If you don’t know about Patreon, it’s an extraordinary platform that allows less-commercial artists like myself create a sustainable career based on their deepest creative instinct… and whilst sharing all that they’re creating with their treasured inner circle.

Through Patreon’s ongoing crowd-funding platform, we’re able to build a steady income – which means that our work, life, health balance can be so much superior – we’re empowered to keep evolving our unique potential as creatives.

Why is Patreon so important in this time?

For millennia, art and creativity have slowly been stolen from the centre of our communities and lives… and monetised and commercialised into oblivion: turned into a game for rich white men, when actually, art should be a gateway for human consciousness into interbeing with all things…

Patreon allows us to transform the polemic that has allows culture to say that art is only for the rich – a mythology which is even now being enhanced by the very tool that should have liberated it – the internet and social media – the latter of which is making independent, non-commercial (i.e. real) artists literally invisible.

The power dynamics that are so exaggerated in the art world have not only kept artists in poverty (and excluded them from the everyday and the mainstream), but they’ve kept the average human being from understanding the immensity of their own unique creative power.

Patreon is an incredible example of how the creative power that has been vampired out into the hierarchy can be reclaimed, and harvested and gifted to the world, for the benefit of us all (not just the priveleged few!)

Here are just some examples of things I’ve been able to do, thanks so my Patreon campaign: travel to an award ceremony; buy food, heat my home in winter, and carry out basic maintenance on my house; put on pop-up events with my art; invest in new art materials, canvases, paintbrushes, turpentine, etc; explore the landscape and draw from it for my paintings; take time out but still subsist when I’ve been very ill; spend time actually creating the art – sketching, prepping surfaces, experimenting, exploring, figuring out where a painting wants to go next; nourish and heal myself with appropriate, non-conventional medicines.


When people have a direct window into the lives and work of an artist, they’re able to see more depth, colour and meaning in their own daily lives. This can often contribute to a mutually-inspired relationship of creative expansion… Patrons get to enter into the creative process, and to cheer the artist up/ on, as well as getting many ongoing rewards like special prices, big discounts and free content – which is only shared with them.

Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden, Capalbio, Italy

Ultimately, our collective force in funding the arts via platforms like Patreon is liberating human creativity from its incarceration within institutions and affluent individuals’ private collections: it’s allowing us all to live more creatively, freely, fulfilled and inspired…

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