new artwork: Radiance

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new artwork: Radiance (detail)
You can still join this summit for the final days, including my talks with Sama

The Embodied Shakti Summit continues, with the final closing ceremony on Monday. You can hear my interviews with Sama on Sunday, as well as attend a beautiful drawing workshop with me – see below.

You can still join this summit for the final days, including my talks with Sama
Click here for the event page on Facebook

new artwork: Radiance (detail)


Tomorrow, The School Of Real Art will be launching a brand new, super-yummy free sign-up course, and we’ll be taking down the two current free courses.

new artwork: Radiance (detail)


Inspired deeply by the Living In The Gift course with Charles Eisenstein, I’ve been setting up a website of the same name, to gather conversations about what it really means to live in our gifts – and how we can align more with all of our gifts.

The site is here – and with Charles’s blessing, I’m calling on other Living-In-The-Gifters to contribute towards this project.

Please contact us via the site, if you’d like to share a conversation – in video, podcast or written format – we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for listening in, thank you for witnessing, and for being there – your presence and support have always been immensely enriching for me,

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new art


LA ROCCA – 80 x 80 cm painting in oil on canvas – now in the clareartista shop on Etsy


The hill in this painting is La Rocca, a pyramid-like, forested, ex-volcanic mound, which sits just to the west of Telese Terme, in Italy’s Campania region.

La Rocca is an incredible vision at certain times of the day and in specific weathers –  often a cloud sits above it (as it does over Vesuvius), and is lit by sunlight in a dramatic way. The hill sits on the bottom of the valley and rises spectacularly.. in a way that gives it a certain authority – a specialness.

The painting began as an entirely different piece: it was a large sketch of a chayote (sechium edule), that I used as a demonstration piece for my very first Vacation With An Artist guest… you can see it in the background in the early-stage snapshot, above.



One morning, when I was on the way to market, there was a particularly striking vertical cloud sat on the hill, with another perched above it. I stopped the car and made these two wee sketches by the side of the road.

Making sketches directly from the landscape is something fairly new in my work – I especially like to gather images when I’m moving around, and see new views of hills and mountains here, or skyscapes-in-relation-to-the-land that move me. Sometimes they take a long time to come into paintings – I might come across an old sketch and suddenly have the additional feeling and knowledge from having seen the place over time – and am called to paint it.



Probably because the sketches were very small and lacking in detail, the painting didn’t move forward for some months: it sat quietly throughout the winter, at the back of my studio… like you see it here – more wintery-looking.

Then, inspired by having absorbed the view of the hill many other days, I launched into it again in early summer. The image began to speak in strongest reds and blues – echoing the sensations that seeing it just-after-dawn roused.
I have this sense of La Rocca hill being a symbol of earth power – a historic vent for nature, a pressure point and a place where the earth reaches up to meet the sky – there’s something mystical and potent about that, as there is about many other places in this region… The movement of the land – Italy being a seismic zone – meaning that nothing is so solid as it is in more stable landscapes. The metaphor and history, the poetry and stunning imagery of such a great lump of rock (the literal translation of ‘rocca’) – I love when those things all overlap and build up into a perfect storm… and a painting just cries out to be made.

I explain a little more, and show you some close-ups, in this video…

You’re most welcome to request hi-res photos of details shown in the video – just ask via the message box at the bottom of the page.

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Patreon is also where you can pay for a larger painting in monthly instalments (e.g. 10 x monthly payments) – contact me there (or below) to inquire – or if you’d like the painting reserved until you’re sure…Mention the name of the painting (La Rocca) in your message.

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Why do we have so much guilt around ‘indulging’ in art?

Ironically, delving into our creative uniqueness is one of the core primal practises that can bring our lives into harmony – but we often stop ourselves even beginning, because there’s this sense of ‘I shouldn’t’ around making art.

It might be the sensuousness, or the fact we’re simply taking the time to do something deeply personal. But the most common aspect that stops us dead in our tracks, before or after we actually get a brush mixing up colours, is guilt – that sense of being ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ for trying.

This ‘wrongness’ is something that a creative could struggle with literally for decades; it comes from a deep place, when we were being programmed as children into believing that teacher/ parent/ older sibling or peer is right, and we are not – and we should shut up and do as we are told.



This cycle of what is essentially a potent abusive dynamic, is put in place when we’re just setting foot into the wider world outside of our home. If it doesn’t get drummed into us in our first school, it certainly will when we go on to the second phase, where by now most of the kids will be implementing the power hierarchy alongside the teachers.

Guilt takes multiple forms as we evolve in our lives – if we don’t attend to it, take care of ourselves, nurture our inner landscape, it might eventually become so compacted and atrophied, that it’ll raise up and shout to be heard – it’ll become a monster, instead of a  symbiotic garden.

So the creative’s work is to listen, express, make sense of, and transform all guilt. We can use it as a compass, even; wherever there is an ‘I feel bad’ around our creative activity, we should face it and ask it – what would it feel like if I didn’t feel bad?



What art, pleasure, indulgent activities do, is they connect us to our core – to our source of power, and thus to our ability to e.g. harvest energy, be inspired, create ingenious and beautiful things…

The system, consumerism and materialism, work on the fact that we’re NOT connected to our core, and all that free energy and deep satisfaction and enjoyment.

Our culture is constructed on our neuroses and guilt, and our superficial needs, which are hyped up into a frenzy, so that we’re always looking ‘out there’ for a solution, when the answer’s right here, inside each and every single one of us.


the whole voice

THE WHOLE VOICE – large painting on old table-top, in acrylic, oil pastel, pencil

If you’d like to know a great deal more about how to access your core creative power, and to juice your life up into the good life, join me via the links below.


As ever, thank you so much for your support and your interest in my work…

Tantissime belle cose, 




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header July 2018

The idea of moving forward into ever-uncharted territory – how does that make you feel?

We live in a time and reality where much of what we digest is prescribed – it’s created far away from us, often from materials very disconnected from nature, and we purchase our e.g. food, information, power, inspiration, through a process of exchange that removes responsibility, energy, depth and meaning….

We end up stuck in repeating circles of simply purchasing what is offered to us, rather than making life choices that truly reflect our deep values and our immense appetite for learning and growing.

So how do we make life more authentic, more dynamic, more meaningful?

We simply step out into the void: into the less-mass-produced, into the simple and natural, and into our own unique path and vision.

Even spontaneously taking a new route, and interacting with whatever/ whoever we meet on this road; even going to sleep at an unusual hour, or waking up to feel what the world is like before the sun rises; even trying an unfamiliar dish, or a spice that has never touched our tongue…

We have opportunities, grand and wee, in every minute of every single day of our lives, to experience something richer and more expanded than we were in the previous moment – when we remove our attention from the flotsam, and allowing the new to flow towards us, through us.


Painting coming to completion this year: connected with finding our deep intuitive voice, our inner wisdom, our channeling the divine creative, by listening to our sentient body.

Living in the void, or at least delving into it frequently, is an incredibly potent portal.

It’s the creative friction between the comfortable and the non-comfortable – and so it’s the space where all new things are created: it’s like the spaces that nature fills – those borders and cracks, the place where one surface meets another one.

The creative friction, the cultural exchange, the alchemical melting pot – all have this massive potential, if we can step into them empty, and let them fill us up anew…

So this month’s Art Of Life podcast is on how we step into this space: how this is a vital part of our creative expansion, and how, when we make a habit of entering the mysterious… we enhance everything – from our sense of self to our ability to channel our dreams, our vitality and our enthusiasm about life!



I hope that my Art Of Life podcast inspires you! Please comment below – I’d love to hear your response.

Other clare artista news this month:

The Arthouse tent will soon be being mounted again in the gardens below Guardia’s famous facade!


Download a PDF of THE WHOLE WOMAN brochure in English and Italiano

A dear friend Maya and I are initiating the very first WHOLE WOMAN workshops: we’ll hold an intimate group of just 10 women in this magical setting in this circular tent,next to the Ratello waterfall.

We’ll be using yoga, drawing, sharing and sewing to bring aspects of our selves into wholeness and harmony – letting go of the negative and the old, and embracing a new idea of self in this body. And we’ll be creating a taliswoman, who we can channel our creative power into, and be guided by.


There’ll be workshops throughout July, and then in September too: we’re hoping to develop this concept of women empowering their selves, and to develop this big network of women through THE WHOLE WOMAN group on Facebook. Perhaps we’ll even be travelling to your town in the future!


Another glorious Vacation With An Artist took place at the Arthouse this month:


I just said goodbye to the wonderful Sajili, after her highly successful week exploring her creative potential in Guardia Sanframondi.

She’d come all the way from Mumbai in India, and had never drawn or painted before!

We had a truly glorious week of quiet adventuring, whilst I guided her to bring her subtle spiritual message of partnership and harmony, into being.

Because she was such a willing and passionate studio guest, it was easy to support her finding her visual expression – all work should be like this!


As ever, thank you so much for your support and your interest in my work, and it’s always wonderful to know your thoughts – do respond below, or ask any Qs…

Tantissime belle cose, 




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30 years’ dedicated art path


Hi – this is a podcast about the 30 years I’ve been dedicated to art as a means of transformation.

A reminder that you can also read the Bella Caledonia essay I refer to – and the comments underneath it.

Very good wishes to you,


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  4. Social media links: Instagram, Facebook – the art school, my artist page, the Insider’s Guide To Guardia book page, Twitter – clareartista


The arthouse now has a series of windows open for folks who love art, and who’d like a one-on-one, individually tailored, painting-with-the-artist holiday: go and see VAWAA’s beautiful site, to hear more about it.

Your holiday will include prior consultation on how we’ll craft your art activity; we’ll hone in on your specific goals and needs.
We design the 4 day session just for you: you can focus on skills development, wild expressive work, creative catharsis, a personal project – or even work completely spontaneously.
I’ll be there throughout, and will also show you around this magical town, in which I’m protagonist of a growing international creative community!

It’ll be a highly inspiring break, guaranteed! A completely unique experience, super-nourishing to your creative spirit!

Please share this blog if you know someone who would love such a holiday!

Keep in touch with all my news, and with the Real School of Art, via PATREON and on THIS WEBSITE

Happy August creative expansion to you!

xx Clare 



It’s with great pride and joy that I announce the publication of



with dear Lorenzo: headache trying to understand dialetto

The guidebook has been percolating for several years, and took around a year to write – it’s not a typical or superficial guide, but a frank view into life in this molto particolare culture and place, climate and economy – by someone who knows it intimately.


hanging out with beautiful young folk of Guardia, who helped me learn Italiano!

It has 130 pages, 3 maps, detailed instructions on how to get here most efficiently and affordably, what and who to watch out for, how to navigate all the boons and quirks of the town as a foreigner. Here are some initial reactions from my readers:

Mary Tagliarino: “Wonderfully informative with a fascinating window on the culture of Guardia! Better than any ethnography from my Anthropology studies!”

Glenn T Martin: “It was FABULOUS!! I am learning so much…I didn’t even realize Guardia had a larger grocery store!! Please keep up the good work.”

Crystal A. Davis: “GREAT book! Love your writing style! I read it in one go! It’s such a wonderful book, and will be providing deep benefit for many years! … made me miss Guardia so much.”

Buy now on LULU – click here


photo by Anna Wirazska

photo by Anna Wiraszka


“The new international community of Guardia Sanframondi is growing on the shoulders of a series of protagonists and ‘believers’ who were led to the abandoned medieval quarter over the past few decades. None of us are pioneers; none of us are discoverers of an undiscovered culture: Guardia was thriving away over the centuries without us.

At the same time, we now have a truly rare situation, whereby the bright threads of our overlapping stories and dreams have started to form a strong, brightly-coloured fabric. This unique tapestry is having new threads continually being woven into it. Working together, and bringing the best of all our cultures to the table, there’s huge potential for our long-term intercultural ‘surthrival’, which is more important than ever in this troubled world.

As the community grows, and new folks compare who came first, who has the biggest key or the best panorama, it’s important to acknowledge that there were many talented individuals who came to Guardia long before us all, and who continue to go about their business and leisure without fanfare. My own arrival here followed a series of other protagonists with beautiful house projects: I was inspired by cultured folks from Caserta and Torre Del Greco, Naples and Rome. These brilliant folks continue to contribute to the multicultural diversity of our growing community, by developing B&Bs, summer camps and artist residencies, inter-cultural events and special celebrations. It’s often the ones not blowing their own trumpets who make the more significant contributions to a cultural dynamic.

I’ve always seen the potential of the old town as a win-win-win situation, and it does seem like it’s possible that there’s space for us all to flourish, particularly if we treat each other and the town with respect and generosity. If we give back as much – or more – than we get from the place, we can build a collective creative power which can stand strong in defiance of the worst cultural tensions and austerity economics currently proliferating across Europe.

Some of us felt a calling to be in Guardia – even if it was in part the €10K house price-tag tempting us! Many of us felt pulled by something intangible and yet irresistible: we followed signs and good vibes, and we found our dream home, and a high quality, chilled-out way of life.

Many of the new international community are empty-nesters or nearing retirement age, and want to be in a peaceful (and affordable) place when they’re older. Others seek silence and solitude, spiritual reflection, time in nature – sometimes as respite from a heavy work schedule back home. Yet others want the headspace to create: artists, writers, musicians, creatives of all kinds.

We all share a passion for good food, great wine, a gentle lifestyle, a breath-taking view, fresh air, clean water. We’re all stimulating the local community in some shape or form – to better appreciate the beauty and values they might have taken for granted up to now, to fulfil their own creative dreams and projects, to get organised, and to support the regeneration of the old town.

Most folks from abroad are coming to Guardia for a few weeks per annum, others for as many as 6 months. One or two hope to transfer, though no-one has yet lasted more than a couple of years during all four seasons. But within a few years, what with further TV publicity coming again soon, and several foreigners and Italians establishing new businesses; the rejuvenation of Guardia Sanframondi looks set to settle into a more permanent and dynamic international community.

Together, we all have even huger potential, and I have a lot of optimism about the inherent positivity and spirit of our movement winning over any greed and ego which is trying to get a foothold. Bravi noi!

Buy now on LULU – click here


photo by Charlotte Sørensen

I have a unique position here in Guardia, having been protagonist in the renaissance movement, and here year-round since 2009; my first couple of years here were completely da sola,  without the language. I learned everything the hard way – so you don’t have to!


winter isn’t always sunny and warm, here!

What many people don’t know is that alongside a colourful art career I’ve also had a parallel incarnation as a visionary – being heavily involved in several large scale community and social housing transformation projects.


international artists, attracted by the creative vibe in Guardia!

I’ve won social entrepreneur awards, and was shortlisted for major funding for a visionary project to transform social housing in Scotland. I’m able to understand the underlying interconnectedness of things: how behaviour and systems reverberate – how these knock-on effects accumulate over time, and how we can interract positively in the patterns they make.


photo by Soukizy Redroom of the Ri-CREARE festival, 2014

With this experience and skill, I approached the empty centro storico – not as a problem and public liability (as it was viewed by most locals at the time) – but as a blank canvas and community resource, with immensely valuable potential.


Ri-CREARE festival, 2014, outside the Arthouse

My enthusiasm and hard work at the beginning of the interest from abroad helped shift perception about the old town in a relatively short period.


scambia culturale and lots of fun!

I was protagonist on a practical level, to initiate the great flow of stranieri into the empty houses, and I’ve initiated multifarious intercultural events in Guardia…


photo by Charlotte Sørensen

I continue to bring visitors to Guardia from all over the world, and to inspire locals to see the town and landscape with new eyes. I’ve stimulated masses of cultural and language exchange, inspiring a multitude of people to set up projects, homes and dreams – here and in other countries!


2014’s Terra Vivente art studio, which I had a key role in establishing

My perspective on how it is to live as a foreigner here is uniquely deep, having been here for 6 yrs, and having been very involved in the community.

I hope the guidebook will help others to find their feet in Guardia Sanframondi.

screenshot of book cover w. excerpt

The guidebook is also my first step in getting my ideas around community and creative transformation, into print as guidebooks – I’ll be exploring many interconnected ideas throughout the Live Like A Happy Artist book series.

Read a further excerpt, and buy now on LULU- click here

PLUS here are the arthouse’s two beautiful CALENDARS for 2016:

coverjpglowresThe GUARDIA SANFRAMONDI calendar 2016

The Guardia calendar is a high-colour publication is an inspired collection of images of this beautiful town and its surrounding landscape. My very best photos throughout the seasons.

See a full preview and buy now on Lulu:

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

cover2My paintings calendar

And the Art calendar has all my favourite paintings from this year, in full colour.

See a preview and buy now via Lulu:

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.


More new listings have been set up on my Etsy shop!



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Tante belle cose, Clare xx


It has been an extraordinary fortnight of near-continual socialising! New friends, returning guests, folks here to buy a house, or to sign final papers for one, or just to enjoy the blossoming energy in Guardia Sanframondi. An unprecedented quantity of international Guardiesi, all partying and getting to know each other, laughing and making merry – deliziosa!

È stata una quindicina di giorni straordinaria, di socializzazione quasi costante! Nuovi amici, il ritorno degli ospiti, gente qui per comprare una casa, o per firmare i documenti finali per una casa, o anche solo per godersi l’energia in fiore a Guardia Sanframondi. Una quantità senza precedenti di Guardiesi internazionale, tutti loro festeggiando e facendo la conoscenza l’un l’altro, ridendo e facendo allegro deliziosa!


And the spring is exploding in beauty and colour – truly, I have never seen it so delicious – my eyes are feasting, and it feels like I’m being nourished in all parts of my self, just by being here, within this rich landscape.

E la primavera sta esplodendo in bellezza e colore in verità, non ho mai visto così delizioso i miei occhi sono banchettando, e ci si sente come se fossi nutrito in ogni parte di mi stesso, appena essendo qui, entro questo ricco paesaggio.


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Sei italiano? Vedi giù – è in italiano!

Having developed my magical haven of creative outpourings – the arthouse – and having overcome some challenges in doing so, I thought it apt to blog about this: about how to make a space to make.

Many people seem to envy artists having the ‘luck’ to be able to create as and when they want to. They also perhaps do not appreciate the immense amounts of graft, planning, and sacrifice which go into that ‘luck’ – making space is an art in itself.

Although a fully-creatively-liberated life and work require wise juggling of multiple aspects, the basic premise of finding room for yourself to be expressive, or to experiment, is simple. But if you don’t go about it methodically, it might never transpire.

Here are 5 key tips to how you can transform your life positively, by forging out a hole in your life, that your creativity can grow and flourish:

P1030938my new sewing space, in the hidden room


Thinking a while, jotting down some ideas on paper, or on a note on your laptop, can start to open your mind to what you actually want to do. For myself, a project remains in my head like a fluffy cloud – out of focus until I start to state what it actually is. What do I want to achieve, is it a concept or a physical object, a work of art or a performance? Is it something to be shared or to be completely secret?

Once a few notes are taken down, things start to come into focus, and we gain perspective. This way, we can see if the idea is really too big, if it needs more work, or more resources, and if it is a thing we can create this year, or this decade even. Size not being a restriction, but it is essential we know the scale of a thing, so that we can begin moving forward, taking the first steps.

For many years, e.g. my love of second-hand clothing was just a fuzzy warm feeling in my core, whenever I went to the market or charity shop. It made me feel happy, and I even had dreams of glorious finds which made me wake up and smile all day. But it wasn’t until I a) got a sewing table set up, and b) began a weekly sewing party, that it began to grow into a branch of my business.

P1030916my writing nest, on the studio balcony


There’s always room, somewhere! Even if you own the tiniest apartment, there is always an hour or two in every day, in which a table or corner or seat will be free: grab it! Make a sign to declare to your family or flat-mates (or just to yourself!), that between such and such an hour, every day/ week, you will be there, making your dreams into reality!

A laptop on a knee is one thing, but you really need space around your computer to take notes, print out documents or imagery, think visually. It’s tempting to think, if it is starred or bookmarked on my address bar, I’ll see it again later, but it’s a whole other dimension to bring it into the physical by re-presenting what you love on paper, in colour, in your own words. Seriously: it is key that you bring it out of the ether and into the physical.

If you have a spare room- holy of holies! Get organising; make it into the space which works for you; get your material or paper or scraps boxed or shelved up, find the right chair or cushion to rest your derriere, and make sure there’s a lock on the door!

For me, I needed a whole building to house my diverse creative outlets. The big sunny studio to paint in yes, but also a multitude of other, flexible spaces which would support the spectrum of messy/ intricate/ dust-free/ paper-based/ sewing/ cooking activities I wanted to bring forth. Sharing the arthouse with guests (via my B&B) means I regularly have to adapt or move my workspace, temporarily, or for up to a few months. For this reason, I have one über-special room which is only for my most treasured secrets and creative activities, hidden away underground, and accessible only by a not-too-visible staircase… there’s no reason why this secret creative place mightn’t be manifested by a box or book with a lock on it.

  P1030926the meditation niche: trying again to make it sacred!


Similarly, and as important, is your claim to your own mental-emotional space. Especially if your family or work or even your social life make all-consuming demands on you, it’s time to set a new boundary.

No-one else can attend to this, it has to be you, and this is best done in a way which makes it a win-win-win situation: if there are a bunch of people depending on you, then your being more fulfilled will radiate out to them. If at the end of the day, the person standing in your way is a part of yourself, then facing up to this is a hugely positive step.

Adding a creative element to your everyday is something which will bring you extra energy, access internal resources, life choices, business possibilities, and more. So this is a great asset particularly to your mental-emotional being, where the modern world places a lot of heavy demands. If you don’t set aside the hours, or even the minutes, each day, no-one else is likely to come and offer them to you; our contemporary culture conditions us to assume we are in a constant state of lack, so we really have to work at forging out our healthy and rightful energetic space.

P1030939mother mary, please help me overcome my challenges!


When we start entering our creative world, alongside all the positive energy this releases, all manner of interesting reactions can begin to happen around us.

From jealous friends who are envious of our perceived ‘free time’ (a kind of luxury which they also want, but might not yet know how to acquire), to rental contracts and other bureaucratic complexities, which seem in place only to limit our happiness.

Deal with it. Every block has its equal and opposing solution, no matter how high a mountain it might seem to scale initially. Often it is simply a road we have not yet travelled; it’s unfamiliar, and we don’t want to tread onto an unfamiliar road.

Sometimes challenges are only a reason to not do a thing, a reason to not try. But experiment with mind-mapping/ brain-storming/ internet research, to find ways around every block you come across, because they will appear, and you will have to get used to overcoming them. Look back at what you’ve gotten over in years past- I guarantee you’ll find something which, before you did it, seemed like it would be impossible, truly impossible. If someone else already did it, you can; just get on and learn how to do stuff – the more you do this, the more you’ll be able to do it.

P1030925good old-fashioned soup, like my mum used to make


When one is being creative, it’s all very well sitting down at the easel, but in order to have something to actually put onto the canvas, you need a certain element of fullness – you must be inspired, and ready to pour forth!

This might come entirely from your own ideas and inner-calling, but when you are stuck, you need to keep your fires stoked. Go immerse yourself in visual or aural stimulus; read or watch a film or get into nature or swim in the river, or picnic or take a walk with your camera. The world is an astonishing place, needing only to be experienced, to make its magic known.

If you’re struggling, go eat some chocolate, or some soup or something nourishing; never try to create on an empty stomach!

_DSC0856yes, occasional treats are an integral part of self-nourishment, of being inspired to make!


Another reason I made my arthouse; this small kingdom of artistic liberty, where I can paint, write, photograph, dance, sing, and say what I want to is, it’s vital to have a place where we feel safe to say what we think and feel, without being restrained by any other person’s prejudice, be it personal, cultural or societal.

P1030943penelope takes over my special daybed in the sewing room!

This is not about our having our selfish satisfaction of the senses, but of our being able to get out what is at the core of us: our unique presence and expression, which extends out into the world, as a perfect thread within the perfect fabric of our common consciousness.

This is not about forcing one’s e.g. paintings/ writings/ eccentric clothing out into the marketplace, but about how we allow ourselves to first thrive, so that we can reach out into the world, inspiring and nourishing everyone else. When we take even a couples of minutes per week, to sew or read or be in our passion, we afterwards radiate something, which is more than we were before, energetically.

 P1030951 the hidden room; I love that the ceiling is now like waves, having been covered with newspapers

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Dopo aver sviluppato il mio magico paradiso di sfoghi creativi – il cinema d’essai – e dopo aver superato alcune difficoltà nel farlo, ho ritenuto opportuno di blog su questo: su come fare uno spazio per fare.

Anche se una vita e lavoro completamente liberato-creativamente, richiede giocoleria saggia di molteplici aspetti, la premessa fondamentale di trovare spazio per voi stessi, di essere espressivi, o per fare esperimenti, è semplice. Ma se non lo fai metodicamente, potrebbe non succederà mai.

Ecco 5 suggerimenti su come puoi trasformare sua vita in una moda positive, tramite forgiando un buco nella tua vita, che la vostra creatività può crescere e prosperare.


il io nuovo spazio per cucire, nella stanza nascosta


Se pensiamo un po’, annotando alcune idee su carta, o su una nota sul laptop, si può iniziare ad aprire la mente a ciò che si vuole realmente fare. Per me, un progetto rimanga nella mia testa come una soffice nuvola – fuori fuoco fino a quando comincio a dichiarare ciò che effettivamente è. Questa cosa che voglio realizzare, è un concetto oppure un oggetto fisico, un’opera d’arte o uno spettacolo? E’ qualcosa da condividere o di essere completamente segreto?

Dopo alcune note sono scritte, le cose cominciano a venire a fuoco, e riusciamo a ottenere un senso di prospettiva. In questo modo, possiamo vedere se l’idea è davvero troppo grande, se ha bisogno di più lavoro, oppure più risorse, o se è una cosa che si può creare quest’anno, oppure questo decennio… Le dimensioni non deve’essere una restrizione, ma è essenziale che conosciamo la scala di una cosa, in modo da poter iniziare a muoversi avanti, prendendo i primi passi.

Ad esempio, per molti anni, il mio amore di abiti usati era solo una sensazione calda e sfocata nel mio centro, ogni volta che sono andato al negozio dell’usato o il mercato. Mi ha fatto sentire felice, e ho anche avuto sogni degli reperti gloriosi, che mi ha fatto svegliare e sorridere tutto il giorno. Ma non è stato fino a) ho organizzato un tavolo per cucire, e b) iniziato una festa per cucire settimanale, che ha cominciato a crescere come una parte della mia attività.


la mia nida per scrivere, sul balcone del studio


C’è sempre spazio, da qualche parte! Anche se si è proprietari dell’appartamento più piccolo nel mondo, c’è sempre una o due ore ogni giorno, in cui un tavolo o un angolo o la sede sarà libero: afferrarlo! Fare un segno per dichiarare alla tua famiglia o tuoi amici (o solo per te!), che tra tale e tale ore, ogni giorno o settimana, ci sarà, rendendo i tuoi sogni reale!

Un laptop sulle ginocchia è una cosa, ma davvero bisogno di spazio tutto intorno al computer per prendere le note, stampare i documenti o immagini, pensare visualmente. Si sarebbe tentati di pensare, se è memorizzato sulla mia barra dell’indirizzo, vedrò più tardi. ma è tutta un’altra cosa, per portarlo nel fisico, rappresentando ciò che ti piace su carta, a colori, con parole tue. Scherzi a parte: è fondamentale che si porta dall’etere, nel fisico.

Se hai una stanza libera, santo dei santi! Inizia l’organizzazione: renderlo lo spazio che lavora per te; ottenere il vostro materiale o carta o scarti inscatolati o
archiviato, trovare la sedia o un cuscino per riposare la tua derriere, e
assicurarsi ci sia un blocco sulla porta!

Perme, hoavuto bisogno di unintero edificioper ospitarei mieidiversiflussicreativi! Ilgrande studiopieno di soleper dipingere, si, ma ancheuna serie di altrispazi flessibili, che sosterrebbeunaserie di attivitàdisordinato/intricate/senza polvere: cartaceo/cucito/cucina…

Perché condivido l’arthouse anche con gli ospiti (tramite il mio B & B) significa che devo regolarmente adattare o spostare il mio lavoro, temporaneamente , o fino a pochi mesi. Per questa ragione, ho pure una stanza über-speciale che è solo per i miei segreti e attività più preziosi e particolari: questa stanza è nascosta sottoterra, e accessibile solo da una scala non troppo visibile … Si potrebbe anche manifestare uno spazio creativo e segreto, con una scatola o un libro chiuso.


il mio spazio per mediazione: sto provando di nuovo per trasformare sacro!


Similmente, e altrettanto importante, è quello di affermare il tuo spazio mentale-emozionale. Soprattutto se la tua famiglia, o di lavoro, o anche la tua vita sociale fanno richieste pesanti su di te, è il momento di impostare una nuova linea di confine.

Nessun altro può occuparsi di questo, deve essere te, e questo è meglio farlo in una modo che lo rende una situazione in cui tutti vincono: se ci sono un sacco di persone che dipendono su di te, poi quando si sono più soddisfatte, si irradiare questa contentezza a loro. Se, alla fine, la persona bloccando la tua strada è te stesso, allora se puoi accettare questo è un passo estremamente positivo.

L’aggiunta di un elemento creativo al tuo quotidiano è qualcosa che ti porterà energia in più, che ti consente di accede a risorse interne, le scelte di vita, possibilità di affari, e altro ancora. Quindi questa è una grande risorsa particolarmente per il tuo benessere mentale-emozionale, in cui il mondo moderno mette un sacco di richieste pesanti. Se non mettere da parte le ore, o anche i minuti, ogni giorno, nessun altro è probabile che venga e offrire a te; le nostre condizioni cultura contemporanea ci supporre che siamo in un costante stato di mancanza, quindi abbiamo davvero lavorare a creare il nostro giusto spazio energetico e sano.


madonna, ti prego, aiutami a superare i miei problemi!

  1. SFIDE
    Quando iniziamo entrare in un mondo creativo, insieme a tutta l’energia positiva che cede, tutti i tipi di reazioni interessanti può cominciare ad accadere intorno a noi.

Da amici gelosi che sono invidiosi del nostro percepito ‘tempo libero’ (una specie di lusso che vogliono anche, ma non possono ancora sapere come sia possibile acquisire), al contratti di affitto e altre complessità burocratiche, che sembrano in atto solo a limitare la nostra felicità .

Affrontare. Ogni blocco ha la sua soluzione uguale e opposto, non importa quanto in alto una montagna potrebbe sembrare inizialmente. Spesso è semplicemente una strada che non abbiamo ancora viaggiato; è poco familiare, e non vogliamo percorrere su una strada sconosciuta.

A volte guardiamo sfide solo come motivo per non fare una cosa, un motivo per non provare. Ma provate mindmapping / brain-storming / ricerca internet, per trovare modi per aggirare tutti i blocchi che si incontra, perché appariranno, e si dovrà abituarsi a superarli. Guardare indietro a quello che hai ottenuto nel corso negli anni passati – ti garantisco troverai qualcosa di che, prima che fatto, sembrava che sarebbe impossibile, veramente impossibile.

Se qualcun altro ha già fatto, è anche possibile farlo; solo andare avanti e imparare a fare le cose – più si farlo, il più sarete in grado di farlo.


buona zuppa vecchio stile, come la mia mamma ha fatto

  1. NUTRIMENTO!Quando siamo dell’umore giusto per essere creativi, è bene sedersi al cavalletto, ma per avere qualcosa da mettere in realtà sulla tela, è necessario un certo elemento di pienezza – è necessario essere ispirato e pronto ad agire!

    Questo potrebbe venire interamente, le tue idee e interno-vocazione, ma quando si sono bloccati, è necessario mantenere i fuochi alimentate. Vai immergersi in stimolo visivo o auditiva; leggere o guardare un film o entrare in natura o nuotare nel fiume, o fate un picnic o fare una passeggiata con la fotocamera. Il mondo è un luogo stupefacente, che necessitano solo essere vissuto, per rendere nota la sua magia.

    Se stai lottando, andare a mangiare un po’ di cioccolato, o qualche zuppa o qualcosa di nutriente; mai cercare di creare su uno stomaco vuoto!


yes, occasional treats are an integral part of self-nourishment, of being inspired to make!

Un altro motivo per cui ho fatto il mio arthouse; questo piccolo regno della libertà artistica, dove posso dipingere, scrivere, fotografia, danza, canta, e dire quello che voglio è, è fondamentale per avere un posto in cui ci sentiamo sicuri di dire ciò che pensiamo e sentiamo, senza essere limitata dalla il pregiudizio di un’altra persona, sia questa personale, culturale o sociale.

penelope ruba mio divano speciale nella stanza del cucito!

Questo non riguarda avere la nostra soddisfazione egoistica dei sensi, ma del nostro essere in grado di ottenere ciò che è al centro di noi: la nostra presenza ed espressione unici, che estende nel mondo, come un filo perfetto nel tessuto perfetto della nostra consapevolezza comunale.

Questo non riguarda forzare la nostra pittura / scrittura / abbigliamento eccentrico nel mercato, ma su come ci permettiamo di prosperare primo, in modo da poter avvicinarsi ai mondo, ispirando e nutrendo tutti gli altri. Quando prendiamo anche pochi minuti ogni settimana, per cucire o leggere o per essere nella nostra passione, irradiamo qualcosa dopo, che è più che eravamo prima, energicamente.


la stanza nascosta; mi piace che il soffitto è ora come le onde, è stato coperto con i giornali

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