guardia sanframondi's stunning facade, the arthouse to the lower right

On a bright warm December day, I first set foot in the medieval quarter of Guardia Sanframondi. I walked with my friend through the deep streets, taking in as much as I could at first glance, of this great complex heap of stone and spirit. As we’d walked in silence, my companion asked me – ‘well … what do you think?!’ I was speechless, but eventually got out something like ‘….obviously, it’s incredible…‘ whilst my mind was reeling with the possibilities: it felt like a blank canvas which wanted to be painted on!


Then in early 2011 I bought a house – and poured all my energy and love into it: the Arthouse was carved out of enthusiasm and dedication, and literally without a budget – and is now flourishing as a haven for creative respite and transformation.


Since Guardia Sanframondi came to the world’s attention in 2012 through House Hunters International (and again in 2013), the vitality of the old town has grown beyond all expectations (apart from mine!)… It has drawn folks from as far away as China and Tasmania, and there’s a strong theme of heartfelt connection, dreams being fulfilled, new lives of pleasure and happiness being cultivated.

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The international community is growing rapidly, with new TV coverage happening regularly. We’re an eclectic group of Italians and stranieri who are passionate about the town’s potential as a centre for vibrant cultural exchange, and a haven from the stresses of the modern world.

Guardia Sanframondi’s renaissance: photo © soukizy redroom 2014

There are a ton of house renovations, projects  and plans underway, and House Hunters just filmed a third episode in the town.


As the only straniera who has been a constant presence over the long-term I’m well-known as a core protagonist – and I was gifted the keys to the city in 2014, for having brought Guardia to the attention of the world – yey – I am so proud of this!


If you’d to know more about how it is for a foreigner to live in Guardia Sanframondi – go grab my book: The Insider’s Guide To Guardia Sanframondi (hard copy). It’s also available as an ebook – click here.

Please note that I published these books so as to no longer have to answer tons of questions every day from lovely folks interested in the town!



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