How Do We Remove Our Self From The Hierarchy?

The idea of the hierarchy as an injustice is becoming the focus of mainstream, and this marks a powerful moment in realisation for our collective conscious: first, that we are all participating in a construct – and then, that we’re all benefiting from the suffering of other people and things (cultures, animals, nature, the planet).

The beauty of this moment is that we’re not just waking up to this inbuilt, this utterly inherent unfairness, but that many, many of us are ready to take action to change it. We’re not just passively observing and lamenting; we’re able to cognise our place in the dynamic that brought this particular aspect of the unfairness into being – and thus to act to lessen the negative impact, and to augment the positive impact (the connectedness, the mutual respect, the symbiosis between us).

As I discuss in this podcast, removing ourselves from a hierarchy, from structures, from privileges that our lives are steeped in, must be done with myriad steps. Moving into a new, alternative way of interbeing requires a different language, a different approach, a different pace and rhythm altogether. We can’t step directly into it, but we very much CAN step methodically out of the compartmentalised, manipulative, separation, fear-tension-pain dynamic that riddles our very being.

podcast on removing our self from the hierarchy

It’s ironically simple, pleasureful, and obvious how to do, as soon as we set the intention: the real hierarchy – the natural hierarchy of our mind-body-spirit – gives us clear directions where to go, how to proceed. We move forwards organically, spontaneously, intuitively, with our intention held in the core of us.

We’re not so much removing our Self from the hierarchy, but aligning our Self with both our own natural hierarchy, and the hierarchy of nature – which for the most part are horizontal and symbiotic, balanced and harmonious.

The concept of a pyramid hierarchical power dynamic is a one-dimensional model: it eliminates responsibility, locks us into long-term knock-on negative effects, like the disastrous consequences for everyone/ everything through the abuse of resources. And eventually it leads to the atrophying of Life itself through our psychotic, egoistic focus on immediate, surface gratification.

The reality of a fluid sharing of power, resources, energy, support – in contrast – opens up unlimited wealth, pleasure, vitality, energy, resources… because it frees our disconnection into connection – the core of what allows harmony to exist and symbiosis to evolve.

If we have one inherent privilege over nature, it’s our ability to work more consciously and collectively…. to build something ever more beautiful, harmonious, meaningful, pleasureful for all.

All we have to do, is to recognise that TRUE power is our ability in the everymoment to navigate towards the more beautiful, harmonious, meaningful, and pleasureful for all – and away from all things that are not this. THAT is our infinite power, individually and collectively.


Much love to us all in our transition,


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art censorship, and what you can do about it

Hallo beautiful human – welcome to my new blogcast!

My art was censored and I was blocked from mainstream social media earlier this year, so had an extended period of reflection on what this means – on why the human body is being routinely classified as pornographic and offensive, and removed from common parlance.

Here are some thoughts around what a serious issue we have, allowing the wholesale censorship of art depicting-human-likeness. Ultimately, having the nude human form (our innocent self!) removed entirely from visibility enormously affects our relationship with our bodies, our consciousness and will, our sense of identity and ability to express ourselves in the world, and most importantly, it disconnects us from our core creative power.

Censorship like this consequently supports our detachment from deeper truth, leaving us very much open to manipulation and addictions – hence the movement towards the majority of us being super-dependent on consistent superficial over-stimulation, on rushing-and-tension as baseline ‘normal’.

We can do a lot to change this – and to rejuvenate our collective values – in particular by supporting art and artists, who are at the edge of all things, making our human experience larger.

Please consider being a patron to the arts (e.g. through Patreon); please make artists more visible through liking, commenting on and sharing their work online; please speak out about censorship, or even contact the corporations who are censoring (Facebook and Instagram are major culprits); and please tell artists directly – and tell other people! – that you value their work.

For every artwork censored, for every artist blocked from the language of the everyday, the world becomes less colourfull, more superficial, less rich and magical… Think about that, and do something about it!

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