a new mentoring programme

What is my gift?! Do I even have one?

Where does creative energy come from?

How do we harness our creativity, harvest it, sustain it?

What is it to live in our gift – in practical, real-life terms?

How do we balance gifting, living in our Gifts, and subsisting in the modern world?

What should I really be doing with money, if it’s considered so ‘bad’ or ‘unfair’?

Why is core energy key to our living in the gift?

How come my Flow seems to come in fits and starts – or only in certain areas of my life?

Why doesn’t money flow easily, when I’m doing so many good things to make the world a better place?

Why does my outside reality not match the beautiful world I have inside of me?!

Why isn’t life much easier than this?!

Answer: it is, when we know how.  

These questions – and their answers – are why I’m opening this bespoke mentoring opportunity

It’s a one-on-one, month-long programme to guide you into alignment with deep creative Flow, so that you can effortlessly radiate the positive change that you’re here to make in the world.

The Way to our living-in-the-gift is completely unique – there’s no blueprint or map that can name it for us – and so it’s best whispered out, gently, methodically, face-to-face…

Truly flourishing in a life of gift is a beautiful alchemy of feeling, embodied knowing, learned practical wisdom appropriate to our inimitable experience: our conscious mystical synchrony-with-all-things.

I’ll support you to craft a more liberated, connected, sustainable life-work path. We’ll be delving deep into subjects like:

  • Finding our creative taproot – our core power source – so to keep creativity flowing.
  • Balancing stability and freedom – building the most effective container for our unique gifts, which can liberate our meant-to-be harmonious relationship with reality.
  • Confidence and synchronicity – cultivating equilibrium between our openness, and the opportunities that are continuously presenting themselves to us.
  • Money: why it’s such a sticking point for many creatives and workers-for-change – practical ways in which we can better balance livelihood, gifting, alternative currencies, savings, time and energy… and how we have the creative power to transform how economies work – bringing them more in line with Life.
  • Intelligent use of leverage; how, even with minimal resources, we can make extraordinary things happen. Practical tools to radiate our gifts to those who most need and want them.
  • Long-term visioning into the manifest; keeping our greatest life purpose and our dreams on our altar – and making regular pertinent steps towards them.

Want to know more?

Message me here with any questions.

Please note that I usually take only one client at a time, due to the immersive nature of this beautiful work.

About your mentor:

I’m Clare Galloway, a visionary artist, entrepreneur: I’ve lived an organic, synchronous, high-sentient life, outside of the myriad ‘normalised’ constraints on our freedom, expression, time and energy and spiritual growth. I’ve been inspiring others into creative freedom for many years, and am finally bringing all the benefits of a close friendship into this programme!

I run a thriving painting practise, and have had an award-winning career in several countries – I’ve worked extensively in the gift economy for over 30 years, having had an inherent instinct about the importance of gift culture and making the world more sacred, from a very young age.

I’ve worked in fields as diverse as permaculture, social housing, cooperatives and volunteer board membership, and hold the keys to the city of an Italian town. My work has received 5 stars on multiple platforms, including several years as an Airbnb Superhost.

But my greatest achievement is having transformed debilitating illness, chronic anxiety, profound isolation, poverty and grief – into a super-healthy, deeply-happy, highly successful presence in the world, inspiring permanent positive change even where it didn’t appear impossible.

This has led to my accumulating a relatively rich life experience, which I’ve intelligently leveraged to create a beautiful life full of freedom, pleasure, and radiating positive change out into the world.