Miscarriage, Meaning, Catharsis

podcast on miscarriage, meaning, catharsis


I felt strongly called to speak about this subject(s), after coming across an art book that I created in 2007 – Growth-Catharsis – and seeing it with fresh eyes, whilst currently trying to conceive.

The book project was a direct ‘transcribing’ of my experience at the time of miscarriage. Now, I have access to multiple forums where we are talking at length about womb-work, about womben’s experiences, Life from womb-centred perspectives. At the time of my miscarriage, and more-so 10 yrs before (as I talk about in this podcast), there was no language around what was happening and what my ‘choices’ were.

In fact, in retrospect, it felt like the men in my life made the decision by default: the world was their privilege – their ‘logic’ held the sway in terms of what was ‘allowed’ to transpire, or not. I speak at the end of the podcast, to this; to what it is when we have Life trying to expansively manifest through us, but are convinced by the superficial, fear-full, ‘logic’ of “this cannot happen right now”.

Catharsis, painting which evolved into another painting…

This is such a metaphor for the frictional polemic between patriarchy and the sacred feminine, and it makes me think strongly about the deep masculine – who likely would have turned up/ stuck around, if I’d demanded it and gone ahead with my pregnancies… and the toxic feminine, who submits inappropriately, backs down when the slightest resistance in met, and boils in resentment of ‘what should’ve been’.

Seeing this complex entanglement of 4-cornered dynamic: sacred feminine ‘vs’ toxic masculine, crossed by deep masculine ‘vs’ toxic feminine, helps me see what our solution can be: the toxicity is essentially weakness or lack of maturity – it’s operating from fear-tension-pain, rather than sovereignty-bliss-expansion – both are valid realities. Both need the positive aspects of each other, in order to move forward: both are trying in their own way to keep the world safe and working: one from tense controlling, the other from floppy passivity. Neither are ‘better’ than the other: this is about how we bring this divided quadrant into yin-yang harmony…

Self-Evolution, painting from 2007 – collection of Glasgow Women’s Library

I hope that this podcast can be heard outwith any cultural and societal negative projections onto abortion and/ or womben’s sovereignty in their mind-body-spirit. This open sharing is a gift to our collective womb consciousness, a calling to let go of our shared wounds and our frictional relationship between the yin and the yang of humanity.

The book mentioned will be shared on my Patreon hopefully later today.

Much love, and gratitude for listening and witnessing xx

Menstruation And The Whole Woman


This is one of at least two podcasts in this series on menstruation: the core of our feminine life and identity, the cycle of fertility and creative potential, the solution to the world’s problems with disequilibrium and even violence….

cat woman lives from her womb, painting, 2002-16

In this podcast I’m speaking to the reality of women’s bleeding being something divine, wholesome, realigning, energising: our blood is the source of Life, and thus we can and should find great enrichment in its moving through us and going out into the world.

Instead of ceremony and gratitude, many of us have intensely negative bio-feedback through our cycles. This is intimately related to what is going on around us (and within us): to both our life and the history of the women in our family, to our habits and relationship with our body-mind-spirit, and to what is transpiring each month.

detail from painting: cat woman lives from her womb

Modern life in general is very much not aligned to women’s well-being. It most certainly is NOT aligned to women’s taking good, deep self-care, and to working within her monthly rhythms. So what should we do about that? What can we do to first limit the disharmony in our month, and then to begin easing ourselves into a more appropriate pattern that our body tells us is right?

The clue is in the question: ‘our body tells us’ – here’s my first podcast on menstruation – look out for the next one soon, within the rest of this Sacred Feminine series.

podcast on menstruation

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