The Arthouse is a magical container of creative outpourings and spiritual transformation

in the heart of an Italian medieval quarter a town currently experiencing a dynamic cultural renaissance.


This house is a truly magical haven to work and play, rest and realign from: guests often leave super-inspired, and ready to follow their dreams with new enthusiasm.


Here, I’ve been healed and transformed; I’ve created a huge body of artwork and photography; entertained and taught; established shops and events; created installations and sacred meetings.

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My guests love sharing the experience of this atmospheric house and the up.and-coming zone. I’ve been honoured with visits by visionaries, poets, musicians, writers and artists, dreamers and adventurers, entrepreneurs, and those seeking personal growth.


Running a B&B from 2011-16, I’ve had consistently glowing reviews and 100% feedback from my happy guests. Plus I’ve hosted masterminding and inspirational weekends, pop-up shops and galleries, art installations and meetings.


The Arthouse is pretty famous now, through various TV appearances, both House Hunters International and Where Are They Now follow-up episode, and with local and national TV, radio and internet in Italy.

10483086_10153081576694932_7136790163123654017_oVarious podcasts have also been made here…


…and the house has been featured on numerous blogs and websites

 photo by Anna Wirazska

…and some fabulous photoshoots have been set here.


the chapel room

The house has 3 unique double bedrooms for guests, which will be available from 2017, whilst I’m away travelling the world.


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