I support human beings to free their profound creative

potential – using profoundly simple steps to move from

precisely where we are now…

into our most beautiful Life

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My art and work plays at (and challenges) the edges of conscious, to gently expand us all into our infinite potential.

Through art, writing, speaking and one-on-one mentoring, I work deeply intuitively and organically to loosen the fear-tension-pain cycle into alignment, harmony, expansion.

I have particular passion for supporting people to change their lives, by freeing themselves from the binds of conventional life and work. My own path has always been about how to retain all the effortless freedoms that we are born to be immersed in – sovereignty on every level, liberty of time and space, freedom to move and speak with our unique, inimitable vitality.

I’ve worked through primal trauma, chaotic health and lifestyle, and inability to thrive… Into a place of literally feeling that I am in paradise on earth. I’ve spent over 35 years developing a profound energetic practise engaging in pure creative Flow, and am enthusiastic to share what it is to occupy such a place.

“The primal activities of drawing and painting are the most potent means of both knowing ourselves, and directly influencing our relationship with the world. Art is a means of entering divine creative flow; participating and being immersed in real art can bring us instantaneously into self-awareness, which signposts us to where the harmony is”