // Link al sito di Napoli Cultural Classic con più foto dell’evento

Link to La Repubblica newspaper article // Link all’articolo nel giornale La Repubblica


It was a super-fun – though nerve-racking – adventure; from the month I spent prepping the outfit, sourcing fancy shoes and a designer handbag, and scraping petrol money together for the journey, to the unfolding of the car trip, the event itself, the after party, and long ride home… // Era un’avventura super-divertente – anche se nervosa – dal mese che ho passato a preparare l’abito, la ricerca delle giuste scarpe e borsa designer, e lottando per trovare i soldi per la benzina per il viaggio, allo svolgimento del viaggio, l’evento stesso, il dopo party, ed il lungo viaggio verso la casa…

The night was spectacular, as you’ll see from the links above: I don’t think I’ve ever been to an event so well constructed, lit, choreographed and attended! And with the invaluable help of patrons and friends, I felt the part. // La notte era spettacolare, come vedrai dai link sopra: non credo di essere mai stato in un evento così ben costruito, illuminato, coreografato e frequentato! E con l’inestimabile aiuto di patroni e amici, mi sono sentito parte.


I received donations of: money to help me get myself and my paintings to the venues; my designer handbag; flowers which ended up in my hair; photography, bag-carrying and moral support from my beautiful friends… // Ho ricevuto donazioni di: soldi per aiutarmi ad ottenere me stesso ei miei dipinti alle sedi; la borsa designer; fiori che finivano nei miei capelli; fotografia, aiuto di portare la borsa e supporto morale dai miei bei amici…

Without all this I’d have been a whole lot less glamourous and confident – thank you, precious friends – especially Randy, Speranza, Carolyn, Anna, Marcia, Chris and Vittorio! // Senza tutto questo sarei stato un po ‘meno glamour e sicuro – grazie, amici preziosi – soprattutto Randy, Speranza, Carolyn, Anna, Marcia, Chris e Vittorio!


 It’s an extraordinary honour to be recognised by this great cultural association, and in a wider area of Italy, for my art – and to have my courage and spirituality noted and celebrated. Dedicating oneself to a non-compromised artistic path can be lonely and isolating at times; it can feel like trying to reinvent the wheel (or a better way of life for the whole planet) – at the same time as feeling awfully intangible and mysterious. Getting this award for keeping true to my inimitable path is hugely affirming. // È un onore straordinario per essere riconosciuto da questa grande associazione culturale e in una zona più ampia dell’Italia per la mia arte – e per avere il mio coraggio e spiritualità notati e celebrati. Dedicarsi a un percorso artistico non compromesso può essere solitario e isolare a volte; può sentire come tentando di reinventare la ruota (o un modo migliore di vivere per tutto la pianeta) – allo stesso tempo che sembra terribilmente intangibile e misterioso. Ottenendo questo riconoscimento per mantenere fedele al mio percorso inimitabile è fortemente affermando.

For more about the award ceremony, and a more intimate view of the life of the happy artist – go sign up on Patreon and subscribe to my newsletter // Per ulteriori informazioni sulla cerimonia di premiazione e una visione più intima della vita dell’artista felice – iscriviti o su Patreon o al mio newsletter

And if you’d like to see my paintings – go browse around my Etsy shop (keeping in mind that many works sell before appearing in the shop – subscribe to Patreon to see what’s in progress and ‘hot off the easel’!) // E se volete vedere i miei dipinti – andate a cercare il mio negozio Etsy (tenendo presente che molte opere vendono prima di apparire nel mio negozio – iscrivetevi a Patreon per vedere lavori in corso e che c’è ‘caldo dal cavalletto’!)


Many thanks for watching, Clare xx

Grazie mille per aver visto, Clare xx

EYES ON THE PRIZE… and other news!



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I haven’t been hibernating – honest – and I haven’t been out of town: I’ve been working happily hard on the Real School of Art, which is demanding a particularly intense kind of focus and dedication.

The school is about 89 videos and worksheets in!!! And it is extremely fulfilling and fun and exciting to be working on – it feels all the more dynamic since I passed the half-way mark… like it’s taking on a life of its own!

Here’s a wee vlog about what I’m up to:


You can also see new paintings on ETSY right now, or join up on PATREON for all that’s hot-off-the-easel before it’s released.

The ART SCHOOL is about to unveil term 5, and you can get access to all the lessons whilst it’s unfolding, by signing up to PATREON for $30 or more per month. DO IT if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to creative expansion and artistic fulfilment!

NEWSLETTER spring equinox 2017

Heyee! Here’s a link to my newsletter which was released on the equinox on Monday. Lots of colour and creative expansion – news on the Real School of Art and new paintings… This is a glorious spring – follow the links to PATREON if you want to keep in touch even more often xx Clare

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