I no longer exhibit my paintings as a rule, tending to show them as a body of work where they’ve been created: in my beautiful arthouse. I do have an Etsy shop which is used for your convenient sales process – but see the catalogue to choose your art – click the image below.

You get special prices on my art via Patreon (plus payment plans, gifts and lots of other boons).

Always check that you have the most recent version of the catalogue – I update it each season with new work, and remove sold paintings.

Many of my clients visit my Italian arthouse studio to see my paintings.

If you’re new to investing in art: here’s a podcast about how to trust your instinct when you’re attracted to a painting…

Art is not a static object – your relationship with it will evolve dynamically over the years that it lives with you: it’s something we should be connected to through feeling, as sentience is what anchors us more deeply in the synchrony of the world.” Clare


My books are no longer available to the public. I’m re-branding and restructuring my art business, and will likely be releasing the above-illustrated books (Colour The World, Colour The Body, Queendom, and Land, Prayer) in the future once they’re with a more bespoke publisher. You receive a series of beautiful ebooks of all my publications on signing via Patreon.


What Pumpkins Dream was a commission-collaboration with Canadian children’s book writer Jeff Kendall.

“What Pumpkins Dream is a very special children’s book, recounting the story of a pumpkin who wants to change his own destiny – how can he get watermelons to take the rap at Hallowe’en, and free the pumpkins?! His dreams guide him to look within, and as the year progresses, he starts to see what the deep meaning is behind his existence”

FEB 2014 final pages chronology

It’s a truly beautiful book, full of colour, depth and meaning, and inspiring us to look at the cycle of life in a positive light. It’s based a moving story which came to Jeff in a dream 10 years before. My contribution was in illustrating and refining the narrative. We’re very proud to have a meaningful, modern children’s book! You can buy a copy here on Amazon.