My dream is to have a deeper-retreat house with a large garden space, to delve more fully into healing, mentoring & spiritual work AND to keep the arthouse as the magical container that it is – so it can help pass on all the ‘merit gained’, to others most in need of creative respite and least burdened by privilege.

You’re invited to become a founding member in my vision to buy a second property on the other side of the mountains from Guardia WHILST KEEPING the arthouse as a retreat space for creative humans in need.

THE CALL IS CURRENTLY GOING OUT TO PATRONS AND PREVIOUS CLIENTS & SUPPORTERS – and will be open to the wider public soon. The project requires both short term funding and long-term Patreon commitments.

TO BE A FOUNDING MEMBER buy a painting/ donate:

€2000 – €1000 – €500

And you’ll receive the following:

My current art catalogue lists all the available paintings – please let me know asap if you love a particular piece, as they’re being reserved first-come-first-served.

You’ll be welcomed at either the arthouse in Guardia Sanframondi or the new Molise property, for a beautiful Dolce Vita stay of your choosing (on completion of renovations!) Again, contact me directly about this to discuss your stay.

There is a gloriously expansive meadow hillside joined to this incredible property in Molise that I am in-love with. Your donation will support the planting of a tree in your name, and a beautiful wooden plaque with your name on.

Over the coming years, I’ll be developing a beautiful healing garden using sacred geometry, permaculture, ancient-modern plant wisdom and the deep-sentience intuitive.