I have life-long gardening experience, as well as extensive training in permaculture, intuitive gardening and organic food-growing, and a postgraduate degree in art-space-nature.

My dream is to have a deeper-retreat house with a large garden space, to delve more fully into healing, mentoring & spiritual work AND to keep the arthouse as the magical container that it is – so it can help pass on all the ‘merit gained’, to others most in need of creative respite and least burdened by privilege.

my allotment in Edinburgh, year 2 of restoring a long-abandoned plot

You’re invited to become a foundation-building member in my vision to buy a second property on the other side of the mountains from Guardia WHILST KEEPING the arthouse as a retreat space.

bring this dream house out of the foggy gloam and into colourful LIFE!

This call is going out to all my patrons, previous art clients and supporters, and the wider public; to raise funds for this new property in the wild countryside – through my SUPER-SPECIAL August-September ONLY art sale.

ALL my paintings have been reduced (some by as much as two-thirds) to groups of

€2000 – €1000 – €500

My current special edition art catalogue lists all the available paintings: download it here: choose your painting OR choose the following:-

You’ll be welcomed at either the arthouse in Guardia Sanframondi or the new Molise property, for a beautiful Dolce Vita stay of your choosing (on completion of renovations!) Contact me directly to discuss your stay.

There is a gloriously expansive meadow hillside joined to this incredible property in Molise that I am in-love with. Your donation will support the planting of a tree there, in your name, with a beautiful wooden plaque with your name on.

giant poppy from my gardens in Edinburgh

Over the coming years, I’ll be developing a beautiful healing garden using sacred geometry, permaculture, ancient-modern plant wisdom and the deep-sentience intuitive, alongside my developing Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA) retreats and online work.

more news soon

– 3 large paintings already sold