baboon near a bridge in uganda

Hi dear fellow human – thank you so much for coming to my podcast-blog/ museletter ❤ I love you for it!

This full moon’s podcast is inspired by the mind-blowing, life-deepening, soul-affirming course Living In The Gift by Charles Eisenstein, and the social media group discourse.

This week’s interviews on the course are about seeing with generous eyes, which is such a profound concept, if we are to live creatively – to be in the flow, and in our full human potential.

a baboon – seeing with pretty greedy-for-bananas eyes, if truth be told

Our full potential is intimately entwined with our connectedness with others, and how the energy passes between us – is it enhanced and does it create even more energy than the sum of the parts – or do we project fear onto the other, and assume that we’re in power-competition with them?

In the podcast I tell the story of the soldier on the bridge, who approached me, rather agitated, holding a very large gun, and wanted to take my camera off of me…. I speak to the difference between how I acted in that moment, and the resulting events – and how my ex acted, which could have created a whole other situation.

the glorious river from the bridge, on the way back from gulu to kampala in uganda

I spent a lot of time after this event, thinking on my ‘naivety’ as my ex had (very angrily) labelled it – had I really put myself in a situation where I was ‘this close’ to being killed (?!) – or was I simply comuning with another human being, and supporting that other human being to go about their business in a happy, successful way?

i was mesmerised by this incredible torrent and the vegetation, so didn’t notice the soldier until he was right nearby

The baboons by the bridge were an interesting other branch of the story, which led to my meeting up with one of my oldest friends (from my childhood in a wee village of 10 cottages on a Scottish island) just a few days later… yes, in the middle of Africa – talk about coincidence!

a statue somewhere in kampala, uganda

Life is f***ing magical and so very precious, when we look for the alchemy in things. But we are also the alchemists: life is absolutely NOT a passive exercise – the more we seek and interact with harmonious interbeing and expect things to magically come together – particularly in relationships and collaborations with other humans… the more we grow the magic of the world.


So much love and blessings to you for the happiest day or night,


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Why do we have so much guilt around ‘indulging’ in art?

Ironically, delving into our creative uniqueness is one of the core primal practises that can bring our lives into harmony – but we often stop ourselves even beginning, because there’s this sense of ‘I shouldn’t’ around making art.

It might be the sensuousness, or the fact we’re simply taking the time to do something deeply personal. But the most common aspect that stops us dead in our tracks, before or after we actually get a brush mixing up colours, is guilt – that sense of being ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ for trying.

This ‘wrongness’ is something that a creative could struggle with literally for decades; it comes from a deep place, when we were being programmed as children into believing that teacher/ parent/ older sibling or peer is right, and we are not – and we should shut up and do as we are told.



This cycle of what is essentially a potent abusive dynamic, is put in place when we’re just setting foot into the wider world outside of our home. If it doesn’t get drummed into us in our first school, it certainly will when we go on to the second phase, where by now most of the kids will be implementing the power hierarchy alongside the teachers.

Guilt takes multiple forms as we evolve in our lives – if we don’t attend to it, take care of ourselves, nurture our inner landscape, it might eventually become so compacted and atrophied, that it’ll raise up and shout to be heard – it’ll become a monster, instead of a  symbiotic garden.

So the creative’s work is to listen, express, make sense of, and transform all guilt. We can use it as a compass, even; wherever there is an ‘I feel bad’ around our creative activity, we should face it and ask it – what would it feel like if I didn’t feel bad?



What art, pleasure, indulgent activities do, is they connect us to our core – to our source of power, and thus to our ability to e.g. harvest energy, be inspired, create ingenious and beautiful things…

The system, consumerism and materialism, work on the fact that we’re NOT connected to our core, and all that free energy and deep satisfaction and enjoyment.

Our culture is constructed on our neuroses and guilt, and our superficial needs, which are hyped up into a frenzy, so that we’re always looking ‘out there’ for a solution, when the answer’s right here, inside each and every single one of us.


the whole voice

THE WHOLE VOICE – large painting on old table-top, in acrylic, oil pastel, pencil

If you’d like to know a great deal more about how to access your core creative power, and to juice your life up into the good life, join me via the links below.


As ever, thank you so much for your support and your interest in my work…

Tantissime belle cose, 




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header July 2018

The idea of moving forward into ever-uncharted territory – how does that make you feel?

We live in a time and reality where much of what we digest is prescribed – it’s created far away from us, often from materials very disconnected from nature, and we purchase our e.g. food, information, power, inspiration, through a process of exchange that removes responsibility, energy, depth and meaning….

We end up stuck in repeating circles of simply purchasing what is offered to us, rather than making life choices that truly reflect our deep values and our immense appetite for learning and growing.

So how do we make life more authentic, more dynamic, more meaningful?

We simply step out into the void: into the less-mass-produced, into the simple and natural, and into our own unique path and vision.

Even spontaneously taking a new route, and interacting with whatever/ whoever we meet on this road; even going to sleep at an unusual hour, or waking up to feel what the world is like before the sun rises; even trying an unfamiliar dish, or a spice that has never touched our tongue…

We have opportunities, grand and wee, in every minute of every single day of our lives, to experience something richer and more expanded than we were in the previous moment – when we remove our attention from the flotsam, and allowing the new to flow towards us, through us.


Painting coming to completion this year: connected with finding our deep intuitive voice, our inner wisdom, our channeling the divine creative, by listening to our sentient body.

Living in the void, or at least delving into it frequently, is an incredibly potent portal.

It’s the creative friction between the comfortable and the non-comfortable – and so it’s the space where all new things are created: it’s like the spaces that nature fills – those borders and cracks, the place where one surface meets another one.

The creative friction, the cultural exchange, the alchemical melting pot – all have this massive potential, if we can step into them empty, and let them fill us up anew…

So this month’s Art Of Life podcast is on how we step into this space: how this is a vital part of our creative expansion, and how, when we make a habit of entering the mysterious… we enhance everything – from our sense of self to our ability to channel our dreams, our vitality and our enthusiasm about life!



I hope that my Art Of Life podcast inspires you! Please comment below – I’d love to hear your response.

Other clare artista news this month:

The Arthouse tent will soon be being mounted again in the gardens below Guardia’s famous facade!


Download a PDF of THE WHOLE WOMAN brochure in English and Italiano

A dear friend Maya and I are initiating the very first WHOLE WOMAN workshops: we’ll hold an intimate group of just 10 women in this magical setting in this circular tent,next to the Ratello waterfall.

We’ll be using yoga, drawing, sharing and sewing to bring aspects of our selves into wholeness and harmony – letting go of the negative and the old, and embracing a new idea of self in this body. And we’ll be creating a taliswoman, who we can channel our creative power into, and be guided by.


There’ll be workshops throughout July, and then in September too: we’re hoping to develop this concept of women empowering their selves, and to develop this big network of women through THE WHOLE WOMAN group on Facebook. Perhaps we’ll even be travelling to your town in the future!


Another glorious Vacation With An Artist took place at the Arthouse this month:


I just said goodbye to the wonderful Sajili, after her highly successful week exploring her creative potential in Guardia Sanframondi.

She’d come all the way from Mumbai in India, and had never drawn or painted before!

We had a truly glorious week of quiet adventuring, whilst I guided her to bring her subtle spiritual message of partnership and harmony, into being.

Because she was such a willing and passionate studio guest, it was easy to support her finding her visual expression – all work should be like this!


As ever, thank you so much for your support and your interest in my work, and it’s always wonderful to know your thoughts – do respond below, or ask any Qs…

Tantissime belle cose, 




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Seven years in Guardia Sanframondi have a big significance: there’s a 7-yearly religious festival (taking place again in the summer of 2017) in which literally the whole town is involved, plus many members of the extended family, world-wide media representatives, curious foreigners.

It’s a festival which shocks those-who-are-easily-shocked at first glance: hooded participants reminiscent of sinister American racist gatherings; bloody chest-beating; the collective following church dogma and having to painfully repent their sins.

 45706_422452516985_4517268_n    45706_422452526985_7568006_n    46194_422451016985_119167_n

The real event is something else entirely: a collective catharsis with a tangibility which is beautiful – executed with precision and care, love and dedication: 5,000 souls gathering to release all that has happened in the past years; to be cleansed and made new.


‘Seven years’ also has huge significance in the human growth cycle – we literally replace every cell in our bodies with A NEW CELL, in that time period – EVERY SINGLE 7 YEARS OF OUR LIVES. Think of what that means – of what it could mean, if we were able to consciously harness that creative power… it’s mind-blowing! And it blows away the cobwebs too, from the rigid old school thinking around our limited potentials as humans.

Il mio settimo anno this year in Guardia, and I too feel the deep significance of a cycle well-lived: the energetic wheel is coming round to completion, and all the sacrifice and sweat is bringing riches of good relationship, profound nourishment, harmonious community -an upwards spiral of personal and collective significance.


So many meaningful conversations and connections, tears and successes, new friendships and celebrations – all of them now deepening, as we enter a period of truly settling into this new dynamic. Guardia Sanframondi has been changed in myriad ways by the incoming cultural flux, and the town continues to react positively and dynamically to all that we bring in – which in turn exponentially grows the well-being of all.

The seeming ’empty canvas’ of the mostly-abandoned centro storico – in this new period of riempiendo – started as something of a melting pot; a cooking experiment, with tons of new ingredients being thrown in willy-nilly, and all mixing and contrasting together – the resulting soup not entirely edible!

   SONY DSC   2014HHIstudio1   SONY DSC   2014HHIWATNstudio1

The initial buzz, and resulting chaos, brought about by the TV show in 2012, and then multiplied by the several subsequent transmissions, attracted some really beautiful folks and vibes, but it also attracted (and brought out of the woodwork) a pile of negative qualities. In particular, greed and manipulation; over-excitement about wanting to take advantage of this (presumed at the time) brief window of opportunity to make $$$s without much effort.

It’s a subtle and alchemical work to inspire and nurture and nourish a community to continue: to encourage it to be authentic and responsible, collective-minded and without negative power dynamics.


photo by Charlotte Sørensen

I’ve been super-disappointed at the various frictions which have come up in Guardia in the years I’ve been here – all seeming so very unnecessary in a win-win-win situation like this – old houses being repopulated, the local economy being stimulated, whilst foreigners find dream homes and idyllic life-styles: what could possibly be found to stress about?! (That’s a rhetorical Q!)

I was talking with close friends this week, about how harmony in community is not something which comes by accident, nor in a static way: perhaps that is an older concept of harmony; simply the absence of chaos/ violence. I think we are in an age where we now know that there is so much more to our presence in the world, and that our authentic presence -our integrity and vision – is something which radiates out into the long-term. Either positively…. or not.


We’re not educated to look at the far and wide consequences of our actions and thoughts, our intentions and ambitions. But we do live in an age where it is becoming increasingly obvious that everything we do/ are/ consume/ discard, goes out into the world with epic knock-on effect… And that we have both a personal and a collective responsibility to be GOOD, as we’ve never been so bound into rhythms of interconnectedness in the history of time. We’ve never been so dependent on each other for survival and continued evolution: the whole depends on the decisions and actions of the individuals now, today, more than ever.

What I’m saying, is that the tiny, every day actions and words we use, we use either to create, or not to create. But we live in a time where we cannot pretend any longer that life (or our interaction in it) is static; that our influence only goes as far as the end of our fingers and toes, and no further. We are beginning to really wake up to awareness that we can either be channels for energy… or not. But that the world needs our genius, our creative activity, our love and our authenticity and commitment, in order to continue.

photo by Anna Wirazska

photo by Anna Wiraszka

And in order to access those aspects of ourselves, we need to be in a safe, nourishing place.

I am super-heartened by what I see transpiring in Guardia Sanframondi: it is a collection of dreams, held lovingly in the hands of those who want to support those dreams. It’s a landscape being loved anew, and the eyes and hearts of those who perhaps were taking it for granted, being opened.

It’s a brand-new, delicious cultural inter-exchange, like a fabric of glorious bright threads woven thickly or the most wonderful recipe perfectly blended and baked to bring into reality a dish never before tasted.

amazing mist and sunset

At first I thought of this ‘filling up’ of Guardia’s medieval quarter as a practical necessity (quick, before the houses fall down!), and a cultural-economic stimulation exercise.

Now I see it as so so much more: as dreams being woven together to create a collective dream; as the sacred feminine and masculine being honoured and awoken; as individual healing turning into collective healing; as lives liberated – stranieri and locals alike – by shared wealth and feasts and small joys and beauty and mutual, loving respect.


I also see our individual and collective responsibility as having to call out when manipulative, unscrupulous or aggressive behaviours are trying to take root: the long-term flourishing of any town depends on healthy power dynamics, and on those who will flag up when unhealthy frictions/ conflicts of interest arise. This in turn can lead to resistance, psychological projection, denial, threats… I’ve had more than a fare share thrown at me since coming here!


But there’s a definite sense right now of the collective being on a more even keel – powered by fulfilment and shared purpose -and that everyone is learning to be more precise and honest in their business, because this creates the greater long-term energy for all parties: the old competitive model of win vs lose, melding into the new cooperative model of win-win-win.



My own body, heart and soul have been healed by these 7 yrs. My quirky house and my quirky relationship with everyone in this town, my intuitive and spontaneous activities (often misunderstood, even by myself) slowly becoming more purposeful and productive, my business developing to a place where I really am working my life purpose and being rewarded for it… and all the time, relationships deepening and enriching beyond even my excessive, positive imagination!


photo by Kat Tan

Guardia provided me with all the challenges and the nourishment; in equal measure, and in the correct dose – even when I didn’t want to take my medicine.

What we’ve created here together, and what we continue creating, is truly a precious and magical thing, from which an inspired sense of wholeness is radiating out and out to the world.

Bravi, tutti – and a brindisi to more of this!


Tante belle cose, Clare xx





PS The Arthouse Competition 2016 winner will be announced TOMORROW! 


a hugely inspiring visit to the oriental museum in rome

Having had another über-stimulating couple of days with my wise masterminding women in Roma, I started the week off  i n s p i r e d . We had several long brain-storming/ sorting-the-world-out discussions, where we got a grip on what slows us down in our happy entrepreneur lives.


rooftop masterminding, with added beer, in roma

As I’ve mentioned previously many times, regular lengthy chat with like-minded intelligent people is vital to sustaining our energy, our enthusiasm, and our work pace.

Here are 5 hacks for busting out of a dull time, which our power-chats got me thinking on:


a hugely inspiring visit to the oriental museum in rome

1. stop bitching If someone is not behaving how you want them to, just look at what you can do to avoid being entangled. Fill that space which you’re allowing them to occupy, with constructive thoughts about other things, rather than leaching your energies outwards by explaining how much they annoyed you. When you look back in 5 yrs, do you want to be resentful about how much people wasted your time back then, or do you want to be congratulating yourself on how well you dedicated yourself to the dream? Spending time focussed on the negative actually brings more of it into our lives.


a hugely inspiring visit to the oriental museum in rome

2. stop worrying and start making a step-by-step plan for resolving any issues which are churning round and round: take time to think the issue through logically-rather-than-emotionally. Brainstorm solutions/ options, do some research if there’s an area you’re not expert in, and get on with working towards the fix.


a hugely inspiring visit to the oriental museum in rome

3. tidy up clean out your fridge and cupboards, neaten your desk, organise your recycling… making a place for everything, and everything in its place, can save you literally hours per week. There are always ways in which we can make our time and space a little more efficient, and if we attend to it, this will bring us huge rewards long-term.


breakfast masterminding, with added soya-latte and croissants

4. take a break All research suggests that pacing ourselves e.g. by taking a nap in the middle of the day, makes us much more efficient than if we breinge ahead. Napping is like starting the day again fresh and aligned. Pressing ahead when we’re pooped or confused, well, it’s kind of martyristic…


a hugely inspiring visit to the oriental museum in rome

5. focus on the goal! Do you actually have your goal clearly defined? Is it a high enough vision? Have you thought about it as you began work this week, today? We usually have our life purpose or vision in one of three places: completely hidden from view, put on the shelf, or sitting right in front of us. if it’s anywhere by directly in front of us, we need to move it: make a vision board, put up some inspiring quotes and images on your wall, talk about it, look at small ways in which you can align your work and purpose, keep on track!


getting on the train to rome- I adore seeing the mountains from this less-familiar angle
What do you think?
Do these tips resonate for you?
Do you have a tip to share?
Let us know in the comments below!
I’ll be talking about these subjects and much more, in my #livelikeahappyartist book series.
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tante belle cose, Clare xx

LLHA log websitepage


It has been an extraordinary fortnight of near-continual socialising! New friends, returning guests, folks here to buy a house, or to sign final papers for one, or just to enjoy the blossoming energy in Guardia Sanframondi. An unprecedented quantity of international Guardiesi, all partying and getting to know each other, laughing and making merry – deliziosa!

È stata una quindicina di giorni straordinaria, di socializzazione quasi costante! Nuovi amici, il ritorno degli ospiti, gente qui per comprare una casa, o per firmare i documenti finali per una casa, o anche solo per godersi l’energia in fiore a Guardia Sanframondi. Una quantità senza precedenti di Guardiesi internazionale, tutti loro festeggiando e facendo la conoscenza l’un l’altro, ridendo e facendo allegro deliziosa!


And the spring is exploding in beauty and colour – truly, I have never seen it so delicious – my eyes are feasting, and it feels like I’m being nourished in all parts of my self, just by being here, within this rich landscape.

E la primavera sta esplodendo in bellezza e colore in verità, non ho mai visto così delizioso i miei occhi sono banchettando, e ci si sente come se fossi nutrito in ogni parte di mi stesso, appena essendo qui, entro questo ricco paesaggio.


Continue reading


sei italiano? italiano in scritto corsivo, sotto l’inglese

Have you ever been on a pilgrimage?

I don’t mean a religious one, per se: I mean, a trip to a place where you were heart-burstingly inspired… a journey which transformed you on a cellular level.

Sei mai stato in un pellegrinaggio?

Non intendo uno viaggio religioso, di per sé: voglio dire, un escursione in uno luogo in cui sei stato ispirato tantissimo, e quasi spezzato il tuo cuore un viaggietto che ti trasformato a livello cellulare.

DSC_1427A couple of weeks ago, we headed out from Guardia, just as the dawn was bringing the sky to the most profound shade of blue before sunrise, bound for Niki De Saint Phalle’s sculpture garden in Capalbio.

It was rather a too-long drive for a two hour visit but, even the uber-windy plains west of Rome, the creaky service stations, the trees to the road-side… quite honestly, they all seemed imbued with a real beauty and magic that day!

Un paio di settimane fa, noi abbiamo capeggiato fuori da Guardia, giusto quando l’alba stava portando il cielo ad una tonalità di blu più profonda possibile… Siamo andati al giardino dei tarrocchi di Niki De Saint Phalle a Capalbio.

Era piuttosto un troppo lungo viaggio in auto per una mera visita di due ore ma, anche le pianure ventosissime ad ovest di Roma, le stazioni di servizio scricchiolanti, gli alberi sul lato della strada onestamente, questo giorno sembravano tutti imbevuti d’una vera bellezza e magia!

DSC_1432And then there was the garden.

Oh my…

I found it very difficult to hold back tears (i.e. I cried) entering this space, where you see the artist’s studio (above) and the waterfall, and the dragon and child, and the justice sculpture… it was so visually stimulating, enrichingly colourful, emotionally charged in the most profoundly-healing-wild-feminine-positivity kind of a way!

E poi c’era il giardino.

Oh dio

Ho trovato molto difficile tenere indietro le lacrime (cioè ho pianto) entrando in questo spazio, dove si vede lo studio dell’artista (sopra) e la cascata, ed il drago ed il bambino, e la scultura della giustizia era così stimolante visivamente, arricchendo colorati, caricato d’emozioni in modo più profondoguarando-selvaggia-femminilepositività possibile!

DSC_1430Walking through the garden, taking in each piece (the sculptures are based on characters from the tarot) was a revelation: seeing such a vibrant expression of a person’s creative vision, walking into it, experiencing it under this divine light of brilliant morning sunshine…

Passeggiando per il giardino, assorbendo ogni pezzo (le sculture si basano su caratteri dal tarocco) è stata una rivelazione: di vedere una tale vivace espressione della visione creativa di una persona, camminando in esso, avendo questa esperienza sotto questa luce divina del sole brillante del mattino.

DSC_1463  It was extremely inspiring, shall we say!

We wandered around alone, amongst ebbs and flows of children and elderly women, then found each other again, and shared our amazement.

È stato estremamente ispirazionale, diciamo!

Abbiamo gironzolato intorno soli, tra flussi e riflussi di bambini e donne anziane, poi trovato di nuovo l’un l’altro, e condiviso il nostro stupore.


DSC_1447We were mesmerised and bubbling with joy, feeling wild laughter and defiance and determination ripe to overflow, as we contemplated the life and work of the woman who had created this magical place.

Siamo stati affascinati e spumeggiante con la gioia, ci siamo sentiti maturi per traboccare con una risata selvaggio, siamo rimasti così soddisfatti con la sfida e determinazione, mentre abbiamo contemplato la vita ed il lavoro della donna che aveva creato questo luogo magico.


thanks to Kate Mackay (above) for the photos she took of me (below)!

DSC_1529Kate and I sat on the roof of Niki’s voluptuous sphynx-woman studio, and wove such startlingly bright clarity: we had the sense of being in a place which was WHOLE; where the artist had left the legacy of her energetic-creative footprint. We imagined ourselves growing such a place, and allowing others to be so inspired by walking through our artwork!

Kate ed io, eravamo seduti sul tetto della voluttuosa sfingedonna studio di Niki, e noi tessevano tale chiarezza straordinariamente brillante: abbiamo avuto la sensazione di essere in un posto che era INTERO; dove l’artista aveva lasciata l’eredità del suo impronta energetico-creativo. Abbiamo immaginato noi stessi coltivando un posto simile, ed permettendo ad altri di essere ispirati così camminando attraverso la nostra opera d’arte!

moon1(I love this coincidental alignment of pose!)

(Amo questo allineamento di posa casuale!)

DSC_1536 DSC_1569


DSC_1544 The visit was all the more potent for us, as Kate is 5 months pregnant, and I am studying a course on awakening our core divine feminine with Kim Anami! The humongous breasts, vivacious curves and deep holes, and depictions of sacred forms from all cultures; for Kate and I, as artists who also use the female figure in our work a great deal: what  n o u r i s h m e n t  and AFFIRMATION!

La visita è stata ancora più potenti per noi, come Kate è incinta 5 mesi, ed io sto studiando un corso di risvegliare il nostro nucleo divino femminile con Kim Anami! I seni giganteschi, curve vivaci e buche profonde, e raffigurazioni di forme sacre di tutte le culture; per Kate ed io, come artisti che utilizzano anche la figura femminile nel nostro lavoro molto: che nutrimento ed affermazione!

 DSC_1574 DSC_1582 DSC_1590There is a huge shift happening in the world right now; from the old, rigid masculine ways, which have been forced upon us all for millenea, to a more balanced harmonious collective conciousness. It is slow to come though, and as it comes, the old regime realises, and tries to impose its rigidity all the more. But it is too late- one cannot halt a shift in consciousness, one can only observe, and/ or contribute positively.

It’s not just about returning to the feminine, but creating healthy dynamic equilibrium between yin and yang.

C’è un enorme cambiamento accadendo nel mondo in questo momento; dai vecchi e rigidi metodi maschili, che sono state costrette a tutti noi da millenni, ad un armonico coscienza collettiva più equilibrata. E’ lento a venire, però. E, come viene, il vecchio regime rende conto, e cerca di imporre il suo rigidità ancor più. Ma è troppo tardi. Non si può fermare un cambiamento nella coscienza, si può solo osservare, e / o contribuire in modo positivo.

Non è una questione solo di tornare al femminile, ma la creazione d’un equilibrio sano e dinamico, tra yin e yang.

DSC_1593A lot of Niki De Saint Phalle’s artwork, as with many great female artists, was intensely a) autobiographical, b) archetypal, and c) cathartic. She, like many other great artists, realised that when you dive deeply and creatively into your own transformation, your spiritual liberation and potential, you do essential work for the collective too.

Un sacco di opere d’arte di Niki De Saint Phalle, come con molti grandi artisti femminile, era intensamente a) autobiografico, b) archetipico, e c) catartico. Lei, come molti altri grandi artisti, rese conto che quando ci si immerge in modo creativo profondo dentro il tuo trasformazione personale, la tua liberazione e potenziale spirituale, si fa lavoro essenziale anche per la collettività.

DSC_1600All that we create and heal, radiates outwards to support positive change in all of us: our work is able to speak to the collective, because it is pure, and whole, and it echoes through the ages.

When art is pure, it is an open door to the divine: a gateway which allows us both to see and to step into the greater experience of being human- the state of being connected to the universal intelligence.

Tutto ciò che creiamo e guarire, irradia verso l’esterno per sostenere il cambiamento positivo in ognuno di noi: il nostro lavoro è in grado di parlare con il collettivo, perché è puro, e intero, e riecheggia attraverso i secoli.

Quando l’arte è pura, è una porta aperta al divino: un cancello che ci permette sia di vedere e di entrare nel maggiore esperienza dell’essere umano: lo stato di essere collegato all’intelligenza universale.

DSC_1605But it also DESTROYS: it obliterates untruth and falsity, pretence and insincerity; it burns veils and prejudices which obscure our vision, so that we can see more clearly; it shines light into all the dark corners of our being and our existence.

Ma DISTRUGGE anche: si cancella la menzogna e la falsità, la finzione e ipocrisia; brucia veli e pregiudizi che oscurano la nostra visione, in modo che possiamo vedere più preciso; brilla la luce in tutti gli angoli scuri del nostro essere ed esistenza.


The rest of our day was spent in a semi-daze,resonating with the energy of what we’d been exposed to, falling into bed after our second 5 hour drive of the day; exhausted but extra-sparkly-eyed! Inspiration re-charged for the next year!

Il resto del nostro giorno è stato fatto in un quasiintontimento, in risonanza con l’energia di quello che eravamo stati esposti. Cadendo nel letto dopo il nostro secondo 5ora-di-auto del giorno: esausti ma con gli occhi-extra-luccicanti! Ispirazione ricaricata per i mesi successivi!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ JOY! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ GIOIA! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Last night was the opening party for a sweet wee expo I am doing, down in Telese at Giuseppe Lese’s Hops2o beer house.

Here are a few snapshots of the preparations and vernissage:


The kitchen has been a squeeze, with two Terra Vivente artist residency guests, and my own makeshift office and studio, as my downstairs rooms are still too damp to house paintings, nor anything papery…


I spent at least 2 days painting all the edges of the big unframed paintings, with several layers of gouache needed on each edge.


It has been a bit of higgledy-piggledy summer, as I moved out of my studio and down to my basement (the old stable) to allow the lovely international artists to stay in my upper rooms all summer… I hadn’t really taken into account how much stuff I’d have to house, and then the big water issue from the house above set me back loads: wet wet wet, damaged paintings, had to simplify my pop-up shop event hugely, needed to keep all delicate things at the front of the house, and avoid any wooden furniture touching the floor, etc, etc. Urgh. So ultimately, the consequence was my having to try and do all my art activities in the kitchen, which has been shared with my lovely (and very accomodating!) guests.

_DSC0299   Anyways, it felt great to get the stack of 15 paintings, some of them rather large, out of the kitchen, and up towards to car. I’m very grateful to my dear artist guest Fleur Brett, who assisted me in not straining a muscle in my back, by helping pull the trolley up those big steps. Phew! This is one of the reasons I dislike framing my artwork- glass and wood are heavy!

_DSC0301One of the slightly challenging aspects of having a house in an Italian medieval quarter: everything we want carried in or out, must be taken under our own steam, up a load of steep stairs, and up a steep cobbled hill (or two). I can get the car down to this wee piazza, but only if I fold the wing mirrors in.


The show was about the easiest ever I have hung: Giuseppe got these fabulous vertical strips of wood attached to the walls, with nice metal hooks in- all I needed to do was put a painting on each one, in an aesthetically-correct manner, and hooray! I love seeing my colourful artwork on these warm, dark grey walls.


_DSC0307Here is an article in the regional paper Il Sannio: it talks about the expo being a selection of works from the past 7 yrs, which is a powerful period of time, as it represents the period in which the human body replaces every single cell with a new one. So every 7 year cycle, we are effectively a completely different person.This article also refers to my involvement in the Scottish referendum debate; the importance of our spiritual autonomy and sustainability within ourselves, in order to be a country and culture which can flourish.


My paintings contain stories about our cycles, our patterns in life: about how we can find equilibrium by being aware of these cycles, being responsible and conscious- the potential to interact healthily in our own co-creation, by not simply following a destructive pattern to its logical end, e.g. The above painting which we used in the poster for this expo, is a good solid example of the kinds of figurative artworks I do: it has a small figure inside a bigger one. To me, the larger self represents a person who has this dialogue, energetic discourse, relationship with the smaller self inside.


I feel strongly about leaving the interpretation of art to whoever might be looking at it in any given moment, and am passionately against the dry assumptions of ego-based art forces, which think that ‘regular’ folks cannot see art. I heartily believe that creativity is a divine right of every person, and that art in particular is a thing which we all have an eye to see, a heart to feel, a voice to speak about. I’ve had all sorts of very differing reactions to the same painting throughout my career, from sheer anger to tears of compassion and grief.

I adore the fabric that is woven around a piece of artwork, by the myriad emotions and perspectives which are presented by those experiencing it.


We had a lovely wee presentation from Guiseppe, about his dream to bring this lovely beer house into being, and to have a place which brings together wonderful artisan produce, great music and inspiring art. His beer house is quite unlike any other place in the zone- perhaps much more like a northern European pub- I am happy to have my work there, as he shares my values and attention to detail, and creates this warm atmosphere which I prefer (in contrast to a cold gallery space).

_DSC0323Here we are cutting ribbon, with the mayor of Telese, and another of our international artists from the Terra Vivente Art Studio, Indian photographere Shiv Ahuja.



And then we got stuck in with eating and drinking and looking at art and chatting at length! Fabulous!

_DSC0333It has been a brilliant experience, hanging out with all the artists, and with some lovely Guardia people, this summer- we have gone to many expo openings, had tons of shared meals and bottles of wine, and created a truly stupendous web of connections, which now reaches from Guardia’s centro storico to the far side of the planet!

  _DSC0335It is one of my greatest pleasures to break bread and share a good beer with new and old friends. Life doesn’t get much better than that, eh!

_DSC0336At the end of the evening, I had a great discussion with some wonderful people whose family is originally from Guardia, who have some very old property here, and are inspired by what is happening, to possibly set up something interesting too- that, and another old friend contacted me this week about scoping the town out as a possible base for a spiritual centre. Things seem to have such a good momentum here! Then I was interviewed by Alessio, Lorenzo and Mariapaola for Art’Empori until I was flagging from brain drain -hehe! I sped home up the hill to Guardia, singing loudly and thoroughly satiated.

You can read more about my work via my Arthouse website.






So it was a busy busy summer in the centro storico of Guardia Sanframondi!


Instead of the silent Via Dietro Gli Orti, with only occasional yowling of cats, twittering of birds, water cascading and regular intermittent yelling from neighbours, there were hoards of people outside of my door, and filling the street, and the gardens!


_DSC1606 Though I was stretched, doing a lot of hands-on stuff for my own installation and pop-up shop, and supporting my guests, and messing about with the DIY on the arthouse, and getting ready for Scotland… etc… never-the-less I was sufficiently lucid to see that we’d created something pretty damn special.

 _DSC3189 - Version 2Alongside the stupendous Helena Wadsley, I helped host the Terra Vivente Art Studio: two months of art residency, with tremendously sweet and engaged folks from as far away as Australia and India… It was truly a whole load more splendid that we could have imagined when we first chatted about it!


_DSC1520    Multifarious ad hoc get-togethers, improvised dinners and parties, had us all bonding like we were family. Real meetings of minds, in an atmosphere of sharing, deepening, being creative and true. It was all ever-so-slightly chaotic, but the one thing which stood out, was the universal praise for the GOOD VIBE- everyone felt it was tangible, and left with shining eyes and wide smiles. I personally felt like, wow, I’m here- this is just how I hoped it could be.


10531322_10203195132574072_1024160144_nSome strong friendships were struck up, and a mass of new creative dialogue, both within the gates of the centro storico, and in regards to/ dialogue about the place. Slowly, slowly (piano, piano), a collective vision is coming together, of how such a place as Guardia might have a thriving alternative community: how this community might flourish and inspire, whilst simultaneously providing a magical haven for those needing respite from the madness of modern life…




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