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The SORA is an online art school specialising in awakening our immense, unique creative freedom. It’s focussed on sentience, synchrony, removing blocks, finding our core inner confidence, and releasing the energy that modern life stifles in us.

It is not just for artists, but is constructed as a support system for our creative power – if you dig how I work, express myself, and all that I share – you will love this school, and it will help you find your mojo!

The SORA guides you:

  • to create your right work space for your creativity to flow into
  • to start with your first tentative pencil marks and brushstrokes
  • to keep up your momentum
  • stay honest to your inimitable truth
  • to evolve a deeply fulfilling, long term art practise
  • to develop a bespoke sustainable career, on your terms, evolving with rapidly-changing world around us

It’ll give you the necessary gentle-kicks-up-the-behind, fun bite-sized pieces of real art wisdom – and will clear away the smoke and mirrors around how artists really flourish

All this, without any of the egomaniac pretentiousness and bullshit that the ‘art  world’ is so infamous for.

Come and be inspired about what art is REALLY for…

The real purpose of art has been hidden from everyone (even artists!) for millennia. Deep, meaningful art has been almost completely removed from the life of the average person, and is right now increasingly being heavily censored.

Art has been stolen up into the heights of hierarchy; we’ve all been conditioned into thinking that we’re both not good enough to make art, and that there’s no real meaning to life.

Meaningfulness and inner knowing are things that art naturally reveals to us, if we’re exposed to it. But the world has become empty of the juicy depths that art can and should be bringing to everyone.

HAPPILY HOWEVER – we live in a time of profound change! The deeply sentient, the intuitive, the cooperative and horizontal are stepping back into their proper roles at the hearth of the world – the real purpose of creativity is coming back into our beingness… I’m one of the guides here to facilitate this process.

I’m here to show you how art is one of the most potent tools to directly and pleasurefully know yourself, find purpose and meaning, and to bring a particular harmony into all that you do…

The SORA guides you through the simplest steps in creative activity – towards art mastery and magic.

The courses are packed with videos, projects, worksheets, podcasts – for you to work on at your own unique pace. And it’s all downloadable: you get to keep the course material forever.

The SORA will nourish your confidence in your inimitable artistic approach; it’ll methodically inspire and challenge you, whilst supporting you to build a life-long practise and/ or a creative career

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It has been fabulous so far, really well thought out, easy to follow and really interesting.  I can see that a lot of work has gone into it. I love these myth busting notions…..I was going YES! and ABSOLUTELY!

(Lesson three) OH Wow.  It was so wonderful to hear these words.

you magnified it all for me how LACKING (conventional art school) all was… on earth was it acceptable to have these male tutors validating and judging our work and coming from a female, feminine perspective.

(Lesson four)  Lovely to be drawing again.

(Lesson ten) Perfect.  This is exactly just what I need to explore and do

Really grateful and excited to be addressing these issues with such a well researched and informative programme and lovely person.



I have been following Clare for some time now after listening to an interview with her. I am so happy to follow her! She is such a sentient being and artist… Yes, she is a real artist for me living her purpose and thinking freely and creatively outside the box… This is balm for my soul! She stepped into her creative power and I am sure she inspires others to do the same