The Arthouse is an atmospheric container of creative outpourings

in the heart of an Italian medieval quarter (of whose transformation I have been protagonista), and it has been a 5-star, 100% feedback B&B since 2012.


I was led by a series of coincidences and dreams, to buy this incredible set of atmospheric rooms in early 2011; I was the first straniera who came to the centro storico – and became the protagonista in a cultural rejuvination dynamic which is growing and growing still…


But when I bought it (for 10K euros), the  house had been abandoned for over 16yrs, and needed some dusting! I restored the 10-room house on a mostly-non-existent budget, with my own hands, learning about cementing and stuccoing as I went.


Throughout the process, I also learned the language, established a career as an artist, and became an integral part of the Guardia Sanframondi community.


And I healed and transformed, building a success creative life for myself, with the Arthouse as alchemising vessel: I’ve created a huge body of artwork and photography; blogged and vlogged regularly; entertained and taught; established shops and events; created installations and sacred meetings.

The house is a truly magical haven to work and play, rest and realign in: my guests love sharing the experience of this working artist’s house and this up-and-coming zone.


The Arthouse has been honoured with visits by visionaries, poets, musicians, writers and artists, dreamers and adventurers, entrepreneurs, and those seeking personal growth. Guests leave inspired and following their dreams with new gusto. I’ve had consistently über-enthusiastic reviews from my happy guests…



Plus I’ve hosted masterminding and inspirational weekends, pop-up shops and galleries, art installations and meetings.


The Arthouse is pretty famous, through various TV appearances, both House Hunters International and Where Are They Now follow-up episodes, and with regular local and national media coverage in Italy.

10483086_10153081576694932_7136790163123654017_oVarious podcasts and photoshoots have also been made here and the house has been featured on numerous blogs and websites.


the master bedroom

The house now has a unique ‘double-double’ bedroom for guests, which you can view via AIRBNB


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