new artwork: Radiance

Welcome to the Art Of Life podcasts!

Hi beautiful human!

This is one of my very last mailouts/ podcasts here on my website: do join me now on Patreon, if you want to stay in touch with what I’m doing:

This podcast is on simplicity… Thank you from my heart for all your support over the years with my blog and podcast: you’ve helped keep me going all this way!


new artwork: Radiance (detail)
You can still join this summit for the final days, including my talks with Sama

The Embodied Shakti Summit continues, with the final closing ceremony on Monday. You can hear my interviews with Sama on Sunday, as well as attend a beautiful drawing workshop with me – see below.

You can still join this summit for the final days, including my talks with Sama
Click here for the event page on Facebook

new artwork: Radiance (detail)


Tomorrow, The School Of Real Art will be launching a brand new, super-yummy free sign-up course, and we’ll be taking down the two current free courses.

new artwork: Radiance (detail)


Inspired deeply by the Living In The Gift course with Charles Eisenstein, I’ve been setting up a website of the same name, to gather conversations about what it really means to live in our gifts – and how we can align more with all of our gifts.

The site is here – and with Charles’s blessing, I’m calling on other Living-In-The-Gifters to contribute towards this project.

Please contact us via the site, if you’d like to share a conversation – in video, podcast or written format – we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for listening in, thank you for witnessing, and for being there – your presence and support have always been immensely enriching for me,

Tante belle cose,

***THE END ***

  • My art school website has moved, and is now part of this website: see here. You can also get access to all new course material as it unfolds, via Patreon.
  • A selection of my art is on Etsy – but see all paintings currently available in my catalogue
  • Art holidays at my Italian arthouse are on VAWAA
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Hi beautiful human!

Welcome to the Art Of Life podcasts!
This might be one of the very last blogs that I ever publish like this – listen to my three podcasts in this blog, to understand why…
Below there’s news on new art, a new hardback art book, a new art school course, the Living In The Gift project, and tons more.

this moon’s podcast on embodiment (you may have to visit the actual blog post to hear this)

First, this is a special edition of my podcast – on embodiment – in collaboration with the Embodied Shakti Summit coming up online, 5th to 19th of April.


Embodied shakti is speaking to the sacred feminine, or the deep feminine; the intuitive, the holistic, the very-long-term and far-seeing, the interconnected and sentient worlds.
It’s not just about women, but this particular gathering happens to be a series of profound talks mostly by women, speaking about each of their unique perspectives on how we fully embody – how we really inhabit, occupy our full being, our biodiverse spectrum of interconnectedness.

This summit is happening alongside a worldwide awakening of the feminine; of horizontal (rather than hierarchical) working-together-for-the-good-of-all: are you feeling it? The walls are falling down between us, and subjects are being discussed in mainstream in ways that wouldn’t have seemed impossible just 5 and 10 years ago: we’re becoming so much more open collectively, to solutions, to sharing, to caring, to positive change rather than competitive consumption.

We still have a long, long way to go, but most of us see huge improvements in our lives, compared to our mothers’ and our grandmothers’ – and most of us can see practical differences in masculine behaviour – in their balancing power and responsibility, rather than arrogantly crashing through the world not caring about the effects they have on everything around them. These are signs that the feminine is coming into all of us, into the world. We are being liberated from times of terrible, unnecessary poverty-of-good-vibes, and are entering a much more peace-full era.

Come and hear much more about it! Sign up for this spectacular event via The Embodied Shakti Summit website – it will air from the 5th to the 19th April.


This is the first of a series of four new paintings on the go: I’ll be sharing the others (details of them pictured below) on Patreon this week. This is the larger of the four pieces. All are on reclaimed wood. This one in particular has some interesting details on the lefthand side, where a small edge-piece has been nailed onto the main body.

I absolutely adore connecting with old pieces of wood when they have marks, wearing-away from the ages. This is a particularly character-full series of wood pieces – some of it from a medieval door.

I am so happy to have mostly-finished a painting in just a couple of days! And I love it! It’s the first time in literally a year or more, that I’ve felt so at-one-with-myself, and able to sit and paint effortlessly. This is a hugely happy time for me, after the past years of consistent anguish-inducing disturbance, and I’m making the very most of it.

(detail from work in progress)
(detail from work in progress)

The ebook that I made your museletter sign-up gift, is now available as a hardback real-life book! It has been adapted (from the ebook) and had new artwork added, and though I am yet to check a physical copy, it’s there in all the colour depth and meaning, concentrated into 28 glorious pages.

If you would like to support this book project, you can donate via my Paypal account, to enable me in ordering a hard copy.


I’m methodically moving all my social media sharings, gifts and boons, podcasts and the art school, plus everything-that-I-create – all under one convenient-for-everyone roof: Patreon.

IF YOU STILL WANT TO HEAR ABOUT WHAT I’M DOING – join me there. It’s an artist-centric platform that supports creatives to keep doing what they do best: very straightforward sign-up process: choose whatever payment per month from $1: they’re introducing worldwide currencies very soon.

I’ve been thinking about this shift for A VERY LONG TIME! There are pros and cons about bringing all my sharings under one umbrella, and making everyone donate at least one coin per month, to be part of my world… It’s a way of creating healthier dynamics between the abundance of what I share with the world, and how I’m rewarded in return: making it a sustainable!

There are way too many ways in which art is devalued by the world, and in which real artists are under-appreciated, taken for granted and even exploited: for the sake of my sanity and wellbeing as a creative, it feels important to acknowledge the inappropriateness of this one-way dynamic: of artists giving to world, without being supported (and ultimately being faced with either commercialising their art, or with not creating it at all.

Clare Galloway
This extra podcast goes into why I feel a paywall is now necessary in my work

This is a way of symbolically calling for my worth. It means that I can keep painting, keep being real, and keep sharing it in the world! Thank you from my heart and soul, for supporting me on this practical level.


In the next week or so, The School Of Real Art will be launching a brand new, super-yummy free sign-up course, and we’ll be taking down the two current free courses.

I’ll be writing to folks over on the Teachable platform in the next days, telling them about this, in case anyone wants to download the material from the current free courses.

It’s exciting! I have such new vigour and enthusiasm for bringing The SORA flagship course into being also – really inspiring the world to free-and-fulfil-and-inspire themselves creatively!


Having been studying the most enlightening course of my whole life, Living In The Gift with Charles Eisenstein, I’ve been actively engaged with a social media group of the same name, discussing our experiences and visions for a better world…

Since the course finished, we’ve been in dialogue around how we can continue developing our connectedness, and the dynamic expansive learning of Charles’s teachings.

I’m extremely passionate about a vision I have of this online library, in the format of a summit, but without time deadlines or sign-up requirements… I’ve got the beginnings of the site started here – and with Charles’s blessing, am calling on other Living-In-The-Gifters to contribute towards this project.

I love the idea of this ‘ever-summit’ – with a non-hierarchical collective of diverse conversations and questions, speaking to this idea of gift culture, of living abundantly and fearlessly, in times where the contrary paradigm (of selfishness and greed) is so rapidly dissipating… We live in incredible times, and we’re all in this together!

(detail from work in progress)


So, I’ve been on Facebook for thirteen years – and have beeen increasingly experiencing it as a deeply-cluttered, self-sabotaging exercise – when I’d love to have the option to regularly clear all data from the profile: to begin from scratch. Here’s a third podcast, on why our digital debris is something that we’d never accept in any other realm of life!


A profound positive change has come over my life, work and house this month, directly related to the passing of the elderly neighbour. Her granddaughter no longer screams violently for hours on end every day and night – and so the house is drenched in beautiful peace, as it should have been since I first came here 8 yrs ago!

My mind, body and spirit are now aligning and calming, unfolding, and my work is becoming prolific outflow again, as it used to be, before I entered this bondage with the neighbours… I have never been so grateful for normality in my life – it leaves me grinning, dancing, yippeeing and thanking the Universe, several times a day! So much love and happiness is flowing in all directions!

(detail from work in progress)


Oh heaven: I was just thinking that it’d be so good to have a completely tierless Patreon… and they announced that we can! Flipping beautiful synchrony and happiness: now you can join me there on whatever level of monthly donation – from $1 and up… unlimited choice! I’ll be deleting the tiers this week: it makes my whole Patreon campaign about a million times less complicated for me!

Thank you for listening in, thank you for witnessing, and for being there – your presence and support has always been immensely supportive for me,

Tante belle cose,


  • My art school website has moved, and is now part of this website: see here. You can also get access to all new course material as it unfolds, via Patreon.
  • A selection of my art is on Etsy – but see all paintings currently available in my catalogue
  • Art holidays at my Italian arthouse are on VAWAA.
  • Social media: I’m leaving and re-joining mainstream social media with my art – watch out for me there!
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Why I’m Leaving Mainstream Media

Hi dear friend! A quick final note for the year – a podcast around why I’m taking my art off of Facebook and Instagram…

And a reminder that TONIGHT at midnight, the specialissimo offer for 2 paintings for the price of 1 ENDS… Let me know if you love a particular piece/s, and I’ll make a listing up specially for you on Etsy…

In the meantime;

my full art catalogue is here (some artworks have been reserved, check first)

my Etsy shop is here

you may also organise a payment plan with me on Patreon

and/ or make a donation to all that I’m doing on Patreon or Ko-fi (the former is a monthly direct debit to my life and work, and entry into my inner circle, the latter is one-off payments for the cost of a coffee (which I translate into ‘a moment of creative alignment’))

LOADS of beautiful wishes for the beginning of this new year, new cycle, new creative  possibility… I so look forward to being in touch through the new/ newly formatted platforms, in this new year!


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  4. My art school website is here, my art is on Etsy.
  5. Social media: Instagram, Facebook – the art school, my artist page
    PLEASE NOTE – I am leaving mainstream social media in the next days – more news soon via Patreon and Ko-fi!
  6. My arthouse is up for sale – the listing is here and I’m also working with the lovely British Owned Property Abroad

pleasure… art gifts… midwinterfest at the arthouse

Ciao, dear friend…

Welcome to my podcast – especially to new subscribers from the Womb-Centred Healing Temple summit ♥ 

This is one of the fullest podcast-newsletters I’ve ever done, so get a cuppa and settle in…

And there’s an über-special 2-for-1 painting offer this month – don’t miss that!

This month’s podcast is on pleasure; not surface pleasure, not peak pleasure, but the deepest, most fulfilling-expanding-interconnecting pleasure that is our birthright – and that, unfortunately, we are so very distracted from pursuing.

The podcast shares how vital holistic pleasure is, both to our well-being and to our fulfilment in life – and how letting-go is so essential to this fullest pleasure.

Most of us spend most of our lives avoiding letting-go: we find security in accumulating and compounding situations, rather than releasing, giving away (e.g. wealth/ belongings/ our home), truly relaxing. This intense focus on gathering things to us, to keeping our cupboards, wardrobes, bank accounts, etc, full – it gives us little room to feel or to imagine, and so we become emptier and emptier.

This is why art is such an important activity: it both brings us – through doing it – into a spaciousness, which permits all things to relax and release, and, when we spend time around art, it shows us (invites us into) that spaciousness which the artist inhabits.

The distinct release that comes from allowing the creative flow to come through us, and of not being attached to the outcome – it’s not like a peak orgasm, but like the long, slow building of the orgasmic state; an ongoing symbiotic, awoken, sentient, state-of-connectedness that comes about from our being aligned and enlivened in our life.

Art is like a microcosm of that state, as it’s ultimately all about – not stepping into, but being flow – allowing flow to come through us.

This kind of allowing, cultivated over many years, and honed and mastered, is like the big letting-go, e.g. of stepping out into the new by selling one’s home and moving into the unknown of a different landscape, culture, community, language, climate…

But ‘big letting-go’ is something that folks rarely do, because they equate leaving and letting go with losing things, rather than with the profound gaining of freedom, of movement, of energy and time and space… of newness and possibility, learning and growth, of constructive challenge and positive – stimulating – change.

We don’t do big-letting-go much, and so we lose all our power of adaptation; our ability to be challenged and made new.

This holding-on, over time, becomes the absence of deep pleasure, because by default, holding onto things is a kind of deep tension… which translates into ingrained tensions, neuroses, fears-as-the-norm.

Our reality becomes stilted, because we don’t know what it is to have that space of unknowing – the void of creation, the space between things, in which there is peace and…. the pleasure of being alive.

I’m not suggesting that we all should follow the thrill of abandoning a life and work, and throw ourselves into a vulnerable state by having an adrenaline-fueled trip to foreign climes…

But I am hoping to inspire you about what it might feel like to let go more… To give yourself spaciousness in all things – free of being occupied with stuff, tasks, pressures: to feel your way into that emptiness both within yourself and around you – and to get more art in your life!

Press play, to hear the Pleasure podcast:

My Arthouse is up for sale…

You can see the listing here – I’m adding short videos of each room, one at a time…

Because I’m beginning a new life-work phase, my paintings want to go to new homes too:

  • I’m setting my business up to make it much easier for you to buy a painting, including payment plans via Patreon
  • My art catalogue is available as an ebook – Clare Galloway art catalogue – 100 pages of depth-colour-meaning, packed with info and stories about the art, and how to buy it
  • You get the huge gift of 2 paintings for the price of 1 this December: either buy a painting (pay in full) before the end of December, or begin a painting payment plan, via the €50 per month Patreon patron reward level, and get a second painting, as my midwinterfest abundance gift, to you. The second painting should be of the same price or less than the first – and P&P is not included.

See my paintings on Etsy right now

Ask me any Qs about this below, and let me know asap if you’d love a particular painting set aside – each painting is absolutely inimitable, and there are a few being reserved already.

The wonderful Veronica Thai invited me onto her Curious Monki podcast…

We’re speaking about how we access creative power – and use it in the everyday, to live happily and super-fulfilled!

…accessing the place of surrender and flow by using art.  As Clare says, we all have a creative engine within ourselves.  When we access this energy, we charge ourselves up and suddenly become filled with bright ideas, solutions and all the beautiful things that want to be expressed.  Art is how we can be reunited with our innate primal sense of truth.

the intuitive artist 101…

The Intuitive Artist 101 is the new gateway course to The School Of Real Art – The SORA. I’m excited because the next phase of The SORA has been a long time gestating, and it is now putting up buds, forming shape…

You can watch a brief intro to The Intuitive Artist 101, above – it describes  what the course will contain.

You get access to the whole course as it unfolds, if you join me on Patreon (all levels of patron reward get access to all my creative outpourings). See The SORA website for much more info on the courses currently available.

the womb-centred healing temple…

This is the introduction interview to a longer discourse that I had with the incredible Sama Morningstar – I was honoured to be invited to speak as a womb-centred-healing creator, for this potent summit of deepest feminine wisdom, and the Womb-Centred Healing Temple.

We talk in the summit about how I have used art to access dialogue with my core, with my creative centre – how I began intuitively, but then became adept at working from my womb, from the creative fulcrum: how I healed my own life, using art as this primal tool to access the primal voice, truth, wholeness – to wake up my very cells and my deepest passion for life.

midwinterfest in guardia sanframondi…

My neighbours and I in the Via Dietro Gli Orti, alongside other local artisan folks, will be creating a beautiful, atmospheric event from the solstice through to Christmas eve…

I’ll be creating a solstice mandala installation, and setting up a shop with my art and books, and there will be all kinds of singing, food, crafts and festivities… There’s a lot going on in the medieval quarter this winterfest, and so it will be a gorgeous end of the year community-spirit-fuelled event…

Thank you from my heart (and womb) for listening, for reading, and for connecting with my work – it is always genuinely an honour to be seen, heard, connected with…

Follow me, etc via the links below – I so love to hear from you!

Much love and oodles of midwinterfest beauty and nourishment to you,


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Resistance, the Small Mind, and Soaring In Life

I’ve barely slept, each night since I’ve been back in Italy from Scotland…

There’s something that wants to come through me, but I’m nervous and in my head, rattling off lists of things to be done – it’s like scaling a steep peak in the night, trying to keep myself in my core, my womb.

This is the period of the year when the veils between worlds are less solid, and we can access all kinds of connection with magical otherworldliness – a potent time that needs to be harnessed well: extra good self-care, tidying and putting everything in order, taking one’s dreams seriously and making steps towards them… This month my podcast is on what stops of breaking through resistance and really getting to where we’re meant to be:

The resistance is something that I also talk about at length in my School Of Real Art – and will be announcing new courses on this winter; it’s a form of internal panic, shut-down, which comes when we have to evolve into something bigger than we are now… The small mind, by its very nature, wants to keep everything small and manageable, and to avoid all dangers.

small, smiling

The small/ monkey mind is that mischievous mental force that keeps us looping and jerking around over a broken record, and which often succeeds in stopping us from doing the very things that we’re here to do on this planet… the soulful, soaring things.

But once we understand that this small monkey inside our brain actually wants to help, but that it’s a bit outdated, inappropriate in its thinking… then we can start to really work with it, and shift everything. The problem in much of ‘western’ culture, is that there is a tsunamic of external chatter all around us in every moment of the day – neuroses, fearfulness, manipulation, suggestions that you should doubt nature/ your nature and trust the system. So even when we get a handle on our monkey, then there’s the modern world to contend with.

laughing at anger (2)

There are myriad ways to train one’s small mind, and to prevent it from driving your engine: coming into the body is the most immediate and accessible. It can be through walking, stretching, creating, working… anything and everything that pulls us down in that wonderful gravity weightiness, into our torso, our heart, our pelvis.

I’ve been letting my studio practise and my art school gestate for many months now. Letting things mature by themselves, without interference.. it’s a kind of aligning with nature – it’s about trusting that something big is coming through you, and that it wants to exist, but that neither of you know precisely what it looks like just yet.

I guess this might be similar to birds knowing when and where to migrate; we humans have this potent knowing in us that isn’t necessarily related to moving to a warmer climate to avoid the perils of winter (though I’ve followed that urge more than once!), but perhaps it’s about our life purpose and work in this world. Maybe it’s about, the more we can trust in that mysterious pull of the heart, the body and the deeper mind – the call to a new place, the shifting of attitude to a new work pattern, the need to downsize and to declutter, to get back to nature and to get real… the more we can start to really step into our potential.

This week I’m preparing a listing for my beautiful Arthouse in Guardia Sanframondi, Italy. It is a potent time to change, to harvest the fruits of my labours, to let what isn’t bringing life to me fall like autumn leaves. I’m going through a glorious process of clearing and cleaning the house, in preparation for the next phase.

If you’d like to know more about this, please look at my Arthouse For Sale page on my website – it will be updated this week and onwards, with news/ photos, etc. You can also contact me there, with any Qs.

Another big happening this month, starting TODAY is the tremendous Sama Morningstar’s powerful gathering of women, in her temple and summit of womb-centred healing. I’m a guest speaker! Talking with Sama about art, womb-centred creativity and healing.

Working from the womb, and with pelvic magic, is something that has slowly but surely come into my life over the past 5 years. But in finding pelvic health, de-armouring, entering an ecstatic life flow – I realised that I’d always been navigating from my energetic core. With training and deepening wisdom, listening and deep self-caring, this power becomes liberated in us, and lets us ride on waves of pleasure in life, like being at one with the sea – rather than being crushed under those waves.

If you have (or had) a uterus, I urge you to listen in on these incredible conversations and sharings of profound understanding. Our core is more than a functioning/ non-functioning organ – when we access and connect with our core (our womb), we can find our unique language around it – perhaps by hearing others, and knowing that ours is similar but different, or completely different altogether, but somehow relating… We don’t all have to get earth-mothery about it, but taking care of our core wellbeing, not just on a practical level, but on the emotional and subtle levels too, can bring other dimensions, energy, power, creativity, bliss into our lives – who doesn’t want more of that?!

Go visit Sama’s website now, to sign up – the summit runs online for the next 10 days. And please share this with other women who you know would love it…


So much good creative vibe and inspiration to you,



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The Real School of Art just launched its introduction lecture series: MYTH-BUSTING THE ART WORLD!

It’s now up on Teachable, and is a series of 10 (mostly around 10mins) inspiring lectures, each with a challenge to get you to start thinking about YOUR IMMENSE creative potential.

I’m excited about it because it’s also very affordable (20 euros), and it acts as a gateway into the school – I appreciate that all the creative chaos leading up to the launch of the school might have been as hard work for those watching it unfold, as it was for me to create it! But it’s coming up online now thick and fast, and it’s feeling more and more like the potent creative vessel I visioned it to be: come aboard and let’s do this!

thumbnail for MYTHBUSTING

Tante belle cose, Clare xx


The arthouse now has a series of windows open for folks who love art, and who’d like a one-on-one, individually tailored, painting-with-the-artist holiday: go and see VAWAA’s beautiful site, to hear more about it.

Your holiday will include prior consultation on how we’ll craft your art activity; we’ll hone in on your specific goals and needs.
We design the 4 day session just for you: you can focus on skills development, wild expressive work, creative catharsis, a personal project – or even work completely spontaneously.
I’ll be there throughout, and will also show you around this magical town, in which I’m protagonist of a growing international creative community!

It’ll be a highly inspiring break, guaranteed! A completely unique experience, super-nourishing to your creative spirit!

Please share this blog if you know someone who would love such a holiday!

Keep in touch with all my news, and with the Real School of Art, via PATREON and on THIS WEBSITE

Happy August creative expansion to you!

xx Clare 


Video of the award presentation! // Video del premiazione!


The ‘motivazione’ – the ‘motivation’ for my receiving this prestigious award // La motivazione per la mia ricezione di questo prestigioso premio

Link to Napoli Cultural Classic site, with photos of the awards event // Link al sito di Napoli Cultural Classic con più foto dell’evento

Link to La Repubblica newspaper article // Link all’articolo nel giornale La Repubblica


It was a super-fun – though nerve-racking – adventure; from the month I spent prepping the outfit, sourcing fancy shoes and a designer handbag, and scraping petrol money together for the journey, to the unfolding of the car trip, the event itself, the after party, and long ride home… // Era un’avventura super-divertente – anche se nervosa – dal mese che ho passato a preparare l’abito, la ricerca delle giuste scarpe e borsa designer, e lottando per trovare i soldi per la benzina per il viaggio, allo svolgimento del viaggio, l’evento stesso, il dopo party, ed il lungo viaggio verso la casa…

The night was spectacular, as you’ll see from the links above: I don’t think I’ve ever been to an event so well constructed, lit, choreographed and attended! And with the invaluable help of patrons and friends, I felt the part. // La notte era spettacolare, come vedrai dai link sopra: non credo di essere mai stato in un evento così ben costruito, illuminato, coreografato e frequentato! E con l’inestimabile aiuto di patroni e amici, mi sono sentito parte.


I received donations of: money to help me get myself and my paintings to the venues; my designer handbag; flowers which ended up in my hair; photography, bag-carrying and moral support from my beautiful friends… // Ho ricevuto donazioni di: soldi per aiutarmi ad ottenere me stesso ei miei dipinti alle sedi; la borsa designer; fiori che finivano nei miei capelli; fotografia, aiuto di portare la borsa e supporto morale dai miei bei amici…

Without all this I’d have been a whole lot less glamourous and confident – thank you, precious friends – especially Randy, Speranza, Carolyn, Anna, Marcia, Chris and Vittorio! // Senza tutto questo sarei stato un po ‘meno glamour e sicuro – grazie, amici preziosi – soprattutto Randy, Speranza, Carolyn, Anna, Marcia, Chris e Vittorio!


 It’s an extraordinary honour to be recognised by this great cultural association, and in a wider area of Italy, for my art – and to have my courage and spirituality noted and celebrated. Dedicating oneself to a non-compromised artistic path can be lonely and isolating at times; it can feel like trying to reinvent the wheel (or a better way of life for the whole planet) – at the same time as feeling awfully intangible and mysterious. Getting this award for keeping true to my inimitable path is hugely affirming. // È un onore straordinario per essere riconosciuto da questa grande associazione culturale e in una zona più ampia dell’Italia per la mia arte – e per avere il mio coraggio e spiritualità notati e celebrati. Dedicarsi a un percorso artistico non compromesso può essere solitario e isolare a volte; può sentire come tentando di reinventare la ruota (o un modo migliore di vivere per tutto la pianeta) – allo stesso tempo che sembra terribilmente intangibile e misterioso. Ottenendo questo riconoscimento per mantenere fedele al mio percorso inimitabile è fortemente affermando.

For more about the award ceremony, and a more intimate view of the life of the happy artist – go sign up on Patreon and subscribe to my newsletter // Per ulteriori informazioni sulla cerimonia di premiazione e una visione più intima della vita dell’artista felice – iscriviti o su Patreon o al mio newsletter

And if you’d like to see my paintings – go browse around my Etsy shop (keeping in mind that many works sell before appearing in the shop – subscribe to Patreon to see what’s in progress and ‘hot off the easel’!) // E se volete vedere i miei dipinti – andate a cercare il mio negozio Etsy (tenendo presente che molte opere vendono prima di apparire nel mio negozio – iscrivetevi a Patreon per vedere lavori in corso e che c’è ‘caldo dal cavalletto’!)


Many thanks for watching, Clare xx

Grazie mille per aver visto, Clare xx