But in the distant past, art used to be something which all folk made, and which was part of daily life: it was a gateway into the magical and the spiritual, and it was rich in depth and meaning for all.


Art wasn’t something put on a wall in a sterile space; it was something which was used, worn, which made up ceremony and celebration – in many cultures it still holds these roles.

As contemporary ‘culture’ developed, and monetary values began to be projected onto artistic activities, the artists who were valued highest were those who allowed their work to be patronised by (i.e. prostituted to) royalty and church patriarchs – the Vatican portrays a great cross-section of the centuries’ of enslaving creativity.

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Over the centuries, and as western culture has moved further into the homogenising and conforming of the masses, pushing them further into consumerist binding tendencies, the real (i.e. free-thinking, wild, organic) artist’s role has become even more vital – as people who can guide us back to the meaningful and the deep.

And yet, they’ve been marginalised and made into a parody of themselves via media and film, story and prestigious art prize. In recent decades ‘art’ has become all about the conceptual – ideas increasingly more detached and segregated from our interconnected reality – so even the ‘artist’ doesn’t know what the point is.


This has come about, the further that magic and creativity have been taken from the hands and hearts of the people, and made into a special, secret thing.

Now ‘art’ and the ‘artist’ have been put on a pedestal, so very far from common discourse, and from the hearth of the community. In the meantime a terrible infinity of enthusiastic amateurs scrabble around for crumbs in a saturated market of arty tat.

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The consumer market and empty values make it so: it’s like the emperor’s new clothes fable; we’ve been sold an immense, elaborate fib about creative power – about who can own it, and what it is worth.

Meanwhile, all the artists considered ‘important’ are invariably men, with deep neuroses, misogynist or addictive tendencies, grandiose egos… and the public perception is disgust that ‘successful’ artists get paid so outrageously to do things which effectively have no meaning or purpose.


I ask: “In the midst of all this fuckwittery, where is the real art?”

In my real-artist view, creativity is something which is inherent in our human experience – an inner eye which can be trained and exercised, and opened and opened, until it is a wide, honed channel for divine inspiration.

centred on the self.jpg

We all know the transcendental feeling of freedom which comes from drawing or painting, working with clay or fabric. We all know how it was to be a child scribbling with with happy arms stretched out over paper, or piling sand to construct a complex castle or extensive tunnel. We all thrived making a den of some kind when we were small: from boxes in the corner of a room, or old wooden planks in a tree: as children our creative power came easily.


I feel that a healthy human being, working always creatively, and aligned with their soul, they’re in control of their own destiny and their own precious time. They would have a glorious absence of the usual mental-emotional-social pressures. They should know what they want, and how to get it/ do it/ be it, and they’d have a lot of fun, and many adventures. Real, wild, free, creative human beings are all artists: they are inherently creating and making, building energy, inspiring, finding solutions and beauty everywhere, and interconnecting with the interconnectedness of all things.



When we start using our creative power and potential as human beings, we’re far more able: to shape a super-fulfilling life for ourselves; to radiate outwards an immense positive energy and influence; to improve our health and well-being; to find solutions to all of our problems and blocks; to find magic and meaning in the everyday…



Sadly, many good folks might never move towards a more empowered life just because they don’t know where to start! The world of creativity is often seen as a labyrinth, and so you need a guide, to show you the way.


Unlike many people in the art world, I believe that everyone should know all the secrets about creative power so that they can be free, fulfilled, happy: so they can have a truly positive effect on the world!

I’m well qualified to help with this, because I live a free, colourful, fulfilled lifestyle! But perhaps more significantly; I built this life single-handedly and on an often nonexistent income. I also transformed ill health, chronic anxiety, depression, severe agoraphobia, homelessness, chaos and instability, blocks and familiar discomfort… into La Dolce Vita!

I can’t call my daily activity ‘work’: I simply do what I love to do, hang out with who I love to hang out with, travel and explore, learn and grow, make and play, appreciate and enjoy, marvel and celebrate – all precisely when the mood takes me.


This great good fortune in my life didn’t come about by accident, luck or privilege… It came about because I never compromised my path as an artist. The skills learned, intuition nurtured, humility earned, awareness and energy harnessed, all came through using my creativity; through cultivating and honing and building it, and never giving up.

Over the next months and year, I’m establishing a REAL art school, to share all the creative insight which got me to where I am now, living as a super-happy artist: go see more here: Real School of Art

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